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177. What's in the forecast?

e x t r e m e   w e a t h e r

You're stuck. Wherever you are, whoever you're with, you'd better stay put. Mother nature is not being kind today; travelling is dangerous. Maybe you're stuck in a public place. Maybe at a friend's house. Maybe you're in a car, a bus, a train. Doesn't matter. Point is, you're stranded until the weather clears. Depending on the severity of the situation, you could be in very real danger, or you could just be bored out of your mind and looking for a way to pass the time (you know what the only activity left to do is when the power's out, right?).

  1. Post with your character, putting their name and canon/fandom, along with any preferences, in the subject line. (Alternatively, you can also put preferences in the main comment box.)

  2. The person responding will use the Random Number Generator to decide what the severity of your situation is (1-4) and what mother nature's going to be throwing at you (1-5).

  3. Let the games begin!

(You can decide whether or not a power outage is included with any one of these.)

  1. Boredom - Can't leave, must find a way to pass the time.

  2. Nuisance - Darnit, we have things to do out there! Is it over yet?

  3. Frightening - It's been nonstop for a while now. Places have shut down, maybe even the power's out.

  4. Dangerous - You're stuck in the worst of it, maybe you've heard news of accidents and deaths. Maybe you're even stranded outside.


  1. Tornado - Better find shelter! Underground maybe, or I hear bathtubs are pretty safe? Although they'd also be pretty cramped...

  2. Blizzard - It's so cold outside, baby. Where did all that snow even come from? Welp, better get out the blankets and light the fire.

  3. Hurricane - The wind is howling, the rain is pouring. Everything's so loud you'd think the walls could crash in at any moment! And maybe that's not too far from the truth...

  4. Heatwave - Now you know what a cookie feels like. The temperature's scorching. Not even fans or air-conditioners are cutting it any more. It might do some good if you shed a couple of garments though...

  5. Flood - Whether the storm's over or it's still going strong, the scary truth is you're surrounded by water and you're soaked to the bone. Oh, but look on the bright side: pool toys, man!

Cloud Strife :: Final Fantasy VII

1 + 2 OHGAWD - Jenova compelled me.

[How on Gaia's green - now turned white - earth did this happen? She had been out running reconnaissance just south of Icicle Inn may Meteor destroy this part of the planet when the blizzard struck. And Elena hated the cold.

So she had found some nearby building, fully anticipating to find it completely empty and void of life. Save for a certain chocobo-headed Ex-SOLDIER. Who had been an enemy turned tolerable accomplice, sometimes savior of the planet.

But....old grudges are hard to get over. Which is why Elena is on one side of the room, arms folded over her chest, watching the snow come down around them.]

oh wow - Elena! You're awesome!

[Cloud's meanwhile on the other side of the room. The door opening got a curious look and the new arrival a rise of his eyebrows but then he's back to the fire he's working on starting in the old metal stove.

Turks. He'd forgotten they seem to hang around Icicle Inn. He remembers this one too.

At least she's not trying to hit him this time.

Small steps. He'll take what he can get. So he'll tell himself to stop wondering if she's got any good loot on her. He's not even sure where an unneeded AVALANCHE and a time's passed over Turk stand with each other these days. The world's changed. Their world's changed. He's content to ignore her.

Except Tifa would be angry with him later on if she found out.

And... Elena's always been - she's been -

she's reminded him of himself. Trying double hard because no one sees past the outside shell.




[As much as he was content to ignoring her, as it was evident by his lack of response to her arrival or the moments that passed in uncomfortable silence, she was equally content to do the same. Adversarial history left very little open for conversation.

But were they still enemies? Before Meteorfall, she knew it as a certainty. AVALANCHE and ShinRa were at each others throats, desperate to bring about the demise of one another. But with the rise of Sephiroth, and the later the Remnants, their roles had altered. Even though they had partnered up to some degree - at least, this is what she heard what happened through Reno - to bring about the copies, that level of distrust was hard to break.]


[Elena blinked, startled by his sudden question, and turned to look over in his direction. She had been too busy thinking, lost in questions of who he was beyond what she had read in his file and experienced first hand.]

I... [Hands moved to her stomach as said offending organ offered a muffled groan and gurgle. Cheeks flushed with embarrassment, the index finger of her right hand lightly scratching against her cheek.] Ahaha...I guess I am. I'm a little surprised you'd be willing to share a meal with a Turk, though.

[he can easily hear the sound of her stomach and probably even without the enhanced hearing. It has him turning his head back to the stove so she can't see the barely there smile as he carefully feeds more wood shavings to the young fire. Stomachs had a bad habit of not caring who you were with or how appropriate it was when they decided to speak up. At the rest of her statement though, his eyes go back to her, glancing over his shoulder.

There's a lot of answers he could give. Or maybe should give. But he's just as unsure about what 'Turk' means to him anymore as she probably is about him. In the end, he supposes the answer is:]

Time's change.


And you haven't tried to punch me yet. There's food in the saddle bag over the chair if you're interested.

[Oh for Shiva's sake, why did her stomach have to be so abnormally loud? Elena is thankful that Cloud hadn't turned to look at her, otherwise he would have caught her looking quite undignified with her arms wrapped around her stomach and looking mortified. How exactly could she maintain a cool, calm demeanor when her own body was usurping her control?

By the time he finally did turn to look at her, she had regained what little control she could, keeping an arm resting around her middle while the other hung at her side. Even from the other end of the room she could see that he was thinking, perhaps considering her comment. And when he speaks, her head tilts fractionally to the left.]

Yes. Yes they have...

[Really, it was more of an understatement. When she had first joined ShinRa, Cloud and his friends had been her absolute enemies. She had no doubt in her mind that they were the ones she had to stop and prevent them from succeeding in whatever they were planning. Those were her orders. But...he had saved the world. Twice. He even assisted Reno and Rude in getting her, along with that noisy little ninja, out of the Don's slimy clutches. Come to think of it, she never really did thank him for the help either...]

Well, you haven't given me a reason to. And I figure if we're going to be stuck in the same place for a while, might as well keep things cordial.

[Her steps are slow, careful, as she moves away from the window towards the mentioned bag. She's neither picky nor greedy, taking the first thing she can find - a small bag of jerky - and tearing it open. Never had smoked meat tasted so divine.]

...Thank you.


[his voice is the usual quiet murmur and there might, just might, be the hint of a smile hiding at the very edges of his lips. He can't say he's always liked Elena... but he never disliked her the way he had the rest of the Turks once upon a time. He wasn't sure why, just that there it was. And he couldn't even claim to dislike the rest of the Turks anymore. They'd helped him more times than he had kept track of and they'd cared about his kids.

Their boss was still up for judgement though.

It helped also that, even though he'd given her access to his stuff, she hadn't rifled through it snooping as well. Her 'thank you' had him relaxing a bit more too.

Standing up, he dusted his hands off on his pants, leaving the fire to continue growing on it's own for now and moving over to where she was with the food. The whole world was busy feeling its way forward into what it was going to be now. Why not a Turk and a Cloud? Reaching into his bag he pulled out the rest, dried fruit, a package of Tifa's cookies - chocolate chip because she knew he had a weakness for them, several rolls packed with cheese and finally his canteen of water even though with the snow outside they'd have plenty more of that if they wanted. Dropping into the nearby chair with a strange teenager's bonelessness, he picked up one of the rolls and offered:]

Help yourself.

ohai again~ 5-4, because karma hates Genesis apparently

[She had only been in so many floods in her life but none have ever been this bad. It rained very hard and very long to the point that even Edge was suffering, a city Genesis had made it a point to stay away from for obvious reasons.

Not that it could be helped now that she was clinging to floating tree, her wings broken, and the city of Edge looming in the distance. She groaned, trying to pull herself up on the tree and giving herself more scrapes and cuts in the process. But the tree simply rolled with her and she nearly let go, dirty water filling her mouth and nose. She managed to steady herself by the time she crossed the city limits, coughing and gagging.

How embarrassing...]

[OOC: Also, if you were ever curious about her AU, it's in her journal! :3]

hey you! :D lol - poor wet and bedraggled Gen

[the rain's been ridiculous. And it's no good at all that Edge is located in the center of what amounts to a bowl, surrounded on all sides of soil that's still too stunted and arid to absorb water easily. They've managed to sandbag a lot but the whole east side of the city is probably a wash and there aren't many buildings that don't at least have some water damage. So far Seventh Heaven's sector is still above the water line but if it doesn't stop raining, Aerith's church is going to be the only thing that's not fish bowl material. Cloud's helping with the patrols. Reeve's a pretty decent urban development planner and so far the hastily thrown up water breaks are helping but all it takes is just one leak.

And a tree is definitely enough to caught problems.

Standing on one of the walls, Cloud fishes it over with every intention of either pulling it into the city - hey, wood's still a precious commodity - or tossing it somewhere safer when he catches the stand out red. That has his brows coming down. A bit more careful now, he pulls it the rest of the way in and sees:]


(ooc. cool. Will read. And to keep them from having to go through the entire 'it's pink' conversation again, do you want to use their previous conversation and say they know each other or would it be more fun to start over with that?)

hahaha indeed

[She feels someone stop the tree and looks over, hearing her name.]


[She coughs and tries to pull herself higher up. She's shaking with exhaustion and cold.]

[OOC: That's fine! They can already know each other :3]

[she looks - terrible and he reacts instinctively. The tree gets tugged in close and he reaches down to scoop her up. It takes some doing to hold her firmly against him and maneuver the tree at the same time but he gets it over the side of the wall and onto semi-dry, if very muddy ground. Then he sinks down to a knee, curling Genesis against his chest with one arm, body shielding hers as best he can from the still falling rain while he fishes his PHS out of his pocket with the other. Comforting as always, he mutters:]

You look like shit.

[She gasps when he tugs her up like that, but she curls into him easily. Her wings are limp and flopping around, she'd already exhausted her magic so it would be awhile before she could heal them. Her clothes are clinging to her, skirt making it rather hard to move her legs around but she doesn't mind at the moment.

She snorts and smacks his chest.]

I am well aware. You don't look any better.

[that grunt might be a stifled laugh or we can say it's from the force of her hit. Either way, his head ducks over her a bit more and his lips curve slightly at their edges. Some of his panic abates. She's not out for the count.]

Strife. Found someone on my patrol. Send someone else to take over. I'm going home.

[he flips the phone shut without waiting for the answer and it goes back in his pocket. Then he focuses his entire attention on the woman curled against his chest. Gentle, he pushes hair out of her face to get a better look at her and makes a noise low in his chest. Her lips are all but blue. It's her wings that really worry him though. He has no idea how wings set or get fixed or even work on a person for that matter. Hers don't look good and he's used up his store of magic already on his patrol. Gave his last potion away already today too. He's got more stored at the bar though. Elixars he set aside as 'just for friends' and 'not to be shared with the general public'. Maybe it's not civic minded by his friends and family come first. Still gentle, he rubs her cheek with his palm, trying to bring some warmth back to her between his touch and his sheltering form.]

I'm allowed to look like this, Gen. It's manly.

[Genesis watches as he pushes the hair from her face, lips shaking from the cold. An Elixir would be great though, it would heal her wings right up without the hassle of setting them. She can't help but lean more into his touch when he rubs her cheek. He was rather warm, despite his own bedraggled appearance.]

M-Manly or not, it's ri-ridiculous.

[She still doesn't understand where this flood came from. She was on higher ground but a sudden landslide had knocked her over, nearly drowned her, and set her right on a path to Edge. All she had seen was water.]

[blame it on the 'mountain boy' or blame it on the excess mako, either way Cloud's body always runs a bit warmer to the touch than most these days. It's heat he doesn't mind sharing with her at the moment, tucking her in closer for a minute as he raises his head to scan the area. Mentally calculating the fasted route home. His fingers against her head will curl a little to keep her close. His head ducks back into the shelter of their forms.]

Gonna have to carry you, Gen. Is there some way I can tuck up your wings that won't hurt them more?

Bed time o/

{It helped to be a space heater in these moments, Genesis thought. She was usually the same but after spending who knew how long in the water, she wasn't much of a heater anymore. She kept her arms around him as he held her close and shook her head.]

I'll be fine, I can't move them but you will just have to ignore them for now.

[She doesn't want him to move her but she can't do anything else and the rain was just too much.]

sleep well :)

[he wasn't happy about moving her either, though it was more her wings than anything else he was worried about. They both knew that leaving her out in the rain was doing her no favors either though and he had to get her somewhere warm and dry. She was in pretty bad shape already and leaving her out in the wet wasn't making it better. With a soft sound in his throat as warning, he shifted, sliding arms around her more completely, under her knees and around her back, careful of the wings. That was her warning before he stood in one smooth motion, completely unwinding and then shifting her to keep her tucked in a little closer. No fun for her but they both knew it was the best he could do.]

Hang on. Not to far to home.


[She groaned in pain, fingers clinging to his sweater when he lifted her up. She knew he would, he didn't even need to warn her. But that wouldn't have stopped the pain as her wings moved with the motion. She shivered as the rain hit her harder now, though at least he tried to tuck her into his chest again.]

Alright. And... th-thank you, Cloud.

[Genesis could at least say this in case she forgot later. She had been on her own for a long time, not knowing if people still remember her or not and thus, would want to lynch her or something that she had stayed out of contact with just about everyone. She had only met Cloud that one time but it looked like she had made a friend in him without realizing. It was... nice, she thought, keeping her face buried into his neck.]

[his face didn't give away anything at her sound of pain but inwardly he winced for her. He had no idea how wings worked but he'd always assumed that they were just like an extra arm or leg. So when they were hurt, they'd hurt just as bad. He did his best to keep her sheltered but the rain was pervasive. Trying to keep his walk as smooth as possible so it wouldn't jar her any more than he had to, he set off for Seventh. Her words got a rumbled hum of reply to show he'd heard but he didn't see anything worth thanks over. He was helping a friend. It was just what you did.

Genesis had been used too. ShinRa scientists and their damn need to fuck living people over. But when he'd - she'd fallen apart at least she'd turned on the company that had done it to her instead of a village of innocents. And at least in his world, the Genesis had always seemed more interested in finding a cure than destroying the world. Everyone went a little mad sometimes - it was how they reacted when they did that mattered. Cloud didn't remember much from the days of the Genesis hunt or the mako poisoning afterward. He remembered that there had never been a Meteor hanging in the sky or a everything he loved slaughtered and in flames.

They'd all done violent things in their responses to ShinRa...

The path kept them from hitting the main parts of town but once they got close to the bar there was no avoiding people anymore. Most everyone was either inside or in one of the shelters or manning the makeshift flood walls but there were still people enough to stop and watch as he went by. And there were people, mostly children, inside Seventh Heaven as well, temporary refuge for the homeless. Tifa however wasn't there, most likely out at one of the shelters helping with the food, and so Cloud just grunted as he kicked the door calmly shut behind him once he was inside and shook his head, rain flying off of the sodden, yet still unbowed, spikes.]

Gonna need your bed, Marlene.

[and then he was starting up the stairs, careful to keep the wings from brushing the walls and their pictures as much as he could manage, curious little girl and boy trailing silently after him]

I apparently keep forgetting that she's freezing her ass off, ffff

[Genesis bit off every sound that wanted to come out. She knew Cloud was trying not to jar her wings or anything of the sort. The rain was pelting them hard and really, you can only run smoothly on cement so much before the mud and debris get in the way.

She honestly wondered if she should ever tell Cloud that she had been responsible for Sephiroth's insanity. Male or female, the male Genesis' history had been much the same as hers. Wherever he was, she didn't know. Perhaps he did and she was taking his place somehow. She didn't bother asking but that much of her counterpart she knew. However, that still made her wonder if she should say anything.

Now would definitely not be the right time, though. So she kept her mouth shut. When they entered Seventh Heaven, she kept her face buried in Cloud's neck. Not that any of the kids would recognize her, but Cloud's hair was spraying water everywhere. When Cloud began taking her up the stairs, her mako-blue eyes peeked over his shoulder.]

I-I don't need to-to take a little g-girl's bed, Cloud. I-I can m-make do with a cot or the floor or... or something.

Edited at 2011-09-22 06:48 am (UTC)

lol - no worries, I think 'miserable' just covers it all well ;)

[he ignored her protest with a grunt. There was only one cot and it was his. As much as he hated that cot and everything that went with it, it would feel even stranger to have a woman in it, much less in a room that had been earmarked as specifically 'his' where he was supposed to be alone. Marlene could sleep with Tifa. It wasn't an unusual arrangement these days. And Denzel could watch over Genesis and be watched over by her in return. It would keep them both out of trouble. Carefully, sitting down on the edge of Marlene's bed, shifting Genesis so she was cradled in his lap and her wings weren't TOO tangled, he turned his attention on the children.]

Marlene. Go get one of the elixirs out of my room. Denzel, go run the shower until the water gets hot. Get some extra towels out of the closet too. Marlene, after you bring me the elixir, see if you can find some loose clothes in Tifa's room that Genesis can borrow.

[it was a sign of their relationship, the way the children immediately scampered off to do as he'd asked without question. The questions would come later but they were both far too acquainted with bad situations to waste words when action was needed. Gentle, Cloud reached up and rubbed at Genesis' cheek again.]

No bitching, Gen. I expect you to help out once you've had a rest and get back up to speed.


[If you were gonna house so many people, you should have gotten more cots. :|

Genesis grunted in pain when he sat down, her wings curling at the floor. She just had to have a long wingspan. But she didn't complain, just listened silently to Cloud getting the kids to help out. They were cute, she had to admit, and they obviously respected and loved Cloud very much to let him order them around like this. Besides, it was a time of crisis and bratty children were not needed.

Once they were gone, she looked up at Cloud again, still shivering and leaning into hand again. She managed to pout indignantly despite her bedraggled look.]

A-And why would I-I bitch? O-Of course I w-will help.

[He saved her life. Genesis wasn't going to take advantage or start bitching and moaning. She had come a long way from her previous self back when she was in Shin-Ra.

...not that she didn't have her moments. But this time would not be one of them.]

I meant no bitching about being taken care of.

[call it a sneaking suspicion. He moves his palm gently over her cheek as she nuzzles it, keeping her tucked in close to him. Even the elixir isn't going to take away the cold but he's hoping that the hot shower and dry clothes might. Being tucked into bed probably wouldn't hurt either.

Marlene comes back almost immediately with the elixir. He's made sure the kids know where the really important things are kept. They're too old and too wise to use things like that lightly. He gives a soft hum and a nod of thanks to the little girl and she goes skipping back out of the room to raid Tifa's drawers - something Cloud's sending the little girl to do because he knows Tifa won't get made if it's Marlene that does it. But he caught the glint in the little girls eyes at Genesis' red hair and he thinks it's only a matter of time - probably once Genesis wakes up from her nap - before Marlene's all over that.

Genesis is going to have to fend for herself there.

Trying not to jar her too much, he pulls the top loose with his teeth and then awkwardly hands it down to her. Elixirs taste terrible but there's no question they work.]

Drink it all.

Ffff, like Genesis even has a whole lot of hair to play with. XD

[She huffed again. He caught her on that. Still, she manages to grasp the elixir bottle and, with a disgusted look on her face, drinks the entirety of it in seconds. Her eyes squeeze shut, gasping from how gross it was. She could never get used to the taste, though it doesn't really distract her enough from the pain of her bones mending.

Her wings raise, cracking sounds are heard as the bones knit and flex and she hides her face in Cloud's shirt until it was painstakingly all finished, fingernails digging into her arms during the whole process. Remind her to never let her wings break again, Cloud. She doesn't want to feel that again. Still keeping her face hidden, the wings flex and stretch a couple times, their wingspan covering the entire room before they are folded and soon fade away into her back as those they were never there.

Genesis finally relaxes.]


lol - it's RED! How many people did you see in FFVII with red hair?

[he holds her as tightly as he can without hurting her, listening to the pop and crunch of mending bone and wincing in sympathy, glad the kids are out of the room. If he'd known the first thing about wings he might have tried to at least lay them out straight - but he didn't and didn't think Genesis was in any condition to do it herself. After it's done all he can do is keep holding her, lightly rubbing her back in sympathy while her body gets over the shock of unnatural healing.

He won't complain about the nail marks. He's had worse and he doesn't mind being there for a friend.

Handy trick, the disappearing act though. Must make it easier getting through doors. At her first sound, he hums low in his throat, hand still gently stroking.]

Remind me to never grow wings.

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