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177. What's in the forecast?

e x t r e m e   w e a t h e r

You're stuck. Wherever you are, whoever you're with, you'd better stay put. Mother nature is not being kind today; travelling is dangerous. Maybe you're stuck in a public place. Maybe at a friend's house. Maybe you're in a car, a bus, a train. Doesn't matter. Point is, you're stranded until the weather clears. Depending on the severity of the situation, you could be in very real danger, or you could just be bored out of your mind and looking for a way to pass the time (you know what the only activity left to do is when the power's out, right?).

  1. Post with your character, putting their name and canon/fandom, along with any preferences, in the subject line. (Alternatively, you can also put preferences in the main comment box.)

  2. The person responding will use the Random Number Generator to decide what the severity of your situation is (1-4) and what mother nature's going to be throwing at you (1-5).

  3. Let the games begin!

(You can decide whether or not a power outage is included with any one of these.)

  1. Boredom - Can't leave, must find a way to pass the time.

  2. Nuisance - Darnit, we have things to do out there! Is it over yet?

  3. Frightening - It's been nonstop for a while now. Places have shut down, maybe even the power's out.

  4. Dangerous - You're stuck in the worst of it, maybe you've heard news of accidents and deaths. Maybe you're even stranded outside.


  1. Tornado - Better find shelter! Underground maybe, or I hear bathtubs are pretty safe? Although they'd also be pretty cramped...

  2. Blizzard - It's so cold outside, baby. Where did all that snow even come from? Welp, better get out the blankets and light the fire.

  3. Hurricane - The wind is howling, the rain is pouring. Everything's so loud you'd think the walls could crash in at any moment! And maybe that's not too far from the truth...

  4. Heatwave - Now you know what a cookie feels like. The temperature's scorching. Not even fans or air-conditioners are cutting it any more. It might do some good if you shed a couple of garments though...

  5. Flood - Whether the storm's over or it's still going strong, the scary truth is you're surrounded by water and you're soaked to the bone. Oh, but look on the bright side: pool toys, man!

Tifa Lockheart/Final Fantasy VII

3 and 2, these two can't catch a break xD

[There was a problem with living in the mountains, and that was the inevitable snowstorms. Unfortunately, tonight it seemed like this storm was far worse than the others they'd had to endure in the small cottage. The very walls rattled with the winds, the howling barely muffled by the doors. The windows depicted nothing but a blanket of white against a navy sky.]

[While they had a fire going, Kiba insisted on remaining curled around Tifa to offer her the protection nature had failed to give her species. If they remained together, they could brave this.]

lol! good thing one of them is fuzzy

[she was bundled down in every bit of clothing she had and every blanket and one of the throw rugs was draped over her in her nest she'd made in front of the fire. It had taken some doing to get it all here though and her body heat hadn't had time to fill the small pockets of air between her and the wrappings though.

Shiva, she was glad for Kiba and his fur!]


[she teased it as she made sure the draped tent of cloth covered him too and then tucked down into his warmth, curling fingers in his thick fur. Her lips felt a bit numb so she buried her face in his coat as well, curling close.]

'M glad I l-listened to you about the weather and b-brought the wood inside before it s-started to get bad.

Yeah no kidding xD

[Kiba didn't mind her fingers and face in his fur, as she didn't have the same protection that he did. He curled tighter around her frame, his tail draping over her.]

It looked like there would be a storm. I didn't expect it to be so harsh.

[she makes a small sound in answer, muffled by his fur and waits for his body heat and her body heat and the fire to get through to her freezing skin. She's a mountain girl. She's used to the cold. Just not -this- much of it all at once. Kiba's a steady presence surrounding her though and slow, very slow, she can feel the pins and needles starting to tap her fingers and toes, signaling the return of feeling. Her hair is a dark blanket over his white fur. Without him, she'd be all alone.]

G-good thing we've got enough f-food. It's going to b-be a while before the trails back to town are open enough to travel."

1 + 3

[ The wind is howling bloody murder through the eaves. Lightning and thunder and the rattling windowpanes play constant cacophony in the background. Rain is pounding down on the walls and the roof as if it intends to flatten the Villa via sheer force all on its own.

And Cloud?

Is so over this, already.

Actually, he's been over it for about two and a half hours, now -- he's polished and sharpened his sword at least three times, he's cleaned his armor, he's cleaned himself (and that one had been an ordeal, as they'd lost power two or three times in just the ten minutes it'd taken him to shower). He's played around with arranging all the materia they've got between them, he's even tried staring blankly at the wall

and usually that one works a lot better, but right now it simply isn't doing the trick.

He's not tired enough to sleep, though being trapped inside while the streets of Costa del Sol flood and the ocean attempts to wash out the beach and the intermittent news report over the radio reassures them again that this is only a Category Whatever (he isn't listening that closely) and that there's nothing to worry about is just mind-numbing enough to make him want to. And making conversation is a skill that has eluded him time and again, today, so it's come down to this.


Well, luckily that's not annoying or anything. ]

I'm sure this will all turn out happily for everyone involved

{do something!

It is the look she gets from Vincent just before he retreats to the basement, presumably to lock himself into one of the crates down there to avoid having to deal with an antsy Cloud even peripherally. She actually isn't too far behind the ex-Turk for that matter, mentally at least. Because, as much as she cares about Cloud, when even his wall staring doesn't calm him down, it's all she can do not to just slug him hard in the back of the head and put them all out of his misery.

It's a storm! What did Cloud seriously expect to be doing during a hurricane?

Tifa, curled up on the couch with a blanket over her legs and a lantern set on the table behind the arm she had her back against, has a book. Granted, she doesn't think it's a very good book. Yuffie had lent it to her with a strange look in her eyes and less than a chapter in Tifa already suspects it's one of those types of books. But she really can't tell because each time she finishes a page she realizes she's been so busy unconsciously tensing every time Cloud goes by that she hasn't actually understood anything she's read.

Well, at least she brought a book. Aren't there... squats or something he can do instead of all that confounded pacing?!

Determined, she lowers her head again, pushing back deeper into the arm of the couch and narrowed her eyes to concentrate.

..."Not at all, my lovely flower of beauty. Hate me if you wish but I shall protect you with my very life. It's a matter of honor."

"I don't need your protection," the busty heroine sniped back, violet eyes flaring like cut gems. "I'm a Materia Master."
Tifa paused to roll her eyes. "And just because my father, the king, hired you doesn't mean I have to -

Gritting her teeth, Tifa's narrow eyes lifted over the top of the book to glare at the back of Cloud's head as he went by. Yet. Again. Enough was enough all ready. Did the man have no concept of 'down time'? Lips down in a look of disapproval she'd learned from Marlene, Tifa gave in and finally threw the book at the back of his chocobo pacing head.}

there is no way they could possibly get cabin fever and kill each other

[ The book hits him dead center in the back of the head, an awkward projectile made up of fluttering pages but expertly thrown, and his incessant pacing stutters abruptly to a stop. With a wince that's much more shock than pain, a hand goes to the back of his head and he pivots back--

Only to lock eyes with a seriously unhappy Tifa. ]

(Oh great. What'd I do...?)

[ Even the voice in his head sounds a little embarrassed, though, and when he drops his arm and crouches down to retrieve the book she's hucked at him and actually starts to wonder what it is he could've done... It's actually pretty obvious. Glaringly obvious, even if all she's doing is staring at him in such extreme disapproval, instead of hollering fit to beat the storm like she looks like maybe she might want to do. ]


[ He ducks his head, studying the cover of her book to get out of meeting that fierce gaze any longer, while lightning flashes in the dark outside and the wind rips a few more shingles off the roof. He's never been very good at taking his fair share of downtime, and even worse of late.

Paging through the novel in his hands, he arches a brow at a passing glimpse of that... Questionable dialogue. ]

Are you gonna want this back?

pshhh, naaaaah. I'm sure a few more hours stuck together in a tiny space won't go awry.

{her tight lipped, dark and narrowed eyed seriously grated annoyance lasts straight up until he ducks his head with an apology. It's such a little boy move that it absolutely steals all of her irritation with him right out of her and takes the hard, straight line out of her shoulders.

Oh. She is so screwed when he uses his little boy looks like that...

It's not his fault he's like a cat trapped in here.

Except there ARE better ways to deal with it, she has to remind herself and driving the rest of the team nuts isn't the right way. So she does her best to keep her stern look going because Cloud really does need to stop. That lasts until she realizes that he's actually reading one of the pages of the book and who knew what's happening by that point in the story? It makes her cheeks flush and her bare hands close reflexively on the blanket in embarrassment as she silently thinks some very unflattering things about their resident ninja. A burst of lightning that paints the interior in pure white for a moment and the thunder that shakes the house directly after only seems to agree with her.

The look Cloud gives her in summary doesn't help at all though. Defensively, her knees tuck up a bit under the blanket and she crosses her arms under her chest, trying to ignore the heat that's still there on her cheeks as she gives him what she hopes is a pointed look and not quite the awkwardly embarrassed one it feels like.}

At least some of us brought something to do.

Edited at 2011-09-27 08:43 am (UTC)

I didn't think we'd be stuck inside all day...

[ And maybe there's a hint of complaint in his tone, the frosting atop the immaturity cake, but can he honestly be blamed? There have been far more important matters to mind than whether or not he might be prepared in the unfortunate event of a completely predictable tropical storm trapping them indoors before they could manage to outrun it. Does she have to look at him like that?

Closing the book (because he can't even feign a morbid curiosity in prose that special), Cloud crosses back over to the couch and offers it back to her.

If he's really bothering her that much... ]

...Maybe I should go out and see if there's anybody who needs help. The town's probably a real mess, by now.

{it's the fact that he brings the book back to her even after she's thrown it at him, the pure simple sweetness of the act, that steals away any last bits of vengeful thoughts against him. Instead she catches his wrist and gives a little tug to try to lure him into sitting down on the couch. The rain against the windows shutters was a barrage and it almost drowns out her soft:}


{he looks utterly miserable. In a very repressed kind of way. She trades wrist for hand and gives a soft squeeze.}

I'm sure everyone's safely inside their houses. This isn't new to most of them. The radio hasn't said anything about any trouble.

{the last thing they needed was Cloud going out in the storm and getting swept off to sea or having a flying piece of lawn furniture nail him across the back of the head and rattle things loose. Besides, if he went out in the storm, she'd have to go with him whether he realized it or not and she didn't think being out in weather like this sounded sensible. Or anything other than utterly miserable for that matter. Setting her book aside, she scooted up to tuck her heels under her.}

There's got to be something we can do to distract you. Are you hungry? Or - a board game? Maybe we could find you something to read. Something else to read.

{work with her here, Cloud. She's trying to save your life. Vincent's a very good shot}

What did you used to do in Nib- back when you were young during days when the snow trapped us all inside?

Edited at 2011-09-28 08:30 am (UTC)

[ He wants to argue his point (how would the news reporter know whether someone had gone out to secure a busted window or to better barricade an ocean-facing wall? what if somebody's kid was sneaking out to search for a family pet? there had to be something to do), but that won't get them anywhere, either. At some point in this journey, he'd started to use trying to save the whole world as an excuse just to keep himself busy, and now that they're the ones under attack, totally helpless to fend off the bad weather... He's at a loss.

It's boring. That's all.

Rubbing the back of his neck in a way that displays his frustration even more clearly than the frown on his face, Cloud shakes his head and takes off pacing once more. This time, though, he has the good sense to stop himself before he can really get going, walking to the window and staying there, his back to the rest of the room. His shoulders drop in a gesture somehow even more apathetic than a shrug, and he peers out into the dark as if there's anything to see between the slats of shutters boarded into place. ]

I don't know.

[ He tries to think back, the way that he always does, but the answer he comes up with is as unsatisfying as ever, to him as much as anybody. ]

I guess I used to help mom around the house

(and pace)

until it was all over. And then we'd shovel all the snow. There was a lot to do, even then. [ Glancing back over his shoulder, he shakes his head, again, meeting her concerned look with a sincere one of his own. ] What about you? ...When it got like that?

verb tense? what is that?

{Clasping her hands together in her lap, she thinks about his question. She hates seeing him miserable and even if it's over something as simple as boredom, the result is still the same. But what's he going to do if they do manage it and the world is saved? It puts them out of a job... Trying to wrack her own brain for things to distract him, she comes up with just as much failure as he had.}

Baking. When Mama was alive it was cookies and pies but when it was just me usually bread and meat pies... {the smell of ginger and cinnamon had been too quietly painful} Housework, cleaning, sewing and mending.

{her brows come down and she tries harder.}

Board games. Dad was dangerous at checkers but I always won Chocobo Bump. Coloring. I'm kind of glad those pictures don't still exist. Sometimes dad would tell stories. Fairy tales most of the time but my favorites were about him and Mama when they were younger. Play with paper dolls and, make a horrible mess with yarn when I was older and definitely not learning how to knit. And practice the piano. I used to spend hours and hours on that piano...

{her voice fades out, noise of the storm almost washing away the last few words. After a second though her chin comes back up and she shrugs, pushing herself off of the couch and coming over to stand next to Cloud. Light, barely there, her shoulder nudges up to rest against his as she watches the shutter as well.}

I don't think there are any paper dolls here for you. And I don't think you're up to the challenge of Chocobo Bump against a champ like me. {turning her head to look up at him, she seems sincere as she offers:}

I could find a mop if you wanted to clean the house?

Edited at 2011-09-29 05:28 am (UTC)

a terrible, terrible thing that I have no regard for whatsoever :|

[ If she didn't take it as well as she did, he might've come to really regret so casually lobbing the question back to her. When he thinks of his family, it is not without sentiment (on his mother's behalf, anyway), but there are so many gaps and blank spaces in his memory, now, even of just those simple things...

It's like trying to recollect of someone else's life, and though he knows that he loved her, and somewhere inside, that little kid part of him that clings to the past like a lifeline still very much does, sometimes the trouble picking apart what's real and what's not leaves him only feeling distant.

But it's different for Tifa, who doesn't have the fallout of SOLDIER or Shinra or mako or -- whatever it is that's punched so many holes in his head -- to contend with. Her memories are clear and sharp and probably still fresh and painful in a lot of ways, and the fact that she's honest with him, anyway, is admirable, is somehow -- endearing? No, maybe that's not the right word for what he thinks, but it's close enough.

Shrugging the shoulder she bumps, Cloud looks at her sidelong in the dim illumination, another flash of lightning painting everything a stark, pale white outside. Other than a glimpse of flailing palms being battered by the wind, and more houses and businesses battened down along the beach, though, there isn't much to see. ]

Nah. I'd rather take you up on playing with dolls than do any more chores, right now. [ Even doing a dramatic reading of her tawdry novel sounds better. But that probably would end with Vincent coming back up from the basement -- to kill the both of them. ]

All that talk about food, though... I guess I'm kinda hungry. Want to raid the kitchen with me, instead?

awesome. I will stop feeling guilty for my cheerful murder of it then

{she would happily share every memory she has with him if it would help him fill even one of the holes in his own. Or... if not happily because not all the memories are happy, she would still do it willingly. She doesn't know what exactly is going on with his memories - but she sees the pausing in his eyes sometimes, as if he's trying to think of what he should remember instead of remembering and she knows that there's something very wrong with what he does remember. She knows they're in there though, somewhere, the right memories, the ones that will explain everything must be tucked away. They'll find them. Somehow.

But not right now. They've got the immediate to deal with right now and his joke about the dolls has her lifting her eyes to his again and that smile that only he gets because only he makes her forget, just sometimes, that they're not still kids, sneaking off together on adventures only they'll ever pay attention to or remember.}


{and it just seems natural to slip her hand into his as she tugs him lightly over to get the lantern before they head into the kitchen. Vincent is going to have to wait on that dramatic reading of Yuffie's book.}

I'm not sure what's in the kitchen. Yuffie and Barret and Nanaki were the last ones here.

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