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159- Stuck in an elevator

Well, damn your luck.  You’ve gotten in an elevator with another person, pressed your button, and on the way to your floor it halts.  You’re completely trapped inside with them.

It’s a terrible shame that it’ll be a good 24 hours before that help arrives.  Something about the wiring and not wanting to let you plummet some who knows how many stories?  Don’t worry.  The elevator isn’t going anywhere, and neither are you.


1.  Post to the meme with your character.  Give name, fandom, restrictions if need be.
2.  Respond to various people around.
3.  Play out what happens... good or bad.  Does your they panic?  Do they take advantage of the time alone?  Do they get bored and find ways to pass the time?

(Avoid wank and all that other horrible stuff.  We’re here to have fun, people.)

Because I have missed Ben <3

Hey, at least you're with the girl who god you out of the last cage you were in, right?

[Maybe a bad joke, but she's just trying to be reassuring, really.]


Rather than a hostile stranger who will freak out if I pop claws or my eyes change color.

Have I mentioned that I really don't like being stuck in enclosed spaces? Brings back bad memories.

You have, yeah. So let's try to keep your mind on other stuff. Or something. I'd offer to use my empath skills, but I'm thinking maybe bodily contact isn't your cup of tea right now?

I'm-- nngh. Not really touchy with anyone but Guri and Janni. But thanks for the offer. Maybe, if it goes on too long... [He pushes the emergency button, but nothing happens.] Well, that's awesome.

How've you and the Family, been, Siobhan? [Because distractions are good.]

Well, I recently went on a vacation, actually.

[Yes, must distract Ben or he will drive her insane with what's going on inside him.]

Oh, cool, where'd you go? Vacations are awesome. I could use another one myself... [Shut up, Ben, you're babbling.]

I went to Scotland. [She looks a little amused.] Found myself another sibling.

That must've been fun. Guri and I went to Tonga once. Beach and food and Gabriel ran all the demons off for us. I'd love another week with no demons. Although the natives being pissed that the demons were gone was an unpleasant side-effect. It's how I found out I'm horribly allergic to rowan.

So, you got a chance to relax and catch up with a long-lost sibling?

Aye, I had a grand time. And me and Scarlet really did feel like we must've been separated at birth. She's promised to come visit. Actually said she might even stay here and join the family.

Otherwise, things have been going well I think. Ghost has a boyfriend.

Wedding plans continuing apace, I hope?

Did you hear about Raz calling Home? How awesome is that?

Aye, so far. Jaf's taken on another ward, as Guardian.

And I did hear. I've also met Simon, who wasn't too happy about it.

Oh, cool! What's his new Charge like, have you met them?

[He snickers a little.] Well, Simon has daddy issues. He'll get over it, and maybe, just maybe, he'll call Home too. Not that I'm holding my breath, but I hope he does.

I haven't yet, but I hope I'll get to.

Simon seemed to be worried about what the effects would be for his brothers. The situation isn't entirely clear cut.

... I hugged him. He liked it.

[Ben blinks at her.] You hugged.


And he's worried about someone besides himself?

Good Dad, the world really has turned on its ear.

[She nods.]

He told me not to, since hugs are dangerous it would seem considering the effect it had on Jaf. But then he was so very sad and my reflexes cut in and I just sort of threw my arms around the poor guy.

And he's always cared about his brothers, you know. He fell because he didn't want to have to fight them.

Simon. Was sad. [That right there is the sound of Ben's brain screeching to a halt. The concept is totally alien.]

I wonder if I should talk to him.

[And this is Siobhan looking mildly confused.]

Yes, you should. And he was sort of obviously a kind of good guy. Guess we've been seeing very different sides of him.

Well, the first time we met, he was taunting Raz about Lucifer and the Prince of Darkness's plans for me, and not too long after that, he slipped me a mickey and got me kidnapped by a megalomaniacal rich guy who tried to add me to his personal werewolf Pack. So Simon didn't exactly make a good first impression on me. I still feel like he's trying to sell me something every time I talk to him.

But. He got a message to the Asylum for me. And I... might have told Raz he could have sanctuary in my warded house if he calls Home. Because of Raz. Maybe.

Mm, yeah, that would leave a sort of crappy impression. He sort of tried to half-heartedly hit on me, but that was about it. He didn't even try to corrupt me, really. Figured out very quickly that it wouldn't work.

[Have a fond smile.]

And this would be why I love you so much. You're a total sweetheart.

[Aw, shucks, ma'am. Is he blushing? Yeeees he is.] Well, Raz is my friend, and if Simon called Home then he wouldn't be technically Fallen anymore, and there's the thing where I've got a houseful of strange critters anyway so one more, more or less, won't make a difference, right? [Annnnnd he's babbling again.]

[Ooops, sorry? She might be blushing a little too, then.]

You kind of sound like me. I can't help myself, got to offer people space if I have it. Good thing I've caved and am going to let Lucy get me a house.

[He laughs.] Well, right now my household consists of a two werewolves, a fire lizard, a dragon-chimera-thing, a Hellhound puppy, a former demon, and a pair of Guardian Angels who don't show themselves. Adding one more to it won't make much difference, more or less.

[Oh, that gets a giggle.]

One of the most awesome-sounding households I've ever heard.

Let's see... I'm going to count some people who don't live with me as part of my household just 'cause they come around a lot.

So it's two timetraveling witches, an alien hybrid, a prophet musician, a Hunter and a fallen-and-risen-again angel. With some other assorted awesomes as fantastic additions in the form of friends.

[More laughing.] I think you win.

[She grins widely.]

I'm really, really good at weird. And at picking up people. Seems like I can't meet anyone without having them stick. I love it.

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