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[ 153 ] × O U T B R E A K (itsthezombiepocalypse)

a zombiepocalypse open meme

► pick a scenario + health level or roll for it
► additional roll for initial zombie encounter type optional
► feel free to come up with your own scenarios and infected types/mutations

✖ scenarios;

    01 → Roadtrip, interrupted: Was that a person you just hit?
    02 → Megamall hole-up: Will it be your fortress or your graveyard?
    03 → Mobscene: You have alerted the horde.
    04 → Out of ammo: Time to get up close and personal.
    05 → The bite: How long 'til you turn?
    06 → Vaycay in hell: Pina coladas with a side of contagion.
    07 → Accident & emergency: The hospital's not the best place to be.
    08 → Last two alive: Make your final stand.

    BONUS: 0× → Power down: All superhuman abilities are disabled.

✖ health level;

    01 → 100%: Freshfaced and ready to go. Bring on the undead!
    02 → 50%: The broken leg's just a flesh wound. You're not going down without a fight.
    03 → 10%: When did that axe get so damn heavy?

✖ basic zombie types:

    01 → The Walkers: slow and dull-witted, but they move in large groups. the more the merrier.
    02 → The Sprinters: put your sneakers on, these fuckers are fast. may be found solo or in groups.
    03 → The Crawlers: who says the dead 'uns without legs can't join the party too?
    04 → The Spitters: not quite the hot mamas you're expecting. stay out of the acidic goop.
    05 → The Animals: they're not exempt from the virus. try not to get trampled on by the elephant.
    06 → The Hivemind: there's still a semi-functioning brain behind those dead eyes.
    07 → The Parasites: a headshot's just the beginning of your problems.

3 / 2 / 1

[This isn't good. This isn't good. His left arm is broken and his right leg is bleeding pretty bad, but he's not going down yet. He still has plenty of rounds strapped to his chest to go, after all.]

Figures something like this would happen now.

Your roll counted down, I am amused.

Just hang on. We need to get to higher ground

[Michael had armed himself with a shot gun, as well as a sniper rifle. He was using the shotgun for the moment, given the numbers.]

my dice rolling skills are the best

No rest for the weary.

[He fumbles with his gun, reloading before he glances at the other.]

Ready when you are.


[Have some shotgun to the face zombies! Michael also keeps an eye on Flemming because he is injured. Zombies love you injured types.]

[No zombie is going to take down William Flemming!

He shows a couple more for good measure.]

I thought I hit enter...

[But you are so tasty, Flemming. More start to swarm because they like loud sounds and tasty tasty brains.]

Come on. [Grabs him by his arm] Think you can manage a fire escape?

Enter key is evil

[He's not going down!]

[He looks at Michael and nods.] Yeah. I'll be fine.


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