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[ 153 ] × O U T B R E A K (itsthezombiepocalypse)

a zombiepocalypse open meme

► pick a scenario + health level or roll for it
► additional roll for initial zombie encounter type optional
► feel free to come up with your own scenarios and infected types/mutations

✖ scenarios;

    01 → Roadtrip, interrupted: Was that a person you just hit?
    02 → Megamall hole-up: Will it be your fortress or your graveyard?
    03 → Mobscene: You have alerted the horde.
    04 → Out of ammo: Time to get up close and personal.
    05 → The bite: How long 'til you turn?
    06 → Vaycay in hell: Pina coladas with a side of contagion.
    07 → Accident & emergency: The hospital's not the best place to be.
    08 → Last two alive: Make your final stand.

    BONUS: 0× → Power down: All superhuman abilities are disabled.

✖ health level;

    01 → 100%: Freshfaced and ready to go. Bring on the undead!
    02 → 50%: The broken leg's just a flesh wound. You're not going down without a fight.
    03 → 10%: When did that axe get so damn heavy?

✖ basic zombie types:

    01 → The Walkers: slow and dull-witted, but they move in large groups. the more the merrier.
    02 → The Sprinters: put your sneakers on, these fuckers are fast. may be found solo or in groups.
    03 → The Crawlers: who says the dead 'uns without legs can't join the party too?
    04 → The Spitters: not quite the hot mamas you're expecting. stay out of the acidic goop.
    05 → The Animals: they're not exempt from the virus. try not to get trampled on by the elephant.
    06 → The Hivemind: there's still a semi-functioning brain behind those dead eyes.
    07 → The Parasites: a headshot's just the beginning of your problems.

5 sob / 1 / 1

[ Fighting furiously, but she disappears briefly under the horrible things when several of them converge on her. She dispatches them and comes of a roll, but her expression is horrified. There's a bite on her hand. ]


oh god ; ;

[ The tone of voice gets his attention. His name shouldn't be said like that. It takes a horrifying second to skin in. ]


[ His gun is already pointed in her direction. He fires, but not at her. He goes for the few remaining zombies around her. They... they need to get out of here then-- Well, he hadn't gotten that far yet.] Let me see.

no happy endings ever

[ For a couple of moments she's staring at her hand, stricken, like it's someone else's, some alien appendage. But when she raises her head again to look at him her face is calm. ]

It's no use.

Wasn't a bad bite, but it's in my bloodstream already. Probably about three hours before I'm completely...

[ Shakes her head. ]

[ Michael approaches her all the same. He has to see for himself and reaches for her hand gently. He tries to speak more than once but comes up empty. He swallows and tries again. ]

Come on... [calm. soothing. He's trying to edge her back from the front lines and toward someplace safe that wouldn't have other living people.]

[ Nikita lets him pull her, but her mind is working fast already, the determination back in her eyes. She puts a hand on his cheek, makes him look at her ]

We have to make it worth it. Find a way for me to take a lot of them out in one go, now that the danger doesn't matter.

[ He does look at her but he doesn't look very happy about this even if there is a note of resignation there. She is right but he doesn't have to like it. ]

Okay. [Little pause to think and put his hand over hers.] We need something to draw them out into one place. An open area. Do we have any explosives left?

reposted for typo because i was too sleepy to check it over

I stashed enough explosives and detonation cord back to rig a few car bombs back in our truck, but we have only enough hardware to detonate one of them remotely. [ Although the implications of that are clear, she's thinking aloud, focused, calm. ]

[ Before she can continue, the police scanner strapped to her hip crackles, signalling an active frequency. The distorted radio voice says, "...are converging on the hospital. Repeat, converging on the hospital. Too many to fight off, request backup--" The voice rises in pitch, then cuts off abruptly. Nikita looks at Michael. ]

There's our mission. Those patients are zombie fodder. We'd have to lead the things off...


We won't need the remote detonator. [ His voice is very resolute like he already decided something. ]

It'll take a few minutes to rig. We better get moving. [He checks his clip.]

They like loud noises. Should be able to find a few cars with alarms back the way we came.

[ Hold up a moment. "We"? That's not Nikita's plan. She grabs his arm. ]

Michael. I'm dead, but you're not. You have to stay out and back me up, okay? We'll rig them, space them out along a road leading away, I'll detonate. You find a vantage point and shoot them as they come. We still have a sniper rifle and enough cartridges to make a dent in their numbers.

[ Her fingers are digging into him like she can win him over with the sheer force of her grip alone. This arguing is wasting time but damn it if she's going to let him throw his life away. Again. ]

And after that? [ Strange dark amusement there. ]

[ He reaches down to grab her wrist but doesn't try to remove her hand. He looks determined on this point.]

Come on. We don't have much time.

Fine. But when you can, you have to [ her voice barely wavers ] shoot me and get the hell out. Get behind the military's lines of defense. Do more good there.

[ Before he can agree or disagree she says ] And I've got a better idea. They're attracted to sound, right? We'll find a boombox, put it in the back of the truck, blast music. And they'll know we're alive. Fresh meat. When they follow we can lead them into an explosion.

[ Her head is pounding and she's not sure if it's adrenaline or the virus spreading through her.<.small> ]

A boombox? [ At least he could still be amused by thought. What music do zombies like? ]

Okay. That could work. There was an electronics store around here. I'm sure they won't mind.

[ A pause. Then he pulls her into a hug, since they might not get the chance later. ]

[ Her whole body is tense, but after a few moments she lets herself be enfolded. Lets herself lean against his strength, her head on his shoulder. Her skin feels hot; her immune system's fighting off the infection with all its natural defenses. ]

I don't know if I could have done the whole domestic bliss thing, anyway.

[ He holds on tight and is reluctant to let go. But time is a factor... and he has to keep it together. He pulls back enough to give her a light but meaningful kiss. ]

We need to get moving.


[ She snaps back into it. Time is indeed running short, not just for her embattled body but for the civilians who need help. ]

[ From the store on the second floor of the eerily deserted mall they nick a stereo system that can be hooked up to their portable power generator, and a shopping cart to haul it off in. There's a CD store around the corner. The clerk is a high school kid, stretched out dead on the floor. Although they're in a hurry Nikita bends to pull his cap down over his staring eyes. ]

Let's grab the loudest music we can find and go. Rock section, or dance.

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