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The Mindfuck Meme: Expanded Ed. 2

This is not a very nice meme! If you have any major or typical triggers, you're being warned here that you might want to keep fully clear. That said, ever misread 'midfuck meme' with an extra 'n' in it and been sorely disappointed? This one's for you!

1. Post a character! It'd sure be nice if you put their name, canon, and any prefs you might have in the subject line. **Please note that this meme is open to both sexual and platonic content and you may want to list non-sexual rp as one of your prefs.**
2. When other characters tag in, they'll be using ye olde RNG (1-16) to figure out just how they'll be fucking your character's mind and maybe their body.
3. Be royally screwed up and need therapy for decades.

Now with 16 options!

1. I Own You: It doesn't have to be sexual (though it can be). It doesn't have to be very abusive (though it might be). But you know you own this person and you will break them down until they can accept the truth of it. All that they are—body, mind, and soul—is yours. They should have known that from the beginning. Now they'll know it 'til the end.

2. We're One and the Same: What this other person doesn't get is that you're two sides of the same coin. You practically own each other! No one else will complete them the way you can. You're twins. Brothers from another mother (or was that the same mother?). They won't get away until they acknowledge that to escape is to deny everything they are. Good thing you're ready to help.

3. Nobody Has Ever Loved You (Like I Do): This person doesn't understand how worthless they are—how they've been abandoned on purpose by anyone they ever cared about. The only thing they have left—the one creature that doesn't despise them utterly—is you. And maybe you're about fed up as well and they should grovel at your feet.

4. By Your Bedside (YANDERE): You love them. You love them utterly and how have they betrayed you? Ruthlessly! Talking to others—looking at others. Disgusting. You aren't going to allow it anymore. They need to understand the importance of your love. What's that? Maybe you aren't in a relationship by any… real, official standards? Heh. That can be fixed!

5. You're a Doll, Doll: Some people just don't get it. They think they have rights the same as anyone else. They don't see how they're only a puppet or a pet. Something less than you—less than anything. They belong on a leash or sitting pretty on a shelf. Poor darling! Lucky for them you've taken an interest in setting them straight (or… really gay).

6. Stop Forcing My Hand: It's not your fault you're tying them down! It isn't your fault they need your initials engraved in their skin! They made you. They stared at you with those eyes or they did those awful things (awful being rather subjective)! You wish they could apologize enough for such atrocities. You'd love to let them go. You don't want to do this even if it's possibly getting you off to an excessive extent! You're the victim, all right? Fucker should learn to shut up when they're told to.

7. Kiss Me and Smile at Me: Time for a little mindcontrol up in here! With the power of your will, you're able to control the other person completely. Tell them to jump, they jump. Tell them to beg—oh. There will be begging. And don't they deserve it? Unfortunately, the effect isn't always complete and sometimes your target knows in their heart and mind that they don't want to be doing just as they're ordered. Too fucking bad. This is a mindfuck meme, after all.

8. Such a Child: If this kid doesn't want to listen and do as their told, it's time you start treating them like the brat they so want to be. Up to you how far this goes, though spanking and taking control of your target's life seem like the most obvious solutions. And who cares if they're actually younger or technically older—they need to learn to sit up straight! Not slurp their soup! Do as they're expected to as a part of society. And if they won't, it's only fair for you to convince them.

9. A Permanent Stain: All right. All right. You'll be fine as long as you leave this mark on them. Maybe a small tattoo will do or perhaps you're the type who wants to cover their entire back with your initials. A piercing? Sure! Or five. Whatever—all you know is it's time there's something physical to show your connection. Just the scent of you on them isn't enough anymore and this is surely the only way to stake your claim.

10. Escape Cockblocker: While really any other options could involve this, you've gotten down containing your target to an art form. You know all their weaknesses and what shackles fit them best. You can keep their powers at bay and break their spirit (or profess your adoration!) at your leisure. Your expertise in containment is absolute. And now it's time to test the waters.

11. BRUTALITY K.O.: Eh, it's easy to be dark and brooding. It's simple to concoct gorgeous plans, but sometimes? Violence with a little brainwashing between punches and bone-crunching is the best way to go. With this prompt, your tactics are all violent. You'll snap fingers and crack ribs all in order to help get your message across. They'll learn to love you for it. You've got more than all day.

12. Feeling Superior: This is all about your rank! Either you're sick of having been under this person's heel or you've always wondered why they don't defer to your superior position. Upping the ante regardless. They should know by now that they should lick the floor when you ask for it so politely. You're in charge. Call it a further promotion, if you will. Call it learning to excel.

13. The What Pill: Everything this person knows about the world is a lie. Maybe they've been on a carefully constructed reality show, maybe they're a coma and you're a figment of their fractured consciousness (or is it the other way around?) Maybe they've been living in a proverbial tower and lied to about everything, maybe that's not even air they're breathing. Whatever the case, it's on you to prove it to them that their world--and everything in it--is a lie.

14. The Blame Game: Everything wrong that's ever happened in your life? Possibly in anyone's life? It's their fault. Somehow they're absolutely the fault of everything that's ever hurt you. Either you're tired of keeping it in, or you've just found out and now it's time to get back at them somehow.

15. Everything They Love: It's not enough to hurt them or control them, not outright. First you're going to break their spirit by taking away everything they've ever loved, wanted, or had, Whether for love, revenge, or fun, by the time you're done they'll have nothing at all. Perhaps not even their sanity.

16. Creepozoid's Choice!: Pick any of the options above or a 16th sort of mindfuck not explicitly listed. Remember, 16 is always an open option if you'd rather not roll or if you want to mix any series of numbers together.

Tim Drake/Robin | Batman | OTA

[ooc: I'd love for him to be the victim, but if he's under the influence of some kind of toxin or some villain is pushing his buttons he may be persuaded to go the abuser route. It'd be fun to try; just harder. ;)]


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