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The Rescue Me Meme

The Rescue Me Meme

→ Post with your character’s name, canon, and any preferences in the subject line
→ Those tagging, go to RNG nd roll for a number between one and ten.
→ Alternatively, just pick the choice you’re interested in most.

borrowed from here.

1 A Bad Date You get a text, a phone call, or maybe you can just see the other person floundering on what clearly must be the worst date of their life. Time to step in and save the day.

2 Prison Maybe they've been wrongly convicted, or maybe you're an accomplice. Either way, it's jailbreak. Maybe the guards will fall for the old 'wounded prisoner' technique.

3 Taken Hostage They're being held at gunpoint, either for money or for fun. Maybe you can talk down their captors, or maybe you are a captor, secretly working to help them.

4 Abuse/Neglect Your body is damaged, your suffering taken it's toll. You can't save yourself anymore. You're wounded, you're starving, maybe even dying. Someone, help.

5 Addiction Just one more. Nothing bad will happen if you just get one more. Either way, you can't save yourself from this downward spiral. Someone else is going to have to help.

6. ourself One bad choice after another, your self-destructive tendencies are going to get the best of you unless someone steps in, quick, to save the day.

7 Climactic Situation You're hovering over an active volcano, a pit of sharks, about to fall off a cliff. Whatever it is, you've only got precious seconds of life left.

8 Loneliness You've been secluded, locked away, and the emptiness is overwhelming. You need company, or you might just drown.

9 Unwanted Social Function A family reunion, your three o'clock board meeting, whatever it is, you desperately don't want to go. Hopefully your good buddy can come up with a distraction.

10 A Bad Romance You're trapped in a relationship that's headed south, and you can't seem to get away from the other person. Looks like you need a helping hand, maybe a prince charming.

We don't need no steenkin' RNG.

[Ben has recovered physically from his ordeals. Mentally and emotionally is quite something else. But he can function, as long as strangers don't touch him, and he finally declares himself fit for duty.

Mainly because rattling around with nothing to do is driving him crazy.]

we just need lj to BEHAVE

[To be honest, it's doing the same to Kati. She is not wired for a life of leisure; she needs stimulation, goals to focus on, challenges.

Which is why she regards Ben over their morning coffee one day and announces]

It is time we get back to work, I think.

It's been wonky for DAYS. X(

Oh, thank Dad. When can we go back? Can we start today? Today would be awesome. [His sentences are kind of running together, and Ben makes an effort and gets hold of himself.]

I'm ready, Mistress. More than ready.


[Kati can't help smiling into her coffee mug. If Ben had his tail right now he would clearly be wagging it.]

Sehr gut. I see no reason we cannot make contact today, then. It suits me just fine to do so.

[Ben is clearly relieved.] Awesome. Being stuck in my own head with nothing to do but hit the weight room has been bad for me, I'm not gonna lie. I need more action than I've been getting, and it'll be good to be back in the game again.

[Even if the "game" is a criminal enterprise run by smart and scary thugs.]

[Kati nods, energized by the prospect of being back in the swing of things. Her and her wolf -- it will be like old times again.]

I will make the necessary calls. We should pack up whatever needs taking with us, too. I doubt they will want us to work from this city.

Probably not. [They've picked someplace quiet for Ben's recovery, someplace with easy access to wide open spaces so he can wolf and run at will. It's done him a world of good, but now he wants to get back to work.

He gathers up the breakfast dishes while she makes her calls, and starts loading the dishwasher, whistling between his teeth.]

[Kati is all professionalism on the phone, careful not to seem too eager or too cheerful, but brisk and polite and prepared. This isn't her first go-round, after all.

In half an hour or so she hangs up the phone with a satisfied nod.]

Very good. We are expected in Boston on Friday. They will arrange a company car for our use.

[He perks up at that.] Ooo, that means we can go to the Cape when they're not using us. It's not LA, but it's a beach and I'll take it. [He heads back to his room and starts throwing the stuff he wants to take but won't need until Friday into a bag.]

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[Ben's head snaps around to look at her in sheer panic--

Right before his world dissolves in red and white and pain and dark.

He's thrown clear of the brunt of the explosion, shaking his head and scrambling to all fours in one motion. Kati, he has to get Kati, where is she, oh God the car's on fire is she still in it--]

KATI! [He can't hear his own voice; the explosion has deafened him momentarily. He's also bleeding and burned in several places, but that's completely secondary to his panic.] KATI.

[She can't hear him over the ringing in her ears and even if she could, she's considerably less than fully conscious and the part of her that's still aware is too consumed with pain and fire and blind, instinctive, animal panic to respond. The driver's side door is gone, blown free by the blast, and the exit is right there, but she can't make her legs respond to push her out of the vehicle, and the weak effort she manages with her arms does nothing but send her sprawling sideways. The belt is still fastened . . .]

[And he's too slow too slow TOO FUCKING SLOW, his left arm hanging uselessly at his side and his left leg not wanting to work too well either, but he manages a stumble around to Kati's side of the car, forcing his legs to obey him, spouting incoherent prayers as he goes. He would stop short when confronted by the image of Kati's broken body in the burning car, but there's not time--]

...oh, God.

[He lurches to her side, and he's not even going to bother with the fucking latch, he just sprouts claws and slices through the damned thing and drags her free.

And he knows he shouldn't move her but the car's on fire, and so he risks further injury to her, cradling her to his chest like a child and staggering away to sprawl both of them behind a rock, which will hopefully shelter them from the secondary explo--

He ducks and shields her with his body as more parts go flying overhead. Hopefully that's the last one, and he brushes her hair out of her face.]

Kati? Talk to me, honey, come on...

[Her hair is matted with blood and singed from the fire, one eyebrow gashed open by some bit of flying debris, and her grip on consciousness is rapidly waning. Her right side is a mangled mess, the leg a chaotic wreck of torn flesh and burns, exposed bone, shrapnel, unnatural angles and far, far too much blood . . .

But her head turns weakly into the touch, and she makes some mumbled sound that might be his name, or an attempt at it.]

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You stay! Stay with me, Kati, come on, you can do it... [He fishes around in her jacket pocket and comes out with her phone. The screen is cracked, but it powers up all right, and he hits 911 with a shaking finger.

"911, what is your emergency?"]

There. There was a bomb. Car bomb. We need an ambulance. Please, my Mistress is hurt, please hurry... [He sends the dispatcher his GPS coordinates.] You have to hurry, it's bad--

Kati. You stay with me. Don't fall asleep, honey, come on.

Dad, please...

[Kati cracks an eye and tries to follow what he's saying; her world is a jumble of fragmentary impressions, blown apart by agony, she can't keep a train of thought together long enough to muster a reply.

And the instinct to just let unconsciousness carry her away from all this is strong, but she's afraid if she does that she's never going to resurface, and like hell is she going to do that when he's asked her not to. Her wolf gets whatever he asks for. That, at least, she can hang on to through the confused agony.]

. . . v'lchok . . .

Right here, I'm right here, honey, we got an ambulance on the way, they'll fix you up good as new, you just hang on for me, okay? [This is an arrant lie; he's never seen a human this injured that actually lived through it. For a wild moment, he wonders if he's going to have to bite her to save her, but he shoves the thought into the background and concentrates on trying to stanch her bleeding.

It would help if he knew where to start.]

I gotcha, Kati. Don't go, okay?

[He barks into the phone.] Where is my fucking ambulance? Tell them to follow the pillar of fire!

[The dispatcher replies in an even tone, telling Ben to stay calm, as if that's even doable at this point.

Kati makes a feeble effort at helping to put pressure on her wounds, but she's too weak to be much help. She wonders if this is what dying feels like, and then she kicks herself, because she can't be dying.

Dying would make her werewolf sad.]

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[There's a lot of subtext in that one word; a reproach that is mostly for show, and a worry that is all too real, that they'll take him from her and she won't be able to stop them.

And what then?

She gestures faintly at the nurse, then points at the doctor.]

Him. Out. Please.

[Ben flinches like he's been slapped and steps over to her side.] I'm sorry, Mistress.

[The nurse glances from the patient to the doctor and back before deciding that the patient takes precedence. "Come on, doctor. She doesn't want you here, and that's her right."

The doctor sputters for a moment before spinning on his heel and stomping toward he door. He stops just before he exits. "We'll see about having that wolf in the hospital," he spits. "It's hardly sanitary, is it?"

And then he goes before Ben can respond.]

[Kati sighs heavily and holds her hand out, reaching for Ben's fingers. She doesn't like the sound of that, but she supposes they'll deal with it as it develops. She's too tired and too hurt for long term plans right now.]

[Ben sits in the chair beside the bed and takes her hand, swearing tiredly.] I am so sick of dealing with dicks today.

You should rest, Mistress. I have the feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

[Kati nods weakly, sighing and tightening her grip on Ben's hand. She hates being incapacitated; she hates not being able to take action when it's needed. The prospect of being this weak, this helpless, for God only knows how long . . .

She makes an involuntary noise down in her throat.]

[He brushes his cheek across her knuckles.] I got your back, Mistress, be okay. They want me out of here, they'll have to drag me out.

And if anyone comes in here and tries to hurt you, I'll fucking bite them. I'm not even kidding.

[Kati manages a thin smile.]


[There is a world of affection and trust in just that one word. She knows he's got her back; it's what's making this bearable.]

[Ben has no smile; he hasn't had a real one since Janni was killed. But he's got more affection and regard for Kati than he's had for anyone except Wynter. And he's a lot more worried about this situation than he's letting on--he has to be strong for her. Later, perhaps, he'll find a nice, quiet, private area and have a meltdown of massive proportions.

For now, though, he can be her rock. He's got that much strength.] Mistress.

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