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Hurt/Comfort - Hurt/comfort
is a fan fiction genre that involves the physical pain or emotional
distress of one character, who is cared for by another character. The
injury, sickness or other kind of hurt allows an exploration of the
characters and their relationship.

- Post with Character Name | Series in the subject.
- Others respond.
- Roll 1-10 at RNG for a scene, play it out and have fun!

1. INJURY. You've been injured. Broken bones or bleeding out or maybe just a tiny little papercut. The choice is yours.
2. SICKNESS. You're sick and laid up in bed, at home or in a hospital. The severity is up to you.
3. FEAR/ANXIETY. Something is happening and you're scared beyond belief.
4. LOSS OF SENSES. Sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc. You've lost some important sense or ability and now you're left to deal with it.
5. DESPAIR. Nothing is good or right anymore and you can't shake the depression. Maybe that friend of yours can help though...
6. BREAKUP. You've been dumped. You need someone to comfort you, possibly by the one who dumped you.
7. MAKE UP. Fight or break up, it's time to makeup.
8. RESCUED. You've just been held captived and/or tortured for however long and finally, someone has come to the rescue.
9. BAD ROMANCE. Fight, cheated on, abused, whatever the case s, someone else can clearly see
you need comfort from someone who isn't your terrible lover tonight.
10. LOSS. You've experience a loss of some kind and need help getting through it.

Idea from [info]chamberofthorns & [info]hooohaw

Nezumi | No. 6


[Sitting at the foot of Nezumi's bed with a book, glancing over occasionally and waiting for him to wake up.]

[Nezumi stirs and starts to move, but doesn't wake up yet.]

[Shutting the book, he gingerly takes the damp cloth from Nezumi's forehead and soaks it in a bucket of water once again, squeezing it out before placing it back on the taller boy's head.

And in a hushed voice:]

Nezumi? Are you awake?

[His eyelids flutter and he squints at the other boy. Has the room always been this blindingly light? Of course not. He knows that he is sick and that the room is normal, it is hard to miss the ache in his bones and muscles. But still...

He's going to turn around so he faces the wall, which takes a way a bit of the light without looking too childish or weak.]

I'd rather not be. [His voice should be a good indicator of just how bad his state is - way too soft and quiet.]

[On any normal day, Shion would laugh quietly at the fact that Nezumi is always so prone to hiding his true feelings and being dishonest with himself.

Today, however, he just smiles softly and stands up to switch off all but one of the dim lights in the room.]

Sorry. I guess I wasn't being quiet enough.

[Taking a seat on the bed again.]

I guess it would be kind of pointless to ask if you're feeling any better.

I guess you're right.

[He'd loathe to admit it, but he would actually appreciate some body contact right now. If it came from anyone else, he would feel threatened, but when the white haired boy's fingers brushed over his forehead when Shion wetted the cloth... It feelt soothing.]

Even still, I wish I could do something for you. I asked Rikiga to see if he could find any medication, but he said it would probably be difficult to locate any.

[Leaning over, he places a hand on the portion of Nezumi's forehead that isn't covered by the cloth.]

You definitely still have a fever.

[Well, at least it is his hand and noth his forehead this time. You and your weird actions, Shion.

Nezumi tries to stifle a cough and say something, but that only results into a coughing fit, and he curls up with his shoulders hunching forward, towards the wall, as he coughs.]

[Shion very quickly jumps forward and places his hands on Nezumi's shoulders.]

You really shouldn't strain yourself so much.

[The coughing ebbs away after a while, and the taller boy slumps into Shion's hands, momentarily with no strenght left to keep up without support.]

I'm tr- [cough] trying.

[Shion uses one arm to support Nezumi's back, keeping the other on his shoulder.]

Maybe it would be best for you to lay down.

[For once, Nezumi follows without a word. He is just too tired and weak to really protest anymore. He is asleep almost the moment that his head hits the pillow, but it is a restless sleep and he keeps coughing.]

I wish I were the one that could sing. Maybe then I could help you feel better.

[There is a weak kick into Shion's direction, not malicious, more the physical version of a 'don't be stupid'. After a few more seconds, the dark haired male has gathered the strenght to speak.]

I would only be momentary relief, anyway. It wouldn't heal me.

Isn't momentary relief better than nothing at all?

[Another few moments pass before he speaks up again.]

This reminds me of the day we met.

[Nezumi scoffs.]

Such a pleasant day it was...

[He uses the poetic language on purpose. It's not really one of his fondest memories over all. Sure, he met Shion, but the circumstances were really less than comfortable.]



[He turns his head away. He's not particularely fond of reiterating certain memories again and again. Most memories, actually.]

[Sometimes Shion wonders what his life would have been like if he hadn't opened that window.]

[One of the thoughts that Nezumi tries to not entertain. He rolls back on his side and stares at the wall again, closing his eyes and trying to ignore Shion and fetch some sleep.]

[He has no regrets. After Nezumi rolls over, Shion reclines back next to him and opens his book again. It's hard to see, but there's enough light to barely make out the words.]

You'll hurt your eyes.

[Not turning around.]

I don't want to leave your side when you're like this.

Then stop reading.

[He's brisk; he'd rather Shion stayed, but will not stop him if he leaves the room.]

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