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WARNING: Meme will contain TRIGGERS, including kidnapping, dubious consent, and general uncomfortable content. Please do not click if you don't want to see, and please respect your fellow role-players.

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings for their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other."
1) Comment with your character and their series in the subject line of the comment. Include any preferences you might have on type of scene/squicks/etc.
2) Comment around to start scenes! Use if you get stuck for ideas.

1. KIDNAPPED. You've been taken, either for ransom money or just because you've pissed the wrong people off. Or maybe your kidnapper just wants company. Maybe they need someone to be their companion, to be their confidante, and they chose you.

2. CAPTURED. Maybe you were a soldier, fighting in a battle. Maybe a spy, or a political dissident. Either way, the military has caught up with you.

3. IN CUSTODY. It's a law enforcement agent that has you locked up. Maybe you're a criminal and you're in prison, or on house arrest so that agent can keep an eye on you. Maybe the agent doesn't have enough evidence, so they took matters into their own hands.

4. ASYLUM. This person isn't keeping you here against your will. It's for safety. Maybe you're in the Witness Protection Program. Maybe you sought asylum from your own country. Maybe your criminal life got a little too heated and you had to go underground somewhere.

5. HOSTAGE EXCHANGE. A war, between countries or gangs or even planets, and the two sides have decided to exchange important hostages as a gesture of trust. You're one of them. It might even involve arranged marriage -- a way to unite your two peoples. Hope you enjoy staying with your enemy.

6. HIRED. Someone's being paid to keep you. Maybe a new parent or guardian keeping you at home, or perhaps an evil uncle has had you tossed into a discreet asylum in order to claim your inheritance.

7. SLAVERY. Through birth or misfortune, you've become the property of another. But they're not such a bad master. You might even grow to love them, if enough time passes. If they treat you with the right combination of cruelty and kindness.

8. WILD CARD. For anything not covered by the other options!

7. continuation of the alternative timeline!

[At first, Kati always kept in mind that if it seemed like things weren't working out with the new help, she could easily be rid of him -- turn him over to someone else in the Organization and wash her hands of her spur-of-the-moment not-exactly-a-purchase.

As time has passed and he's proven his worth as a companion and as someone who can take orders and do what needs done, though? She's entertained that thought less and less until it's all but faded out.]


[Ben likes Kati. She doesn't abuse him, she doesn't expect him to have sex with her, and she feeds him real food. She doesn't cage him, even during the full moon. They've moved into a place with two bedrooms, which is unimaginable luxury for someone like him, and this is as good as he's had it since They broke up Wynter's Pack.

So what if she's a criminal? She's not making him hurt his fellow wolves, and the bodyguard duty is... pretty light, really. He's only beating on other criminals, after all, and only when they're stupid enough to get frisky, and he doesn't have moral qualms about that.

But Ben's caught the attention of others in the Organization, and some of them have twigged to the fact that the wolf in their midst is a valuable asset.

And why should Kati have him all to herself, after all?]

[Well. If confronted -- and she has been, once or twice, by especially bold members of the group -- Kati will placidly point out that she paid out Ben's worth from her cut of the take from Piggy's place, as is only right and in accordance with Organization rules.

Then she'll point out that her business is her business and her wolf is her wolf, in no uncertain terms. That's usually enough to shut the offenders up.]

[Dovydas is fairly high up in the Organization, and he's looking at Ben in a creepy and possessive way during this week's planning meeting. Ben gets to attend these so that he won't be surprised by anything that happens during an enforcement gig, or whatever it is they're working up. And also because he belongs to Kati and she seems to just like having him around.

That's fine with him. Alone, as he has stated on numerous occasions, is a terrible look for him. So when Dovydas gives him those glances, he can perhaps be pardoned if he moves an inch closer to Kati than is considered "normal."]

[Kati notices -- of course she notices, she's got a reputation in the Organization as someone who doesn't miss anything -- and she shoots a flat look at Dovydas before turning her attention back to Romek and what he has to say about the week's activities.

There's nothing particularly worthwhile brewing at the moment, just minor acts of collection and mundane thievery that is entirely beneath the skills of most of the people in the room. But this is part of how the Organization functions; even those like Romek and Kati whose skill sets are better suited to the sweeping stage of revolutions and counter-revolutions take their turn in the quieter ends of the Organization's work. It gives them the chance to rest up, to practice and refine new skills for future use.

It also gives the Organization the chance to see who will get stupid when they get bored, who will try to reach beyond their grasp. But nobody in the room except Kati needs to know that.]

[Dovydas, Ben has said privately to Kati, has been getting too big for his britches lately. And this is borne out when he stands up, slams the flat of his hand on the table, and demands to know why that vilkas is not communal property. "Why was she permitted to have it first? What about the rest of us, and our rights?"

If Ben could hide behind her, he would. Dovydas has a cruel streak that he's exhibited on more than one occasion. Ben's had to almost physically restrain himself from going after him when he was being particularly brutal for no special reason, just because he could. But it's not his call, more's the pity.

It's not his call who he goes with in the Organization, either. His jaw tightens, and he looks studiously at the floor.]

[Kati doesn't get up, she doesn't flinch, she doesn't raise her voice; she just looks up at Dovydas with an exquisite level of calm and taps her fingernails against the top of the table.]

I was not aware that the Organization had appointed our respected friend to the position of head of operations in this city, Romek. Nor yet that our way of things had changed so drastically as to allow one fellow to seize what another has rightfully stolen.

["They have not, and he will sit down." Romek's gaze is steely. Dovydas sits, will ill grace, and he keeps shooting nasty looks at Ben and Kati while everyone's going over their roles for the week. Ben does not like the vibes the guy is sending out, and once the meeting's over, Dovydas confronts Kati before they can leave the room.

"I will have this vilkas, Kati. You do not get to put yourself above the rest of us when it comes to spoils."]

[Kati draws herself up to her full height, which -- while not considerable -- is enough to make her intimidating. Particularly coupled with the cold, cold look in her eyes.]

If you are suggesting I have overstepped my place in the Organization, then at the head of the table sits the man to whom you can take that and see where it gets you. And if you are threatening to take from me what is mine, little man, I would very much suggest you reconsider it. I have poisoned people I liked better than I like you for less than that and have not let it trouble my nights.

Come on, Ben. We are leaving.

Yes, Mistress. [Obedient to a fault, Ben starts to follow her--

And Dovydas grabs his arm and spins him around. "You go when I say you can, kale."

Ben barely stops himself from sprouting fangs and claws and having at this guy. It's only a couple of days to the moon, and he's not at his best control. He speaks between his teeth.] Mistress?

[Kati doesn't flinch; she just turns and draws the automatic out of her jacket in a single measured motion, regarding Dovydas coldly. She doesn't have the gun aimed at him just yet, but she sure as hell can get it there in a hurry and everyone in the room knows it.]

If you do not unhand my wolf I shall shoot you right where you stand, Dovydas. Has anything you have seen of me given you cause to doubt that it is so?

[Dovydas stares her down, but she's got the drop on him and he knows it. He takes his hand off Ben's arm like he was thinking about doing it anyway. "This isn't over. You don't get to keep it just because you saw it first." He pitches his voice low, for Ben's ears. "You will regret being hers, little pislys. Trust me on that."]

Not yet I don't.

[Kati smirks and raises her chin, looking past Dovydas like he isn't worth her time. But she doesn't put the gun away, because she isn't stupid.]

Romek, good day to you. I hope you will pass the rest of it in better company than this.

[And she turns on her heel and stalks out, trusting that Ben will follow her, because he always does.]

[Well, and like hell does he want to be left in the room with Dovydas, and so he follows smartly on her heels like a good dog. The line of his shoulders only relaxes once they're well away, though.]

I do not like that guy.

...he can't lay any kind of claim to me, can he?

Pfeh. When he was not even with us on the occasion? Hardly. And if he should get cute with ways of trying it, well.

[She flips the safety on her pistol and returns it to the holster under her jacket.]

Then I shall put a bullet right in his brain for his troubles and see does he still have any good ideas about what he has a right to take.

[Ben snorts.] Assuming you could find his brain with something as small as a bullet. [Yeah, he's gotten a little free-and-easy around her. She's made it clear that she likes his sarcasm, and so he feels all right exhibiting it when they're alone.]

I bet he'd cage me. [He shivers.] Among other things. That dude is not right in the head, Mistress. [None of them are, but Dovydas is special. He gives Ben the willies.]

No. There is in some men in this profession a . . . how would you say it? A cracked part. A warping.

[Kati tosses her head. She's honest with Ben about what she is, in a way she isn't with most people.]

I enjoy what I do, that is one thing and I am in no position to throw stones about it. But there is enjoying the work and then there is enjoying the pain the work causes. Dovydas is too much the latter sort of man.

If you-- [He stops, and swallows. It's a dangerous profession they're in. Any of them could die on any day.

And Ben doesn't want Kati to die. Not because of any affection he might feel for her (the affection he only admits -- barely -- to himself when she's allowed him to get very, very drunk), but because he's terrified that if she dies, he'll end up with someone like Dovydas. Because Dovydas is far from the only cracked cog in this machine.]

Please don't give me to him, Mistress. [And he can ask her that, and she won't punish him for it. She might refuse him, but she won't punish him.

He wonders, sometimes, if she realizes how different that makes her.]

[She doesn't, not really, not in any meaningful way. Kati is overly good at turning a blind eye to her kinder qualities.

She shoots him a look of affectionate reproach. And it might be she is genuinely moved by the fear evident in Ben's tone, which is something in itself, given who she is.]

Volchok Ben, what an awful thing to imagine of me. As if I would give up what is mine to a greedy little fool like him. What nonsense.

Oh, no, Mistress, I know you wouldn't do that. [He shakes his head. Staring at the floor is a go again.]

But if something... happens. To you. Because this business is what it is. [And they've buried more than one of their colleagues in unmarked graves while Ben's been with them.]

[Kati glances sharply at him. She doesn't like to contemplate her own mortality and it has honestly not occurred to her that Ben probably has contemplated it. Well, it has bearing on his life, after all.

She wonders if she should feel bad for not giving that question any consideration until this moment.]

. . . I shall speak with Phillips. If anything happens to me he will see to it you are out of Dovydas's reach. All right?

[He nods convulsively.] Yes, Mistress. Thank you. I mean, I'm not under any illusions here. I know that someone in the Organization will get me, and it probably wouldn't be someone who treats me as well as you do.

But some of these guys are special. You know?

I do, yes. I can hardly give Phillips a list of all of them, but I shall do my best to see to it you go to someone who will treat you at least decently, should the occasion arise.

But I do not intend to let the work kill me for quite some time to come, wolfy Ben. So do not let it weigh too much on you, all right?

[He bares a fang.] And I'll do my level best not to let the work kill you too. I'm no slouch at protecting the people I-- [And then he stops. Because more than one person he cared about has died on his watch and in his arms, and there was fuck-all he could do about it.]

Well. I'll do my best.

[Kati does not pry. His past is none of her business, any more than hers is anyone's business. She can tell that there's loss there, and bitter, bitter regret, and old pain that he's probably never had the chance to fully mourn.

But if you start asking about that kind of thing, you have to start caring about the answers you get, and you have to start accepting that you can't do anything to help. You cause yourself more pain than you ease, and where's the sense in that?]

I know you will. You are a capable fellow, volchok, and I have great confidence in you.

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