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1228 : The Last Words Meme

This is it. The final curtain. You're at the end of your life, and there's someone here you really, really need to say something to before you die.

(TRIGGER WARNING. This meme deals heavy with death and also possibly with strong violence or with suicide/depression. If you are not comfortable reading about that, please PLEASE do not proceed further.)

Getting your numbers from RNG (or pick your own), the first character to post rolls for their cause of death and how long they have left to live. They then post to the meme with their name, canon and the results of their roll. (For example: "Jane Doe | That One Series | 1 2" would mean Jane Doe from That One Series died of accidental causes and has a few hours left to live.)

Responding characters then roll for the relationship between the two of you. Optionally responding characters can also share your cause of death/time left to live or roll for their own, but that's not required. A living character caring for (or horribly mutilating) a dying one is fine, too.

Tell the person what you need to tell them before you bite it.

As usual, all memes are open to interpretation. If you want to play an AU immortal, yay. If you want to be sucked into another dimension or shoved into a tiny glass box, also fine. YOUR PLAY, NOT MINE.


1 - Accidental. Nobody meant for this to happen, but it doesn't matter now. Due to negligence, arrogance or just plain bad luck, you've become gravely ill or injured and are now in your last moments. This covers all kinds of accidental deaths--strangulation, drowning, car accidents, unintentional beheading, whatever you can think of.

2 - Murder. Somebody really didn't like you. Enough to kill you, it seems. You're now dead by someone else's hand. (Maybe even the person replying to you?) As with accidental death, this covers all types of intentional, malicious murder, regardless of method--so poisoning, stabbing, shooting, etc., all work here. Same with all the below options: any possible variation you can think of on it will work!

3 - Suicide. There is no hope for you, and no way out. You've reached the absolute bottom pits of despair, and the only recourse you have is to take your own life. Someone shows up to stop you... but they're too late to help you now.

4 - Terminal illness. You have cancer, or tuberculosis, or cholera back when people got cholera. The doctors have done everything they could and it wasn't enough. The only thing to do now is give your loved ones the bad news.

5 - Starvation. So thirsty. So hungry. Maybe you've been traveling in the desert for hours, or maybe you're just really poor. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter, because you're slowly wasting away until you're nothing but skin and bones.

6 - Death in battle. You've died a hero's death, and gone out in a blaze of glory. Or maybe you were a coward who got shot for deserting? Either way, you're now a casualty of war. Will you be honored with a parade or scorned as a traitor to your country?

7 - Natural causes. You've lived a long, happy life, and now your story is at an end. In a warm bed, surrounded by your family and friends, you peacefully drift off. Just make sure that you've made a will somewhere, or at least use your deathbed to set the record straight. Otherwise, who knows what kind of squabbles might errupt after you leave this world?


1 - A few minutes. You're fading fast and you don't have much, well, any time left. Better tell the person with you that you love -- or despise -- them with your last breath, because you'll never have the chance otherwise.

2 - A few hours. You haven't got much time left. Is there someone you still need to kill? To kiss? Better do it quick. (Note: last kisses not recommended for people dying of highly contagious illnesses.)

3 - A few days. The doctors have given you the news, and it's not very good. You've only got a couple days left to live. You should start trying to make peace with people and saying your final goodbyes with the days you have left.

4 - A few weeks. Take that vacation you've always wanted to go on but never had the chance to. Go do that thing you've never thought you'd be any good at. You've got only weeks left to live. Don't waste them.

5 - A few months. While you aren't quite on death's doorstep yet, your lifespan has still dwindled considerably from what you probably thought it would be. How are you going to spend your last few months on Earth? Making the world a better place and telling your family you love them? Or raising as much hell as possible?


1 - Lovers. This is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mistress, whatever you call them they were the person you wanted to spend your life with. Too bad you don't have much of a life to spend with them anymore.

2 - Siblings. Your beloved little or older sibling is just standing there, watching you slowly waste away before their eyes. Can you say anything to comfort them? Note that it doesn't necessarily have to be interpreted literally; adopted siblings and friends so close they might as well be siblings work too.

3 - Parent and child. Nothing is worse than a parent having to bury their child... except, maybe, a young child now alone in the world after losing their parent. As with the sibling prompt, this can be expanded to include parental figures and people who are LIKE a father/mother to you as well as actual biological parents.

4 - Co-workers, teammates or classmates. You were fighting for the same side. Or you worked together in the same office for years. Or they sat behind you in biology all semester. However you met, how do your react when you find out someone who used to be a fixture in your life is going to die?

5 - Friends. You're the best of friends! You go everywhere together, know all each other's secrets, and are never seen apart. At least, you didn't use to be. Now one of you is dying and the other one is left alone in the world. Or maybe you're dying together. Wait, is that better or worse?

6 - Bitter enemies. You hate, hate, HATE this person. In fact, maybe you killed them. Or they killed you. Or maybe nobody killed anybody and they're just bitter that Mother Nature got to you before they did. Regardless, they want to confront you one last time before you bite it, if only to rub your nose in your imminent demise and their ability to outlive you.

7 - Complete Strangers. Neither of you have ever met before. You wouldn't know this person from a hole in the wall, but you NEED to have someone hear your dying words, if only so that there's proof at some point that you existed. Maybe this person has a compulsion to try to help you or ensure you don't die alone. Either way, this is who will witness your final days/hours/minutes.

Reposted from HERE. Remember to loop your threads, please!

Maria Gordon | OC

terminal illness + a few months

Like I have to roll for this relationship...

[Ben is just sitting in the room with a poleaxed expression. His entire world just came crashing down on his head (again), and he can't deal.

But he has to. He shakes himself out of it a few moments later, because he needs to be strong for Maria. His hand gropes across the blanket, searching for hers. His voice is a hoarse rasp.] ...Honey?

[Maria's had her eyes shut for the past hour. She isn't sleeping, she sure as hell isn't resting, she's just got her eyes shut. She can't deal with the rest of the world existing right now.

She's always known this would happen, or something like this. She's a doctor, she knows how the odds work, how every passing year things break down, cells divide badly, systems wear out. Hell, she should have died years -- decades -- ago, with a bullet in her brain, with her leg and back torn open in a ditch at the side of a road with no name. In the big picture, she is damned lucky to have lived long enough for a prognosis like this to even be possible.

She has her eyes shut partly because the big picture is more than she can deal with looking at right now. But her fingers find Ben's and entwine with them, and she swallows the lump in her throat enough to at least answer him.]

I don't know how we are to bear this, Volchok moy.

I don't either. [His eyes are dry and aching.] I always thought one of your old enemies would do us a favor and take us out together.

No such luck.

[Her eyes aren't. That's another reason she has them squeezed so tightly shut. Not that it's helping.]

What a monstrous thing I've done to you, Ben.

No. [The reaction is immediate and visceral, and he brushes her tears away with the back of his free hand.] You gave me a life back. You made--make--me happy. You treated me with the first ounce of kindness I'd had in twenty years.

And if this-- [He chokes, and takes a moment to compose himself.] If this is how I lose you, then at least I had you to lose. I wouldn't trade you, Maria, or what we have. I wouldn't.

[She shakes her head and grips his hand convulsively. It's a good thing werewolf bones are strong.]

How can I do this, Ben? How can I leave you alone with them like this?

You've given me the strength and will to go on. I'd lost my way, and you helped me find it again. My faith was faltering, and you shored it up.

I'll survive. I always have. And this-- [He brushes the collar with his fingertips.] Won't always be a thing. This, however-- [And he brushes the gold band around his left ring finger.] Will.

[Maria shakes her head again and pushes herself up in the bed. It takes more of an effort than it used to.

She doesn't open her eyes, just leans forward and wraps herself around him and buries her face in his shoulder.]

I can't do this, Volchok, I can't bear to.

[He clasps her in his arms, gently, and kisses her hair.] I don't see that we have much of a choice. I mean... Dad's in the miracle business, and I haven't stopped praying, but some things...

Some things you just can't stop no matter what.
[And it hurts, oh, it hurts him more than he wants to say, but he has to be strong for her, he has to make her think he'll be okay.

Even though he's not sure he'll ever be okay again.]

[But she knows. They've been together too long and she loves him too much not to know when he's hiding things and trying to be strong. Damn his chivalrous streak, anyway.]

But I promised you. I promised I would not stop looking. And . . .

[And she hasn't found a way yet, she doesn't say. Not a guaranteed way to keep him safe and away from the people who want to hurt him. How can she die when she hasn't found a way to keep him safe yet?]

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[She doesn't miss that, and she slips a hand up to wrap her fingers around his, squeezing gently. Once they're home and not in a hospital or a taxicab she'll see about all this being strong and not melting down nonsense. It's not as if he has anyone else to take care of him and hold him when he needs to fall apart.

And oh, God, who's going to do that for him when she's gone? She swallows the lump in her throat and curls into him. Later. She'll think about that later. Not right now. She doesn't want to melt down in a taxicab, either.]

I gotcha, honey. I gotcha. [He kisses her hair, ignoring the driver glancing at them in the mirror. The taxi pulls to a stop, not soon enough for Ben, in front of their brownstone, and Ben gets out and offers Maria his elbow.]

[Maria pays the driver and then climbs out of the taxi, leaning on Ben on the way into the apartment. God, but it's good to be home, out of that damned hospital with its staff of rude idiots.

Grazina, as usual, barrels across the front room when the door opens, meowing loudly in greeting, while Julius cracks an eye open from his spot on the couch and flicks an ear in his own version of acknowledgement.]

Hey, kitties.

Where do you want to be, honey, the couch or the bed? Can I get you some tea?

Tea and our own bed. God, nothing sounds better than that right now.

[She brushes a kiss to his temple while Grazina twines herself around their ankles, purring that diesel-engine purr that has only gotten louder with adult-sized lungs.]

Thank you, sweetheart.

Of course. [He steers her to their bedroom and fluffs a pillow behind her back.] Do you want some vodka too? [He sure as hell does.]

I would not turn up my nose at it, let me put it that way.

[She leans her head back with a sigh, sinking into the pillow a little. It's been a bad few days, even by the standards of the last month or two, which haven't exactly been the best, either.]

[Ben presses a kiss to his wife's forehead.] Be right back, babe. [He heads to the kitchen and puts the kettle on, pouring a can of Mountain Dew and a triple shot of strawberry vodka over ice for himself while he waits for it to boil.

He makes Maria's tea the way she likes it and carries the mug and his glass into the bedroom.] See what you think of that, honey.

[Maria cracks her eyes open and dredges up a smile for him, tired but sincere, as she takes the mug with one hand and holds out the other arm in invitation.]

Danke, my love. Thank you very much.

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I am going to do my damnedest.

[She wraps her arms around him and squeezes tight, tight, even though it takes her more of an effort to do it than it should.]

I did not let firing squads nor poisons nor a car bomb nor more armies than I could name kill me, and in those days all I had to live for was my own small self. How can I let this kill me when now I have something worth the living for?

[He buries his nose in her hair and inhales.] I've always been a fighter. Even when I gave up everything else, or had it taken from me.

[His spine stiffens, and his chin comes up.] I've faced down a Prince of Hell and a Mad Seraph. I'm not going to let some damn microbe, or whatever this is, beat us.

[Maria huffs out a laugh at their mutual attempts at bravado and kisses his jaw again, then his temple, laying her head against his.]

I love you so much, my heart. No matter what happens don't ever, ever for a moment let it escape you how much I love you.

[He closes his eyes.] I know. I won't forget. Not ever.

[Not even if he loses her.

Which he won't. Dammit.] Okay. So. We rest, tonight.

And tomorrow we start kicking this thing's ass.


[Maria nods and sighs and cuddles into his side, still cradling his cheek in her hand.]

All right. Volchok moy. My dear, strong wolf.


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