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Has your character ever wanted to confess something to another character, whether it;s good or bad? Well, here's your chance for your character to confess to whatever is on their mind!


01. Post with your character and fandom.
02. Post to other characters, either logged in or anon, and tell them how you really feel!
03. Remember, this is an IC meme, not an OOC one. Do not bash or flame others OOCly. And please remember not all characters get along so don't be offended if a character doesn't like yours.

This meme was lifted from all the others that made it before me.

itt we run away with the meme?

Bozhe moi, what it takes to find a priest in this town.


[Ben closes the message window on his computer a little more emphatically than he needs to and leans against the back of the sofa with a growl. Julius, half-asleep on his chest, opens an eye and lets out a grouchy "mrt?", and he reaches up to scratch the cat on the chin.]

You'd think that a man of the cloth would want a slave to be as happy as he could be under the damn circumstances, and to at least cheer the fact that we want the marital relationship to be right in the eyes of Dad before going any further with it.

Guess you're not having any luck on your end either.

technically there is confessing!

Mmmph. No. Only a variety of very unpleasant sermons, thus far.

HE HAS CONFESSED HE LOVES HER. And there will be a priest. Soon. Maybe.

[Ben huffs out a breath.] You know. Maybe if we're sitting face-to-face with one, it'll be harder for him to make a snap judgment.

And then we can scope him and the church out, too.

[A little wistful.] I'd like to go to church again.

[Maria looks up at that. The thought has honestly never occurred to her, that he might miss that, and shes frankly a little ashamed of herself for that.]

We can do that easily, Ben. Even if we do not find someone willing to marry us, we can find somewhere you could attend services.

It's been a long time.

But if the preacher isn't willing to marry us, I'm not sure it's the right church, you know. There's a certain vibe I look for, a certain kind of spirituality and closeness to Dad. It's not just the building, or the label on the building.

[She has no experience to draw from, here, and no idea of what he might be looking for. But she can understand going with your instincts on if a place is worth being in.]

Nevertheless. We can look. If it is something you want, something to give you happiness, then we can make the thing happpen.

[He nods, a little jerkily. Even though he's been with Maria for awhile now, sometimes it still throws him when he gets something he asks for.]

And, you know. Going out and looking might be more productive than doing it this way.

[Maria nods and calls up a map on her phone, looking through the local churches and then weeding out the ones that have already been less than receptive to their questions.]

Sehr gut, then. Legwork it is.

Any nearby? I mean, we might as well hit them first, right, before we go wandering afar. Maybe we'll get lucky.

[Hey. It could happen. It's not the way he'd bet. But it could.

After all, Maria found him against all odds.]

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[Maria shakes the offered hand, sizing the man up. The last guy, after all, also seemed decent at first.]

Thank you very much, I'm sure. We have been a few other places that did not seem so eager to extend that "both of you" to us. I'm called Maria Gordon, and my companion is Ben.

["Please, have a seat." And George doesn't miss that Ben waits for Maria to sit first, even as he grabs a chair and turns it around, sitting himself. "I apologize for not having a more formal setting, but we're just a small church and don't really have space for things like offices."

He tents his fingers and leans forward. "Now, tell me how I can help you."

Ben is, again, sitting closer to Maria than is strictly necessary. George doesn't miss that either.]

[Maria clasps her hands on her knee, leaning forward. Her expression is earnest.]

What I want to know before we go further is, you don't hold to any stupidity about werewolves having no souls, do you? I should just as soon not to waste my time if that might be the case.

[George's mouth twists, and he looks unhappy. "Sounds like you've been talking to my esteemed colleague Pastor Thompson. I'm sure he made 'the Church' sound like this huge monolithic thing all walking in lockstep, too, right?" He snorts. "It's not like we have a hundred denominations, and then splits within those denominations, over just such questions as this. Personally, I think we should look to the welfare of all God's creatures and leave the matter of whether they have a soul or not between them and God." He leans forward earnestly. "I'm a guide, nothing more. And if those creatures are hard done by on Earth, then I feel all the more responsible to help guide them to the Father."

Ben relaxes. This is better. George continues, "I like to see my job as comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable."]

[Maria raises an eyebrow and nods, just slightly. This is better.]

And for those people who have been a little bit of both, sir? People like Ben and myself. There is room in this church of yours for us? The both of us, you understand.

["Of course, anyone is welcome here." His forehead creases. "However, I'm going to say straight out that I loathe and despise slavery with every fiber of my being, and I have been known to sermonize on the subject." He gives Maria a hard look. "At length."

Ben's fingers go up to his collar and then flinch away, seeking Maria's hand instead.] Amen, brother.

[Maria intertwines her fingers with Ben's and gives the pastor a hard look right back.]

I do not make excuses for myself or pretend I had motivations any better than anyone else's. I only will say that here I am darkening your door that I never would have come through without him, and here he is who I hope has a little peace in an ugly world that he otherwise would not have.

Man is brutal to man, sir, and I am not innocent of it. But I am doing my best to be better than I was. To make a good thing for someone who has had too much of the bad.

Yeah, seriously and straight up, this is better than I've had it for twenty years and I'm convinced that God sent us each other's way. If I could be safe, she'd free me. Under the circumstances, and as someone who's escaped time and again and again and again, I don't want her to free me. If she did, I'd stay with her anyway. [He smiles a little crookedly.] Loyalty and Pack is sort of a Thing with wolves. And you can't imagine what it's like to have a good Master after having a slew of bad ones unless...

[He swallows and shakes his head.] Neither one of us was looking for what we have when she bought me. But I'm glad we found it.

She makes me happy.

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more looping!

Well, then.

[And Maria is pointedly ignoring those looks, yes she is. What do they know, anyway? Nothing about anything whatsoever, is what.]

We should find somewhere to eat, yes?

Absolutely. [He looks up and down the street.] There's a Thai place right over there...

That would suit me just fine. Shall we?

[She gives his fingers a squeeze, then leads the way. They very well may have actually found someone to marry them. This calls for a celebratory meal.]

[Ben stops short in the doorway of the Thai place, inhaling blissfully, before remembering his place and following Maria the rest of the way in.] This will be a good one. [They've exited more than one place because Ben's nose told them to.]

[Maria smiles fondly at him. It has all kinds of benefits, sharing her life with a werewolf.]

Your nose never has misled us, Volchok.

[The hostess comes over with a smile. "Table for two?"]

Yes, Danke.

[Ben relaxes marginally at the smile, because you never know how a werewolf is going to be received in an eating establishment. The hostess leads them to a table, gives them menus and fills their water glasses, and says, "Your server will be right with you."

Ben peruses the menu, practically drooling.] Mmm. Shrimp in a blanket to start and then the drunken stir-fry...

[Maria smiles crookedly.]

And for myself, chicken satay and the pineapple curry. And tea, of course.

[This is her, after all.]

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