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1178. Praise-a-mun/muse Meme

Let's spread some good vibes around! Want to thank your RP partners/canon mates/verse mates/whatever for being rad? Do it here! Everyone likes knowing they're doing a good job or that people enjoy playing with them.

Please don't post a list of your characters. This meme is designed for you to give other people love, not for you to get it.

No wank, just have fun and spread some good feelings.

Taken from here with a few minor changes.

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My first and most intense props go to low_key_angel and castfromhome. She is the most pleasant person I've ever had the pleasure of brainstorming with, and she has Gabriel and Lucifer down to a science.

alotofadderall and 1967_chevy, I know I've told you how much I love your Stiles and Baby, but you seriously deserve a lot of love. So here it is.

wherever_i_roam always deserves a boatload of appreciation from me. Your Dean is wonderful, and getting a tag from you always makes me smile.

I've only just started playing with callmeric and willseetheworld, but Sam already adores both Caroline and Alaric <3

wantstheroad, I love Joe. I really do. He's wonderful, and has all the sweetness of Jo while still retaining the sass. I love it.

I'm sure I'm forgetting people, but Sam and I really love all the people we tag with, so thanks to everyone who's given us a chance.

Caroline and Alaric adore Sam, too! And I adore you for playing with them. :D

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I would like to give a piece of love to the few anime/manga/video games muses that have started cropping up lately. Thank you for not giving a fig about this so-called medium divide and I hope you'll stick around a while!

Seconding this. I haven't tagged the anime/manga/video game muses due to lack of familiarity with their canon, but I appreciate their existence, and if I saw one I was familiar with, you bet I'd tag 'em. As someone who plays a cartoon character, I feel like I'm kind of in the same boat. There used to be plenty of cross-medium characters, but the trend for a while has been live action PBs. Glad to see more non-live action PBs popping up again.

I'm going to throw everyone in one reply. 

From immortaldoc:

gonnaprotectem + all your other muses: You know I love you and think you're the most brilliant writer ever.  There's never a dull moment in our verses and I love that.  Thank you for throwing Rick at Emily since he's now her soulmate. And the same can be said about your Carol to my Daryl. <3 I could probably gush all day abut how wonderful you are, but I think you already know. :)

louisianawere - We've known each other for a while now and not only are you an amazing friend, but you're an amazing writer. Your Alcide is the best, and I love writing against him. 

calledmechamp - Like I said before, your Steve is the best I've seen.  And I love writing opposite of you, whether it's in our regular verse or in our Thw Walking Dead verse. :D

roman_rory - I'm not sure what's going to happen between Rory and Em, but I'm having a lot of fun writing it with you. :)

watchedtheworld - I really love playing against your John, and I really like playing Caroline opposite your Jason (especially in the AU where she turns him). Hope to get to do more of it soon. :)

raisetheneeded - Alex is a really interesting character and I'm so glad you replied to Em.  I'm really enjoying the slow buildup of their relationship as hthey try to survive a world full of walkers. 

unfortified, spark_somthing, exswan, selfmade_hero, and everyone (past and present) who has ever played with Emily - Thank you and y'all are awesome!! <3

From Alaric callmeric:

entrylevelvamp -  Best Jessica I've ever played with.  Seriously. Whenever I get a tag from you, I can actually hear her voice in my head. And Alaric really likes her, too. 

theresthemoose - Alaric adores Sam, and I adore her for playing with him and me. ^^

willneversayyes - Your Sam is quite lovely and I really like writing with you. :)

addiesands - Addie is a lot of fun to play opposite against and I like that the relationship between Alaric and her is a slow build and we haven't rushed it.  It's made it a lot more interesting. <3

And, I know I've forgotten some people but really anyone that has played opposite Em, Alaric, willseetheworld, hacksforthefbi, invisiblegriff, inventivevamp, and bowinhand are awesome. 

Sorry for any typos! Did this on my phone. :x

Thank you, hon! I really love Emily and she's the best OC I've played with. But, you've always made the best OCs so what am I saying? And I love you too. <3

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Abby and I are really loving the Zombies!Run verse with operatesmoothly. All the threads. and agentmcgeek for the canon feels.

Abby just started threading with sawyourwolfjunk, thetrickyshot, and doingthenews but she's intrigued.

Elle's happy with all her hearts_andminds gamemates, and on SWS there's daredevilawyer, eidetikerwill, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting but Abby and Elle are the ones I'm using most.

Thanks to anyone who plays with me, I know I can be slow sometimes.

Kenzi's equally intrigued by peppy goth girl. Possible shenanigans ahead.

Just started roleplaying again after a long hiatus so I don't have a lot of praise to go around just yet.

vanishingscribe ~ I really like your Elena. She's true to the canon character, and I look forward to playing with her and you more. :D

immortaldoc ~ Emily is more favorite OC ever, and I love her and you. <3

Hi, Elena!mun here! <3 Thank you so much! I've been having a great deal of fun playing with your Alcide too. I just literally last night finished watching S4 of TB, and you play him so well! Thanks for giving her a chance when I tagged her to you.

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(Deleted comment)
Much love for you, Brandon and Amanda. :) I'm having a lot of fun playing with you and your characters. And, there's a part of Alaric that likes normal people sicne it makes him feel normal sometimes.

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So this is on behalf of Helen here, Rick Grimes (gonnaprotectem), Carol Pelletier (endofworldmama), Emily Prentiss (lovesvonnegut) and Elena Gilbert (vanishingscribe)...

immortaldoc/bowinhand/inventivevamp + everyone else ever: Thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance more than six years ago, and thank you for everything we've done since then. You're an amazing RPer/writer and an incredible best friend, and I really can't imagine my life without you. I love how we can come up with plots together and how well our characters mesh, especially Rick/Em and Carol/Daryl (and Helen/EVERYONE ;-) ). Like you said, I could go on and on about you too, but after all this time, it's pretty obvious. At least, I hope it is. <3 <3 <3

louisianawere: You're the first Alcide I've RPed with, and his voice is so well done. I'm enjoying the thread with him and Elena and I can't wait to see how things develop in the little universe-blending we've been doing on the fly in their thread. Again, thanks for giving us a chance!

hell_ofa_thing: Your Rossi is wonderful, and I love what he and Emily have together in our threads. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the AU from the "Lauren" episode. :-D

derek_morgan: Your tags always give me so much to work with, and his voice is so vivid in everything you write. I'm so glad you managed to find his voice again! Them working through everything together is going to be fun to play out.

nigelgriffin/xnikolateslax: Playing with you has been a lot of fun! Their threads have surprised even me at times, so thank you!

Edited at 2012-08-25 06:26 pm (UTC)

Hah! It's been six years?! :o Six years and no drama because we're that awesome. :D But, yes, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be doing this anymore, but you make it worth it. <33 And really, thank you for not rolling your eyes when I decided to make Emily, lol.

And I second the praise for the Nigel/Nikola mun, lovely person and i like threading with their Rory. :)

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Hello everyone! I haven't actually done any tagging on here yet but I wanted to try to spread some good vibes around. I'm usually really shy about getting myself out there and any sort of group settings, so between the game I just joined being super laid back and a thread like this popping up full of love and fluffy feelings...

Well, I'll definitely be doing my best to get this character and possibly a few others out there for some fun times! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and that I can prove to be fun to play with.

fakes_death :: Annie adores Clay because, well... obvious reasons. They're just perfect and my OTP (forget what the show says). And you're awesome and perfect and after two years (OMG TWO YEARS), I can't deny that I still love all the little things we find to do with them. You're an awesome friend OOC and I'm glad that I've known you as long as I have.

derek_morgan :: Derek brings something to Annie that I don't think she even realized she needed until this latest thread. And finally having her secrets out there is a big thing for her. Not lying to him, not holding that back... I think it's a good thing for them both. And as for YOU, well. You're amazingly patient and seriously kind when it comes to my less-than-stellar tags and scatterbrained mind. You're someone who listens and works through my writing issues and I appreciate that more than I can express. ♥

agunslinger :: You don't get Annie love, you get Donna love and just that latest thread and how it's eaten my brain and made me useless for the other two people I love playing with more than you. No more staying up until FOUR IN THE MORNING, please. :P But really? Lots and lots of love. You're awesome, I already told you that. Go away, I hate your face.

I love all kinds of love from you. Thank you, pretty lady. Even if I slack a little bit I am here for you, broseph. So don't forget that.

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I can't possibly love all the people I've known since I started on LJ many, many, many moons ago when I played an array of muses.

But here are a few that make my heart strings sing:


And I know I forgot peoples but, I'm absolutely humbled that any of you have put up with me/tagged with me all these years. You are all amazing writers. Keep up the good work, y'all!

Thanks, sweetie. <3 Em adores Steve and I adore you!

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I need to be less shy about throwing him out places (I am going to get better about that, I SWEAR) but:

notrosetinted = best. Scott Summers. EVER. And I am loving the hell out of our threads. (But you knew that. ♥)

Your Logan is INCREDIBLE, and I am having a blast with you.

THANK YOU. My day (and possibly life) has been made!

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Lots of love to all the people that have joined the fun at modern_westeros.

Not only you guys are crazy fun, but you are understanding of each other's schedules, and that is deeply appreciated. Coming from someone that usually feels guilty about her slowtagging, the relaxed enviroment of the comm is something I'm trully thankful for.

You are all so talented guys, your understanding of the characters leaves me in awe and your creativity when adapting their stories to a modern setting simply amazes me.

Thank you all for the wonderful threads we've played so far and for making the community such a great place to hang at. <3<3<3<3


You beat me to the punch, but Margaery, Asha and Jeyne are having so much fun in this comm. It is all of the crack and angst and laughs and tears anyone could ever ask for!

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I just want to give love to everyone who has ever threaded with me and mine (buticlosemyeyes, notouchpolicy, sorella_italia, fightformyown, beallyoucanbe) over the years.

I need to do a few specific shout-outs though:
calledmechamp: STEEEEEEBE! I don't know how many years we've been at this but I know it's been at least two and whether it was Alden or Steve, I've always adored you and yours and there's no doubt that your Steve is the best I've ever played with. ♥

csi_eric_delko!mun: DELKO. MORGAN. HARDISON. You have three of my favorite muses all in your head and you bring such thought and life to them and you're so willing to work with my crazy on-and-off threading when RL happens.

needto_control!mun: You and I have been writing together for years now and been BFFs in real life for a while. I love that we can roadtrip together and be awesome and thread out awesomeness.

I really should reply with Eric --the jealous beast-- but he didn't have this meme open. :-P

You'll need to work on being less awesome in rl and rp to get rid of me. So until then, you're stuck with me, Boo! <3

Couldn't keep him away! xD - csi_eric_delko, 2012-08-26 04:01 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Also, because I adore you guys:

starkpup_heir: I love you. That is all. Sue me. XD <3<3<3

immortaldoc: I adore every character of yours I've had the good luck to interact with. You are so cool to play with, eager to try new things and weird relationships. I mean, Theon/Dany? WTF was that?! Epic, that's what it was. Just like every one of our theards. <3

wearingears: Man, not only you're very talented as a writer/player, but you are sooo patient for my tags and always the most cheerful, understanding person ever. I have a blast not only in our threads, but also the ooc notes and PMs. <3

dukefuckinwayne: Miss you so much, man. You are my man, my bro. Our threads were the best thing ever. <3<3<3

Theon/Dany was awesome! She was going to teach her dragons to eat his face off when he slept with whores. And really, I tend to lean toward weird plots and pairings. There so much fun. And we really need to have some breads again. I do play AU versions of Daryl and Emily where they are blissfully living in a world free of zombies. And, of course, I have the other Dani and Caroline.

Also, all the love for you!! Seriously, some of my favorite threads have been with your. <3333

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I am going to forget someone, I just know it. So... anyone who tags with us? Thank you so much, we love you. With special mention to (in no particular order):

chasingapproval: I am having SO MUCH FUN with their threads, there are no WORDS for how much fun I am having. It's been a long time since I've been this outright GIDDY about RP. That? Is totally your fault and I love you for it. Cannot wait to get to the next thing. And the next thing and the next thing and and and. And if being awesome IC wasn't enough, you are awesome OOC as well and just. He makes her stupid-happy and that makes ME stupid-happy. I am having so much fun and I'm totally keeping you.

theboyscout (and your cast of too-many-to-list >.>): You already know how much I adore you and yours, but it bears repeating. I cannot believe how long we have known each other and how much STUFF we have been through. You are amazing IC and OOC and ILU forever.

ethangranger: Aryn may hate this plot, but I LOVE it. So much. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. In short? Your characters are amazing, your writing is amazing. YOU are amazing. And I love the hell out of writing with you.

calledmechamp: Steve! Steve is so much fun, we love him. I always look forward to their interaction. And you are sweet and amazing and have given me some of the nicest compliments I've ever received. Thank you so much.

jackcaptainjack: They have had some of the most RANDOM (and domestic, holy cow) conversations, but they were hilarious and amused me so much. Where would she be without Jack to shove her out of proverbial airplanes and tell her her parachute will open. Not!adopting cats, that's where. ;)

notacaveman: Oh my god, your Bruce. Is so IC and amazing, I have no words. He's so much fun to play her off of, it always makes me happy to see tags from you. I always end up learning things about her when she interacts with him, I'm looking forward to seeing what they talk about next. :)

didanexperiment: I kind of love all the pop culture discussions they have. From Twilight (god, do they ever get mileage out of that one) to movies in general, and cities with weird names. I always look forward to seeing what they end up snarking about next. :)

Edited at 2012-08-25 10:41 pm (UTC)

I'm having a lot of fun, too. Consider yourself kept, back.

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(no subject) - bookish_blonde, 2012-08-27 12:45 am (UTC)(Expand)
Just wanted to thank everyone who's playing with Wren here. He's a new muse and I'm having a lot of fun with him, so thanks to everyone who's given him a chance.

Emily's mun here (too lazy to log off), but I really enjoy tagging with Wren. I'll admit I know very little about PLL (only what my sister talks about sometimes), but Wren is a great character. <3

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(no subject) - unfortified, 2012-08-26 07:10 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Special mention & thanks go to bleed2thebeat & scud_like_stud for playing along with Beth Ann. ♥ All the love. You guys are a lot of fun.

Aaaaaw, bb, no need to thanks! <3 We have a blast with your girl and exploring this sort of weird trio that developed between them. <3<3<3

(no subject) - bleed2thebeat, 2012-08-26 07:55 pm (UTC)(Expand)
So, so much love to spread around. If I forget anyone, I'm sorry. I adore you all. <3

samefivealbums, 100deaths_a_day and fallenhunter79 - best Deans ever. I love throwing Sam at any and all of you. You've got a perfect balance for Dean without ever getting him too out of balance. Angst, fun, even crack (were!kitten Dean + wolfy!Sam = best times ever)

hellunbounded Dude. Adore Sam.

Everyone at all in the Ordinary Verse that Ellen is playing with. Best Au idea, fantastic muses, awesome muns. You guys seriously rock.

rebutle - adore tagging with you, hon. All of your characters. I'm so glad Fran decided to tag Gabriel that one day. <3

loistheintrepid The chemistry between Lois and Sam is beyond incredible. And plotting out things with you is fun and easy and you're always a lot of fun to talk to.

.. and I'm gonna keep this thing under a page, I swear. Basically anyone I've tagged with, you're all fantastic.

Edited at 2012-08-26 01:10 am (UTC)

I second the love for loistheintrepid! Both character and mun. <3

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(no subject) - loistheintrepid, 2012-08-27 04:31 am (UTC)(Expand)
On behalf of Ruby/Red here-

savedmysanity: Though we've only had these two interact on two occasions (so far) I really do enjoy their banter. And the thread we're working on now is sad, but enlightening for her. Thank you!

thehuntsman: Pfft, I've already told you about yourself... But let me tell you again! Your Eric is BEYOND phenomenal. I look forward to playing Red against him until we run out of ideas (which will be never). So, yeah, you're stuck with me for the long haul, bb.

spark_somthing: These two are so cute I can't stand it! It's been such a pleasure to have them interact and I'm ready for whatever shenanigans they might get up to.

And from John (g_jblake_c)- I don't play him nearly enough as I should, but I want to say thank you to those of you that have tagged him.

A special shout out to thislastrequest for having patience with me as I continue to fine tune John's voice. Oh, and for also letting John knock her up. :D

SO seconding the Eric love. And Brandon. Since I am Miles/AJ, I'll just say ... we love your muses. Even John, who knocked up AJ. ♥

You're so not getting rid of me anytime soon because I do what I want. And that is continuing to bother you via text and Tumblr and AIM and memes, apparently. :oP

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Anyone that has played with my Steve Rogers (this journal), Tony Stark (thesuitandi), Clint Barton (nolongeracarny), Bo (fillthehunger), Elena Gilbert (sitsnagraveyard), Charles Xavier (begoingbald), Dr. John Watson (justaarmydoctor)... just to name a few.

I'd like to say that you all make my day and I LOVE all the interactions that you lovely people throw at my pups. Every thread is just so amazing.

I've a great handful of people I interact with so if I forget someone major, I apologize in advance!

First: world_made_free - This is a no brainer that you'd make the list lol. I can't really thank you enough for giving Sigyn a shot back when I first brought her to Bump. I was so scared to play her against your Loki and I didn't expect things to go as they did. Despite all of that I completely love where things are with them, I never expected Sigyn to be this dark and it's just amazing!

hornedmalice - I'd be a dork to forget you xD. You were I think the first Loki I Rped with, which was a huge help because I had yet to even begin to discover Sigyn. Thanks for helping me to find out she's actually extremely shy and awkward at times.

laegjarn - For the randomness of our encounter lol. You've helped me to find Sigyn's past with her family, and her annoyances with her mother. I know we've not really done too many threads together but I love where our second one is going. Can't wait to see where Loki and Sigyn's little game leads to.

hammerstrike_x - "I need a horse!" Wait, what? xD You get massive kudos for a few reasons- other than your Thor effing ROCKS. First would be for being such an awesome person and giving it a go with the crazy story/headcanons that come with the Loki/Sigyn of Bump. I love Rping with you, I really do and I think all that's left to say is Rule!63 (is enjoying that way too much)

Last but certainly not least, everyone at freedomverses. Thank you for giving me the chance to bring a little evil your way, and for letting Sigyn find herself a great comm to find home.

~Also to anyone I forgot to mention that I've RPed with in the past? Thank you so so so much for giving Sigyn a chance, for helping me to let her grow and for following whatever crazy paths she might take. <3

You. You are awesome in my face. I fear what will happen the day that Thor and Sigyn decide it's time to go carousing out on the town. It's going to be a situation, in the best of possible ways. Aside from that, I love getting a chance to work in with other people's headcanons -- I totally dig getting to play plot/IC logistics with them, so that's always fun. And lord amighty, I truly do dig the Rule!63 situation they've gotten themselves into. That's ridiculous in the best possible way.

(no subject) - lostnolonger, 2012-08-30 03:17 pm (UTC)(Expand)
I've got to make a shout out to all those that have made my playing experience around these parts so lovely. Anyone who's played with Maria here, as well as Thor (thorgi) and Piotr (ne_messiya), I love you ALL. These are just a few lovelies that I'm naming specifically.

capsicle/genuinepleasure - Oh my gosh, you're ridiculous. Go jump in front of a semi and stop giving me all of these feelings.

taser_warrior - my one and only Darcy. Thor will put you in his pocket and keep you forever.

redinmyledger/itsagoodlook/stonecoldfrost - remember that time you play all these glorious women and I love you and I wish I could teleport you to my house so we could do jello shots? Yeah, good times.

trickstertongue - idk where you came from to suddenly become one of my favorite Lokis, but there you go. I LIKE YOU.

mischiefandice - another Loki that came out of nowhere to win me over, and I couldn't be happier. I maintain that I love how you don't ignore the darker side of Loki or try to make excuses for him. I love that you're willing to build this thing with Maria. You're lovely.

theironlyhope - I want to thank you for jumping on board with this crazy crossover thing with me. I've been really pleased about how well it's working and I absolutely adore your Emma. I'm so excited about where this is going.

diywarrior/sosohappy - Oh my gosh, I could go on and on about you. I don't even understand how you've managed to give me so many feelings, it's insane. You literally just sneak them up on me and then I don't know what to do with myself. I't wonderful.

Honestly, these are just a few of the wonderful people that I've had a chance to play with and I love you ALL. Hugs all around, you're all beautiful people.

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Jokes on you, assface. I love semis.

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(no subject) - thorgi, 2012-09-01 09:55 pm (UTC)(Expand)
There are so many people that I've had the pleasure of playing with and I adore everyone that's ever put in the time. There are also a few that deserve some extra special love because... well, they deserve it. :D

trickstertongue//hammerstrike_x//buy_war_bonds -- Narnia Person. Every muse, every verse, every crazy idea we've ever come up with... I love them all. Even more than that I love Haunted Pub Crawls and crazy ass conversations at 2 a.m. on my front porch. I was lucky enough to meet you courtesy of RP and then luckier still, because you're SUCH an awesome human being, to get an amazing friend.

owns_the_chair -- God, there are no words for you and how much I adore you. Seriously, SO much. KBFFFSM despite the ocean(s) between us. Not even that can stop us or the insanity that spawned from a random thread where I hoped you didn't think I was some annoying twit. I mean seriously. There is too much to say on here that you don't already know but love. Forever.

redinmyledger -- You. You are the person everyone who has ever hated any of my muses should send hate mail to. LOL. You're the reason I RP in the first place seeing as you dragged me into it. (Yeah, I know, you had to try so hard. Really.) You were the yin to my muse yang and the person who helped show me the ropes. Never mind the pure awesome that is you and your musical tastes ;). Oh, and crossovers. Can't ever forget those. Needless to say you are one of my favorites for forever because you were my original kbff.

keep_on_ramblin -- You're fabulous, wench. In every way ever. I love the Faith/Dean interaction in ways I can not even describe, and I swear whenever one of the other muses comes out, I am going to throw them at you and yours. Because all of your characters are fabulous. All of them. Every last one.

stillnotlegolas -- and all of your muses. Jesus. I don't even know where I'd be in RP land if not for you. I blame you for so much. LOL. Priest kink for one. A good portion of my muse list for another! You are the best enabler ever and for all the blame I may heap on you, I have loved every second of it. ;)

And for honorable mention since I've seen some of the amazing threads you've done and have heard about what an awesome person you are from more than one source -- ladyofthefens. We'll have to thread when I'm not made of so much fail. :)

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All the love, baby. ALL THE LOVE.

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Ha! - faiththatfuelsu, 2012-08-30 04:35 pm (UTC)(Expand)
(no subject) - ladyofthefens, 2012-09-01 08:06 am (UTC)(Expand)
(no subject) - faiththatfuelsu, 2012-09-01 08:26 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Oh fuck it.

  • theshield_agent :: You're the freaking reason why I settled down in LJ with Clint in the first place. Your Phil is top-notch and I get excited every time you post as him or tag me. I always have fun with our threads and their friendship that I really can't see Clint with anyone else in this game we're in. Or PSL we have. You're just fucking beautiful.

  • steverogers :: The best damn Captain America in my book. Clint deeply respects him and he doesn't really respect anyone other than Phil. Clint still wants to find someone to sex him up though. He needs it. You're the inspiration to why I applied as Bucky in the first place and I'm excited to see how my character grows just from interacting off of his friend once again.

  • greenisnteasy :: You...truly do not know how good you are as Bruce. I'm green with envy every time we write off each other and ily. Clint loves Bruce...he'd totally let Bruce borrow Phil sometimes if he even wants too. He doesn't mind sharing! ♥

  • onteamdyson :: BESTIES. Both in rl and in the game. Clintzi is definitely a WELCOMED surprise and totally bad for each other in good ways entirely.

    ...everyone that I missed that regularly interact with Clint. I'm tired so I just came up with the names that popped up to me. ILYALL. And you're all the reasons why I log onto Clint's account every day to write off of you guys.

  • you are the sunshine in a stormy sky

    (no subject) - greenisnteasy, 2012-08-28 05:07 am (UTC)(Expand)
    I don't usually do this, because inevitably I leave someone out and feelings get hurt. So this is not meant to be comprehensive, only those people I'm active with right now who I don't think I've mentioned before in something like this.

    Jane sends love to hammerstrike_x and thorgi, as always, for being the most epicly epic Thors I've seen. You both have this voice down to a T, and your writing inspires me to put more time, energy and thought into my own tags. Thanks for pushing me to be a better writer.

    My Modern!Westeros girls (youngestrose, sweetjeyne and theonsmybitch) need to thank everyone in the comm for being so wonderfully crack-y yet angst-y at the same time. Every time my phone dings with a tag from you I get excited. So hugs and kisses to thornyhbic, wild_freckles, taken_vows, starkpup_heir, stoner_kraken and cracked_bastard, amongst others.

    Asha especially would like to give thanks to wherever_i_roam for making me laugh and giving me all the potential threesome feels I never knew I wanted.

    Edited at 2012-08-27 09:26 pm (UTC)

    Aaaahhhhh YOU. You're beautiful, and thank YOU for pushing me as well. HAVE HUGS.

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