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1157. The Relationship Meme

Dramatic or cracky, there are options for everyone who has a sudden itching to play out some ships.

↘ Post your character below, listing their name and series in the subject.
↘ Others respond after going to RNG and entering 1-16 for a scene, reply back and have some fun!
↘ Roll as many times as you like! Play out as many scenarios as you want! Just enjoy the fluffy or angsty goodness.

01 I HAVE A CONFESSION | There's someone you really like and it's finally time to tell them! It can be spur of the moment or elaborately planned out.
02 START OF SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL | You've just got together and everything is great! You can't stop thinking about each other or keep your hands off your significant other. You want to spend all the time you can together, doing whatever!
03 CAN'T GET IT UP | It happens to everyone, honest! For whatever reason, you just haven't been able to perform or maybe you're just not interested in sex. Is it because things are dull? Is it because you're not attracted to your partner? Or have you just been too busy or stressed out?
04 SAW YOU LAST NIGHT | You think you saw your partner in the arms of another - was it an honest mistake or is something honestly going on here?
05 FIRST TIME | It's the first kiss or the first time making love with your partner and you're so nervous and awkward, you're sure you'll mess it up! Maybe you do, but that's okay... they like you, right?
06 ANNIVERSARY | Two week, two month, two year, or whatever number you decide, that's how long you've been together with your partner and you want to do something special to celebrate it!
07 WANT YOU BACK | You broke up, but it was a mistake. You need to correct it ASAP... will your lover take you back though?
08 JUST MARRIED | Just married! Is it the wedding night? The honeymoon? You decide!
09 BAD ROMANCE | You're no good for each other and you know it! Unfortunately, your relationship is so sizzling, you can't break it off and you don't even want to.
10 FIGHT | You're both in one of those moods where you just want to sit around fighting over every little thing... bills or money, friends, your partner staying out too late, or whatever you can think of!
11 LET'S MAKE UP | Of course making up is the best part though! Whatever it was is totally forgotten now.
12 HONEY, I'M... | You've been feeling a little funny for a bit, so you take a pregnancy test and... oh no! Or is it 'oh great!'? Time to tell your partner either way...
13 ABOUT LAST NIGHT | Time to face that one night stand...
14 CHEATER | You're not being cheated on! You're the other person meddling with someone's lover! But for whatever reason, you just can't say no even if you know you should...
15 OBJECTIONS | You're facing a lot of objections to your relationship and it's starting to put a strain on it. Why don't you sit down and discuss it, see if you can work it out?
16 HAVE TO LET YOU GO | You have to break up with your partner... not because you want to! But because you need to protect them... can you do it successfully? Will they find out? You decide!

Shamelessly copied from DreamWidth

15! Who needs RNG.

[Most of the things Ben talks about, in his past, are the things from after slavery turned him into an object rather than a person. On the rare occasions when his life before that comes up, he can tell that she's a skeptic, indulging his tall tales because they comfort him, not because she believes them.

She doesn't believe in Dad, doesn't believe in angels or demons, and even if she did, he's got the feeling that she thinks that God would never forgive the terrible things she did.

And there's a problem with that. Because he's falling for her, and not only is the inherent imbalance of power a major problem, so is the fact that she doesn't share his faith, which is more important to him than his life.

He has no idea how to broach the subject without coming across as pushing her. And it's never been his way to throw a Bible at someone's head and holler "Repent, sinner!" at them.]

not us!

[Maria, from the start, has cared more about the present than the past. It's not just him; she learned hard and fast that too much looking back will paralyze you. Particularly if, like her, there are a great many terrible things back there waiting for the chance to catch up to you again.

So she listens to his stories, but she doesn't make any great secret of not believing them. Angels and demons and a God who actually, actively cares enough about mankind to involve Himself in their affairs . . . she has no metric for these things, but she assumes they're a way for him to wrap what he's lost in metaphors, make the loss easier by glossing it over with half-truths. She's seen worse methods of coping, and it seems to give him something comforting to fall back on, and so she leaves it be.

Maria isn't stupid. She knows that it bothers him, this lack of faith of hers. She knows that pretending to be won over might make him happy, and she wants so very badly for him to be happy. But more than that, she wants to give him no reasons to distrust her.

He may be the first person in her life with whom she cares more about what is true than what is simplest and most pleasing.

So she is honest with him about it, though not unkind. She avoids the subject when she can, for fear of hurting him with it, but she listens when he brings it up. After all he's been through, she figures he deserves that much.]

[Ben's taken to sleeping in Maria's room more often that not, lately. And sometimes he stays human, although dressed. There have been a couple of occasions where he's gone to sleep wolfed and awakened human and naked, which have been embarrassing -- but not embarrassing enough to stop him sleeping there.

His nightmares have dropped back, especially when he sleeps with her, but they still plague him occasionally. And so, sitting straight up with his heart pounding and tears running down his face is really nothing new.] GURI!

[Then he realizes where he is, and he crashes back down and scrubs at his cheeks.] Oh. Sorry.

[Maria's used to this by now, and she rolls over and pitches her voice into a calm, quieting tone, seemingly undisturbed by the sudden awakening.]

Shh. Just a bad dream, Volchok. No need that you should apologize.

[She holds her hand out in the dark, offering. She still doesn't touch him without permission, without his initiating it, but she's relaxed her boundaries enough that offering is okay.]

[He clutches that hand in both of his and brings it to his chest, swallowing hard and curling into her. He's been uneasy over the past few days, twitchy and a little depressed. He owes her an explanation. His voice is hoarse.]

Today's the anniversary of when Guriel died.

[Maria flinches a little, reaching up her free hand to card her fingers through his hair.]

Ach. Pobrecito mío, my poor wolf. I am so sorry.

[Disbelief or not, she knows that Guriel was a real person, someone incredibly precious to him. Nobody could hurt like that over a figment of their imagination or a religious delusion.]

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[He nods against her, closing his eyes.] He was my best friend and my brother and I was too slow to save him.

Angels don't get an afterlife. It hit me hard. Harder than anything ever had, before. Worse than being a POW, worse than Prissy, worse than coming home from that and finding out my parents had been killed while I was in Afghanistan. We'd been partners for over twenty-five years.

I retired from the Hound of God biz after that.

Ach. Even God himself would do wrongly to blame you for such a thing.

[She strokes his hair, holding him close. Her poor wolf, who has suffered such sorrows.]

Oh. I don't think He does. Or, at least, no one's told me. And they would have. Loudly, and at great length. I had two other embodied angels living in the house when it happened, one that hardly ever showed himself unless it was dire, and another who popped in and out whenever the mood took him. I perma-wolfed for a couple of weeks after it happened. They took turns sitting with me.

[Breathing. Inhaling her scent, grounding himself.] They say. That when God makes it all new again. That He'll Remember the angels who fell in battle back into being. Oh, dear Dad, I hope it's true.

It's been a lifetime. Sometimes I still feel like I'm missing a limb. And I wish-- [He stops, shaking his head.]

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[Ben positively grins.] Be nice to have a pet after being a pet for so long. Can we? [And if he sounds a little eager-puppy, well. He really has missed having animals around that aren't him.]

[God, but she loves hearing him happy. When she thinks about how miserable he was at first . . . well. The grin is infectious.]

Ach, why not? Sooner or later we will have to get out of bed. And then, yes, let's go see if we can't find a new member of the household.

Awesome. [He lies there for a few more moments, inhaling her scent, and then he takes her hand and kisses her knuckles before rising from the bed and heading into the bathroom for a shower. The smell of coffee lures him out, and he follows his nose to the kitchen.]

Sausage and eggs? [He's already delving into the fridge.]

Sounds quite lovely.

[Maria watches him over the rim of her teacup, smiling. She wonders, sometimes, how she managed all those years alone without realizing that she was lonely.]

[He soon has breakfast cooked, and he slides a plate loaded with food in front of her and sits down himself, dumping hazelnut creamer into his coffee and picking up his fork.] Any idea where the closest shelter is?

[His face twists.] Probably oughta call ahead and find out if they'll let a wolf in the place.

[Maria grimaces and jabs her fork at a sausage with unusual vehemence.]

Ach. Ridiculousness. What a world it is. But yes, I shall call them presently and see to it they don't give us any stupidity over it.

Well. [He shrugs a little.] I mean, look at it from the animals' viewpoint. I scare dogs shitless and some cats really freak out. I can't say I blame them much, not because of the slavery thing but because of the wolf thing.

Maybe they can set some kittens aside for us, in a separate room, that were raised with dogs, if they have such a thing.

[Maria nods and takes a bite of her breakfast.]

I will ask them. I don't imagine that would be impossible.

[While she's digging into her eggs, she fishes her phone out of her pocket and does a quick search, calling up a list of nearby shelters and pondering their locations, the best way to get there. A taxi is probably called for; she's not sure how a kitten will take to riding the subway. She searches for a pet store while she's at it, since a cat means all manner of necessary supplies.]

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[For the barest moment Maria blinks at him without saying anything, because she's really not sure what to say. It's the fact that he's caught himself like that, really, that does it; otherwise it wouldn't even have registered that there was anything odd about the suggestion -- and there's not, really. In most of the ways that matter they are a couple of sorts.

And maybe, she thinks, maybe this is Ben's way of addressing that of sorts. Or maybe not, and it's just him not thinking before he speaks, or tripping over some thought she can't be privy to. Though she feels a stab of disappointment at the thought, she isn't going to make any attempt to pry into what's going through his head.

When she's already so blessed, there is no reason to push it; that's doubly true when doing so at all might mean abusing the imbalance of power between them. Even if she does her damnedest to avoid mentioning that imbalance, at the same time she is excruciatingly aware of how important it is for her not to infringe on it.

So she's going to do what she does best, and carry on as if nothing abnormal has happened or is happening.]

I would like that very much, Volchok.

Yeah? Oh. Oh, good. [He didn't even realize that he'd tensed up until he relaxed. It's a completely unconscious reaction. They are Pack, they are family, in nearly every way that matters, and sometimes he forgets (for a brief instant) what his status actually is. She makes it easy to.

But she's not going to be around forever, and if he forgets he's a slave in front of the wrong Master, that will be bad. So he catches himself, sometimes.

Less and less often, these days.]

I'd like it too. Maybe we could order a pizza and stream something, watch with the cats in our laps. That'd be nice.

It sounds just perfect to me. A good way to celebrate our new additions, yes?

[Maria is not going to spend too much time contemplating what will happen to this life they're building if -- when -- something happens to her. Which is not to say she hasn't been looking into it; there must be some kind of loophole she can exploit. But she's not going to dwell on it and let it ruin days like today.]

Absolutely. [He grins brilliantly at her, because they do have a life and they are a family, dammit, and he's going to grab that by the balls and enjoy the hell out of it while he has it.

He then eyes their cart, filled with food and litter and bowls and toys and carriers and stuff.] We're gonna need a bigger taxicab.

Ach, yes we are. Perhaps a taxi van is in order.

[It's a moment's work to dial one up -- she's used to it by now -- and with that done, she hangs up and nods.]

He will be here in just enough time for us to finish things here. And to have name tags made for these two.

Awesome. [The cashier smiles at their mountain of supplies and hands Ben a couple of tokens for the tag machine. He moves over there and starts inputting the information, and a few moments later it spits out a pair of mouse-shaped tags.]

Well. I guess that makes it official.

So it does.

[Maria smiles and leans closer to his side. Not quite touching, but almost.]

Now the four of us all belong to one another. Old kvetches and young ones alike.

[Ben won't be shy about touching, and screw anyone who judges them anyway. He wraps an arm around her waist and rests his cheek on her hair.] Like a family.

It's good to have that again.

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