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The Return of the AU meme
AU Meme

Ever played out something and then later wondered "What if?" Ever wondered what it'd be like to play your character a different way, but didn't feel like making a full thing dedicated to it? Now's your chance to play it out!

Using RNG you'll roll 1-3 for the level of the change, and 1-6 for the change itself, or if you want, pick your own based on what you wanted to do.

1)Small Change: The flap of a butterfly's wings can cause tsunami's on the other side of the world.

-1: "A minute too late"- What if you missed something by a minute, or more? You missed the big meeting, the girl, helping that person, all because you were too late, what happens next?
-2: "The nick of time"- Just like the first, only that instead of missing something you got, that if you got something you missed because you were either too late, or just messed up? Congratulations! Let's just hope it's what you really wanted.
-3: "A little too early"- One more, what if you showed up early? It's suppose to be a good thing, is it this time?
-4: "The other choice"- You had two choices, left or right, heads or tails, Coke or Pepsi, now you get to see what would have happened with the other choice.
-5: "Oops!"- You slipped up, and made a mistake. Is it bad, or a blessing in disguise?
-6: Wild card/Pick your own- Thought of a slight change that'd make all the difference, or had one you wanted to play? Here's your chance.

2)Medium Change: Didn't really see that coming, did you?

-1: Turning point change- That one thing that would have turned things in your favor went against you, and vice versa. How will you handle this critical change?
-2: "A Razor's edge"- That one moment that could have went either way has gone the opposite way of before. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?
-3: Crossroads- You reached a point in your life where you had several choices before you, now's the time to go down another road and see where it leads.
-4: The Road less traveled- "Two roads diverged in the woods, and I took the one less traveled" Will it make all the difference?
-5: Interference- Something blocked you from getting something you were going for. What do you do once the moment is gone?
-6: Wild Card/Pick your own-Thought of a medium change that'd make all the difference, or had one you wanted to play? Here's your chance.

3)Large Change: Why do all the people here have goatee's?

-1: Good/Evil- Use to be a good guy? Welcome to the dark side, here's your cookie. Former bad guy? Hand over the cookie tray and join the side of good. How will the change of moral compass change you?
-2: A different person- You're now a completely different person, literally. Are you taller? Shorter? A robot? A pony? Powers? No powers? Your call.
-3: The other sex- Rule!63 is in effect. Now how does this effect your relationships with the other?
-4: A change in history- Something that happened in the past now has completely change or is now gone. One domino toppling the rest. Now that you've changed your past, how will it effect your future?
-5: Giving up- You walked away from something important to you? Do you regret it? Are you happy?
-6: Wild Card/Pick your own- Thought of a large change that'd make all the difference, or had one you wanted to play? Here's your chance.

Originally posted by myown_woman here

Edit: Cross-posted onto DW@memebells

Ben-Is-a-Slave AU!

[Ben should be stunned at how easily he slipped into a routine with Maria, but he's not. And he's comfortable, and rested, and actually happy, for the first time in two decades.

Hell, sometimes when he wolfs at night and creeps into her bedroom, he winds up on the foot of the bed instead of on the floor at the foot of the bed.]


[And Maria should be surprised, probably, by how attached she's grown to him in return. She's never been someone to let her walls down easily, to let people get too close; that's always been dangerous, to varying degrees, and she was stringently trained to avoid it.

But here they are, and while she wouldn't say that she's let her guard down with him to the same extent he has with her, she trusts him like she has few others. And most of those people are dead, now.]

[In fact, he trusts her so much that--]

I think you should put a tracking chip in me.

[Maria's eyebrows go up, and she sets her mug down with a little more force than strictly necessary.]

. . . I beg pardon?

[He's been thinking about it so much he's had more than one nightmare.] Because if those idiots had got me. And by some miracle left you alive.

How would you have found me again?

Oh, Volchok.

[Her expression softens. She's heard some of those nightmares, although not to the extent that she knows what they're about, and she doesn't pry. But still.]

I am a woman of resources. And I am one who does not easily forgive offense. I would have found you.

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[Ivan Vasilovich Nemerov is a giant bull of a man, all muscle and sheer bulk; there's nothing soft about him. One does not rise to become a Pakhan in the Russian mafia by being soft.

By all rights he should dwarf Maria, the trim, conservative little doctor with her crutch. But when she's this coldly pissed off? She seems no less formidable than he.]

So. This is what I know, Vanya, that these fellows in a black van came here to my street and stole from me my werewolf. You see why it is I have called you, yes?

[The big man rumbles, and nods his great grizzled head. His lieutenant wonders what it is that this woman did to have a man like Vanya Vasilovich so willing to come when she calls, but he certainly doesn't ask.

"So." Vanya claps his hands together. "Let's go find them and show them their error, Liska."

Maria's posture relaxes, very slightly, and she smiles in a way that is not at all pleasant.]

Spasibo, Vanya. I knew I could count upon you.

[Ben's chin comes up. Living with Maria has restored a great deal of his dignity.] And how the hell are you any better than anyone else who's made my choices for me since all this shit started? Something that's always irritated me, probably for longer than you've been alive, sweetheart, is other people making my choices for me. Especially people who've never met me. People who have no idea what the hell I've been through.

They might not be choices you approve of, but they're mine to make. I'll thank you to let me fucking make them. Because your opinion? Means less than nothing to me.

My Alpha will come for me. I know this in the marrow of my bones. And if you people are still here when she does? You're going to regret it.

[Garrick tilts his head slowly to the side. He's heard that before, more or less.

But none of them have ever said Alpha before. He shoots a look at Ash, wondering if the other man noticed, and if he thinks it means anything.

"She isn't an Alpha. Yours or anyone else's. She's a Master, nothing more. Their whole system is bent on breaking you down until you accept them as Alphas instead of the people who should rightfully hold that position."]

[And Ash will straighten, subtly, at that word. He speaks to Garrick out of the corner of his mouth.] Oh, this one's gonna be tougher than any of the others, dude. He's a true believer. Crackin' him without breakin' him entire'll be an iffy proposition.

["And who the fuck are you, little miss total stranger, to tell me who my Alpha is and who should rightfully hold the position instead. What, you should be my Alpha?" Ben snorts contemptuously. "You haven't earned that."]

[Huh. Well. They're getting paid by the day, what the hell does he care how long it takes, or if the werewolf smashes like a wineglass before it's over? Not his bailiwick.

The blonde woman draws herself up. "That's not what I said or what I'm suggesting. But for God's sake, think about your real Alpha, the one you ran with before all of this. What would they think if they could see you now?"]

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more looping!

["Oh, Ben." Anna shakes her head like she's talking to an especially stupid child.

"We don't have any results yet, Ben. We haven't even started working on getting results."]

Re: more looping!

Oh, you have a result. Your result is that you've made me hate you and resolve to do whatever I can to screw with you.

And if that means I make jokes about fucking like bunnies, I consider that a bonus.

I wasn't joking about you learning something from her, though. There's a saying about honey and vinegar. You might want to look it up. Assuming you can read.

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["There's nothing for us to learn from her." Martin snarls out. "Because she's a fucking owner bitch just like all the rest of them. She's an abuser and a liar and none of us are going to have a damn thing to do with her again. Including you."]

Oh! Well. In that case, I've seen the light, Mistress. May I go now? [Yes, that's the innocent look he practices in the mirror.]

[Anna's hand lashes out and catches him hard across the jaw, and for a moment genuine rage replaces the cold demeanor she's been wearing so far. "Don't. You. Fucking. Dare."

Garrick opens one eye, actually surprised by that, and then shoots a glance sideways at Ash. Amateur Hour.]

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["No, you can't, Ben. You're not going to make it anywhere on your own. You need us." Now that they've stripped away the possibility of somewhere else to go, the next point they have to hammer into him is that he needs them, can't make it alone. And they'll keep right on hammering it -- with drugs, sleep deprivation, hunger, and the constant, constant repetitions.

Meanwhile? Maria and Vanya's people are tearing the city apart. The Bratva have a stringent code, they don't deal directly in the slave trade -- too legal, too overseen by the government -- but they know more about theft than anyone, and they know where to find thieves of all kinds.

and Maria? There's a scary side of her that's come out in the last day, someone cold and ruthless and murderous and very, very pissed.

She is going to find her werewolf, and the people who stole him from her. And she is going to murder every last one of them when she does.]

[For his part, Ben just wants to curl up in a corner, wolfed, and shut everyone out. His whole world just came crashing down around his ears, and it's hitting him just as hard as it always does.]

I've done without you for twenty years. I've done without everyone for twenty years. What the fuck makes you think I want to spend any time at all with the people who murdered the only person I've cared about for twenty years?

Do you have any idea at all how long that is?

["We're all weres, Ben. We know. You're not the only old-timer here." Which . . . is a lie. Some of them are much older than they look, but nobody is Ben's age.

They can't let him have the point, though. The whole project hinges on shaking him up and pulling what he knows out from under him. He has to believe that they're right about everything, and if that means lying to him, well, it's a means to an end.]

[He just snorts. It's a singularly hopeless sound.] I think I'd rather be alone for as long as I've got left. That way I don't have to lose anyone else.

I can't do it again. [He drops his head back against the headboard.] I just can't. Haven't you people taken enough from me? Let me go.

Edited at 2012-07-30 01:45 am (UTC)

["No. We're not going to let you go, Ben. We're not going to let you quit."

They're not going to let him rest, either. Or mourn. Either option gives him space to recover and shore up his defenses, and they don't want that. They want him to crack, so they can start rebuilding him.]

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[By midday on the third day Maria Gordon is a whole different animal, all sharp edges and cold fury, and the lieutenant who formerly wondered what Vanya had seen in her no longer wonders, because it is clear that the quiet, crippled little doctor is an act and the brisk, dangerous soldier who emerges a little more every moment is the reality.

She acts with a single-minded, focused clarity, hears the reports brought by dozens of runners and petty thieves, sifts through all of them and directs them out again with the air of a general -- or a Lieutenant General, for she manages somehow to do the whole thing without for a moment giving the impression that she has usurped Vasilovich's rightful place. There's a certain wonder in it, and in her ruthlessness, and the lieutenant is not surprised when word finally comes of the location they've been looking for and she turns to Ivan Vasilovich, drawing herself up.]

Please, Vanya. I will need a pistol.

[And it's gotten to the point where it doesn't matter what they do to him or what kind of drugs they shoot him up with, Ben's body is so exhausted that he finally passes out. Deeply.

Ash wanders over to the window for his normal every-half-hour sweep. "You guys expecting visitors?"]

[Anne looks up with a frown while Garrick gets to his feet, all alertness.

"No, the supply run shouldn't be here until late tonight. Why?"]

Edited at 2012-07-31 12:29 am (UTC)

Because you've got some serious-looking dudes getting automatic weapons outta the trunks of their cars out front. [And then Ash recognizes one of those dudes, and his eyebrows crawl up his forehead as his blood runs cold.] got the fuckin' Russian mafia knockin' on your door in less than two minutes.

Garrick, dude, let's get outta here. We ain't getting paid near enough to take on those serious-ass motherfuckers.

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