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1088. the slave auction meme

❧ Leave a comment with the character's name, fandom, and whether your character will be playing the part of 'slave' or 'master', plus preferences for scenarios if you have any or set up the scene yourself in the comment.
❧ Respond to others with one of the scenarios below or feel free to make up your own. 
❧ Please remember to be respectful of others while you play

Warning:  Be aware that this meme deals with dark subjects like slavery and may also contain non-consensual/dubiously consensual sex, violence, and kink.


1.  The Newbie - This is your very first auction and you don't quite know what to expect.  Hopefully you remember your training and don't disgrace yourself in front of your new master.  Hopefully someone thinks you're worth buying at all.

2.  The Oldtimer - You've been bought and sold and bought again so many times.  You've seen it all before and don't think this time is going to be much different.  In fact, the only real anxiety you've got is whether or not someone's going to pay for a more than slightly used slave.

3.  The Pet - You're a pleasure slave.  A bed warmer.  A decorative piece of artwork.  You're meant to look pretty and be pleasing and not much else.

4.  The Guard - Your master hired you because of your ability to swing a sword or shoot a gun, not your looks.

5.  The Escape Artist - Somehow you always manage to squirm out of your master's chains.  Too bad you seem to get caught after a while.  Maybe your next daring escape will be permanent.  Then again, maybe your next master has special ways of keeping you locked up.

6.  The Undercover - You aren't a slave at all, you're just pretending to be one.  Why?  Well that's up to you.  Either way, your cover is blown if you don't act the part.

7.  The Specialist - You have a skill that no one else has.  Something rare and valuable.  Something your master needs more than anything else.


1.  The Customer - You've owned slaves before and this trip to the market is nothing new to you.  Still, you're hoping to find something worth your while.

2.  The Gift - Someone bought a pet for you, isn't that nice of them?  Or maybe it isn't so nice.  Did you even want a slave in the first place?  Well you're stuck with one now.

3.  The Giver - You're selecting a slave for someone else, and they need to be perfect.  Perhaps you'd better test them out first to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

4.  The Trainer - You specialize in taming unruly slaves and making them over into perfect, obedient, well-trained pets.

5.  The Rebel - You hate the idea of slavery, but the system isn't going to go away any time soon, so the next best thing is to buy up any slave you can get your hands on and free them, right?

6.  The Companion - You want someone to be with you always, someone you can talk to and depend on, someone who will never leave your side.  It's a good thing that money can buy that these days.

7.  The Undercover - You're not actually a Master.  You're at the auction for an entirely different reason.  Maybe it's special policework, maybe you're trying to hunt down a certain someone.  Either way, your cover is blown unless you act the part.

As always, feel free to use a combination of scenarios or make up your own if you have other ideas.

Re: Ben Lockwood | werewolf OC | slave | no smut please

A small smirk alight's Willow's face as she walks about this one, eyes trailing past the skin and looking past as docility - there's something there that draws her; perhaps the torture he's gone through; the power hidden; or some sense of the deeper determination hidden behind his docile mask.

Either way, she wants him; wants to break him. Wants to make him hers.

[Ben feels a frisson of uneasiness and flicks his eyes up to see a fucking vampire eyeing him like he's her next Happy Meal on legs. He swallows hard; he hasn't liked vampires since one used him as a live dialysis machine several decades ago, and not many of them since have disabused him of his negative opinion.

This one has the look of someone who'll happily reinforce it and smile while she does. He makes a noise down in his throat, but he's very, very careful not to react otherwise.]

[She hears it, though; hears it and smiles, walking forward, reaching out to touch; she wants him, now. More than ever.]

Can't you talk?

[He shudders at the touch; he can't help it. His voice is low.] I can speak when spoken to, Mistress. [If he dares to speak when he's not given permission, that means pain, he's learned the hard way. Demons never taught him to curb his tongue, but slavery's done a dandy job.]

[She hums her amusement at that, tracing a finger down his chest.] You're a good little puppy, then; aren't you?

[His voice is remarkably steady. He only keeps himself from flinching violently away from her by main force.] I try to be a good dog, Mistress. Bad dogs are punished.

Bad puppies get whipped. [It's a small smile on her face.]

[Not a flicker of emotion crosses his face; his expression is stone. But if she thinks that speaking when spoken to and being respectful on the outside means he's cowed and broken inside, well. She's in for a rude surprise.

Ben murdered his last Master in his sleep, burned the house down, and hid the evidence, when the man abused him and underestimated his skill at escaping from a cage. He's not averse to doing it again. But all he does is answer simply.] Yes, Mistress.

[Rebellious dogs are the most fun; but he's dealing with Willow, now - and while she won't kill him... she might not leave him with enough strength to escape; at least not until she's convinced he'll use that strength towards whatever it is she wishes.

Food and blood deprivation was a favorite to the vampire, who didn't need the former and had great use for the last.]

How much?

[Ben's heart sinks when the trader names a price that's not ridiculous. He's used to being haggled over like a trinket in a marketplace, although his hands clench and relax over and over behind his back in the shock shackles. The trader extols the virtues of werewolves, how hard they are to kill (conveniently leaving out that they can bleed to death) and how hard-working and sturdy they are. Talking up the merchandise, while Ben stands there and seethes and fantasizes about ripping his head off and burning his stall down around his ears.]

[Willow doesn't bother with much haggling - she's quite likely to sell him right back if she doesn't kill him...

All that matters for now is getting him on her leash.]

[And soon enough the leash is clipped to the shock collar around Ben's neck and handed to her. They don't bother undoing the wrist shackles, although the trader goes over the remote control and walks her through the different levels of electricity, from those designed for a mild correction all the way to the one designed to knock him unconscious. "Yeh shouldn't never take the collar nor cuffs off, Mistress," the trader says. "Th' chain for the shackles does a quick-connect, like." He shrugs. "The wolves ain't much good with their hands chained behind 'em, but th' shock works just's well wivvout th' chain."

Ben gives the guy a gimlet stare from under a lowered brow, but doesn't react as the leash is passed over.]

*Fixes* Oops. DX

[She yawns, effectively showing how bored she was; if he hadn't sped up, she might have lashed out at him instead - but she's content to just take the man's leash and draw him forward.] Come on, puppy. Let's go to your new home.

No worries. I've done it myself. XD

Yes, Mistress. [He follows her out of the slave market, keeping the proscribed slightly-left-and two-steps-back space between them and trying to hide his uneasiness. He doesn't like vampires at the best of times. These are far from the best of times. Best to speak when spoken to, obey promptly, and hope she doesn't kill him out of hand.

Or maybe she will and put him out of his misery. At this point, that's not the worst that could happen.]

XDX *Also played not_lettuce by the way, so hi, it's been a while*

[She could turn him, perhaps - if that was possible with a werewolf. Or... she'd figure something out. For now, all that mattered was that he was hers - that, and getting her to her underground home; far from any thing wooden.]


[Turning him is the least of his worries; he's been there and done that and got better, and being a vampire actually helped him with his issues at the time. Whether it will work the same now as it did then is an open question, but that hasn't crossed his mind, or the fact that there may be more than one kind of vampire just like there's more than one species of werewolf.

What he fears most is losing what little agency he he has left. He knows firsthand how much Thrall sucks (ha), and being tossed down the rabbit hole of his own mind is no picnic. He eyes the back of her neck. A snap of his jaws, a wrench, and he can take her head off pretty as you please.

Of course, he can't Change with his wrists shackled behind him either. Or, you know, he can, if he wants to dislocate his shoulders and end up screaming in agony. It's happened over the moon before with inconsiderate Masters. He shudders a little. He's under no illusions as to what this one is like.]


He's just a playtoy to her; a pet; something to be used up, wrung dry, and tossed aside the moment he ceased to please her. It wouldn't take long, either - not if he refused to show her some of what made him special.

For now, though, she was just going to get him chained to a wall; no leverage in sight, hands held up high.

[But at least, technically, his hands are in front of him now, even if they are above his head. Things are looking up. Sort of.

But he still can't speak unless spoken to. So he stands there, staring at the floor. He hates underground lairs.]

Puppy looks all sad. [She gives him a puppy dog pout of her own, looking him over.]

Yes, Mistress. [He knows she's not wrong. He hasn't looked happy in decades.] Is there a different expression you'd like me to have?

Smile. [It's an order. Just for fun.]

[He gives her a slow, flat stare, for a five-count, before pulling his lips back from his teeth. It probably looks ghastly. But it's the best he can do under the circumstances.]

[She smirks, petting him on the head; he's a good little puppy, isn't he?]

[No, not really. Those are fangs, and his eyes are amber. She's an inch from losing that hand, because he doesn't have to worry about turning someone like her into something like him, the way he has with previous Masters. He wonders if it would grow back.]

[Not without reattaching it; though she could always put a hook in its place and be even more dangerous. Still, she sees that look in his eyes... and chooses to deliver a nice little shock to him.]

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