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1088. the slave auction meme

❧ Leave a comment with the character's name, fandom, and whether your character will be playing the part of 'slave' or 'master', plus preferences for scenarios if you have any or set up the scene yourself in the comment.
❧ Respond to others with one of the scenarios below or feel free to make up your own. 
❧ Please remember to be respectful of others while you play

Warning:  Be aware that this meme deals with dark subjects like slavery and may also contain non-consensual/dubiously consensual sex, violence, and kink.


1.  The Newbie - This is your very first auction and you don't quite know what to expect.  Hopefully you remember your training and don't disgrace yourself in front of your new master.  Hopefully someone thinks you're worth buying at all.

2.  The Oldtimer - You've been bought and sold and bought again so many times.  You've seen it all before and don't think this time is going to be much different.  In fact, the only real anxiety you've got is whether or not someone's going to pay for a more than slightly used slave.

3.  The Pet - You're a pleasure slave.  A bed warmer.  A decorative piece of artwork.  You're meant to look pretty and be pleasing and not much else.

4.  The Guard - Your master hired you because of your ability to swing a sword or shoot a gun, not your looks.

5.  The Escape Artist - Somehow you always manage to squirm out of your master's chains.  Too bad you seem to get caught after a while.  Maybe your next daring escape will be permanent.  Then again, maybe your next master has special ways of keeping you locked up.

6.  The Undercover - You aren't a slave at all, you're just pretending to be one.  Why?  Well that's up to you.  Either way, your cover is blown if you don't act the part.

7.  The Specialist - You have a skill that no one else has.  Something rare and valuable.  Something your master needs more than anything else.


1.  The Customer - You've owned slaves before and this trip to the market is nothing new to you.  Still, you're hoping to find something worth your while.

2.  The Gift - Someone bought a pet for you, isn't that nice of them?  Or maybe it isn't so nice.  Did you even want a slave in the first place?  Well you're stuck with one now.

3.  The Giver - You're selecting a slave for someone else, and they need to be perfect.  Perhaps you'd better test them out first to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

4.  The Trainer - You specialize in taming unruly slaves and making them over into perfect, obedient, well-trained pets.

5.  The Rebel - You hate the idea of slavery, but the system isn't going to go away any time soon, so the next best thing is to buy up any slave you can get your hands on and free them, right?

6.  The Companion - You want someone to be with you always, someone you can talk to and depend on, someone who will never leave your side.  It's a good thing that money can buy that these days.

7.  The Undercover - You're not actually a Master.  You're at the auction for an entirely different reason.  Maybe it's special policework, maybe you're trying to hunt down a certain someone.  Either way, your cover is blown unless you act the part.

As always, feel free to use a combination of scenarios or make up your own if you have other ideas.

Anne is a familiar face in the markets, a tall pale woman that some slaves draw away from instinctively. Her cold blue eyes sweep the auction block before landing on the wolf. Not one of the demons she tended to gravitate toward, but he looked...interesting.

She's not sure if she wants to break him or rebuild him. She's not sure whether she'd make him love her or hate her. But she wants to play with him. See what makes him tick.

It's an impulse, but he is the best offering on the block today. She's already decided to make him hers.

Ben gazes at her from hooded eyes, carefully keeping his head down in an acceptable beaten-slave attitude. Something about her sends an unpleasant shiver down his spine, and the attendant has to give him a shove between the shoulder blades to make him step forward so she can see him better. He clenches his fists behind his back, although his expression doesn't change from the blankness he wears like a mask.

"He's well-trained, Mistress," the attendant says, turning Ben this way and that like a carney on the midway, showing off the muscle definition. "Bit banged up, but some likes 'em that way, and there's nothin' physically wrong with 'im."

Speaking of muscle definition, the ones in Ben's jaw jump as he clenches his teeth. He hates this, with every fiber of his being.

"Nothing physically wrong, right. What about mentally? Emotionally? Is he a loose cannon?" She runs her eyes over him in a slow elevator gaze before nodding her acknowledgment of how true the attendant's words are.

She folds her arms over her chest, closing up as much as he is, not showing her thoughts blatantly where he can see them, any more than he's letting his be known. Let's play statues, or ice sculptures--see who lets their hand show first.

Ben loves being talked about like he's not standing right there. It's the best thing ever. His eyes start a slow smolder. The attendant shifts uneasily from one foot to another. Ben's history is in his papers, and there's no hiding that. "He's a bit of an escape artist. And, ah. His last owner disappeared under mysterious circumstances."

What he means is that they never found the body and Ben set the house on fire. That guy had been a piece of work. A corner of Ben's mouth curls up, involuntarily, at the memory. It's not at all a nice expression. The attendant hastily adds, "But I'm sure ye could take 'im in hand, Mistress." His voice turns to an oozing wheedle, buttering her up. "Ye seem plenty capable."

"Oh, snarl at me. It's not the first time I've seen a wolf's teeth." This is addressed to Ben, accepting the dark blaze in his eyes as something she deserves. Something they all deserve for caging him and all the other noble beasts. "What is your name?"

Ben inhales sharply, and his eyes come up. She wasn't supposed to see that. But it was an order, and he knows better than to disobey when he's standing on an auction block wearing only a pair of shorts and a set of shock shackles with matching collar. So he bares his fangs at her, as briefly as he thinks he can get away with, before dropping his gaze again. "Ben Lockwood, Mistress." His voice is low-pitched, without the least bit of rebellion in it.

Which, in itself, is almost insolent. Almost. The attendant gives him a sharp poke in the ribs. "Ye'll mind yer manners, wolf." He turns back to the customer. "He's quick to obey, at least."


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