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110. Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth Meme

1. Post with your character!

2. Reply to others!

While you're at it grab a random number 1-3 (or just do whatever the heck you want)

1) You are going up to the other's kissing booth! Haggle over prices and rates? Critique the types of kisses they offer? Or maybe just get right down to business

2) They happen to be walking by YOUR kissing booth, better grab their attention.

3) You both are working a booth together.  Business is bad, better do something to drum some up!

3. Smooch already!

Rogue | X-Men


[oh no...why was Rogue in the kissing booth? Just when he thought his students had this fundraiser thing well in hand, they go and do something tactless like that...hopefully Rogue wasn't forced into this. He approaches, not certain whether to look amused or worried and it comes off looking more painfully worried than anything.]

[clearing his throat] How's it going?

I was wondering when someone would notice

Don't worry. I'm mannin' the fort while Jubilee and Kitty are grabbin' some ice cream. I don't wanna kill any customers.

Re: I was wondering when someone would notice

Ahh, I see. [that makes him feel better about it] I was thinking more along the lines of trying out new abilities. How have Jubillee and Kitty been doing themselves?

I've enough people in my head.

Good, I guess. Enough to need a fifteen minute break.

[nods understandingly] ...I thought they were going to put Scott in the kissing booth? Or were they not serious about that?

Guess it was a joke. I don't know... I'm manning the dunk booth.

Mmm, yes, they were trying to get me into that one. [along with the kissing booth but he politely declined]

I'm trying to get Logan. No dice.

[he covers a smile at that, trying to school his face back to unamused without much success] If you manage that, I'll volunteer to throw at the target first.

I'll try again, but I'm sure many people want a crack at it.

True....and there will probably only be one crack at it available. Hopefully the tank isn't too deep, I suspect Logan doesn't swim well.

It's not even four feet. He'd be fine. He could probably jump out.

That's good. [smirking to himself] I could probably convince him to do it, but I doubt he would appreciate that afterwards.

He's got a soft spot for me. Maybe I can get hike to do it tonight.


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