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the meme

1. Post with your character and their name/canon/pref in the subject.
2. Either post with a tweet or wait for someone.
3. Respond to people's tweets or tag them with your own.
4. In true Twitter form, IT CAN ONLY BE UP TO 140 CHARACTERS. And, yes, threadjacking is so encouraged.


Dr. Elizabeth Ross | Incredible Hulk movie

Betty @elizabetty Another day, another lecture...

Bruce Banner (@drbanner) is now following you on Twitter!

[...couldn't be]

@drbanner Is that you?

[damn you and your email notifs, Twitter. he was trying to be all ninja]

Bruce Banner @drbanner
@elizabetty Last time I checked, yeah. Uh, hi.

[It could be someone's idea of a sick joke, she had to be certain.]

Betty Ross @elizabetty
@drbanner Hi. What pants did I buy you last?

[If it is him, he'll definitely know the ones she means]

Bruce Banner @drbanner
@elizabetty You mean those giant purple ones?

[which were also kind of hideous. if he remembers correctly, though, they were the only ones she could find]

[She erases a few incoherent sentences, mostly in all caps]

Betty Ross @elizabetty
@drbanner Yes, those are the ones!

@drbanner Are you alright?

[What on EARTH was he doing on twitter???]

Bruce Banner @drbanner
@elizabetty About as alright as I ever get.

@elizabetty You?

@elizabetty ... I thought about coming to find you a couple of times.

[blame Tony Stark. it was this or Facebook. he chose what he thought was the lesser of two evils]

Betty Ross @elizabetty
@drbanner Better now that I know you're alright. I missed you.

@drbanner Are you sure it's safe?

[Though Betty was pretty sure twitter was the last place her father would ever look for him.]

Bruce Banner @drbanner
@elizabetty I missed you, too.

@elizabetty Your dad doesn't really strike me as the social networking kind of guy, so ... yeah.

@elizabetty Besides, I've got a friend who's probably running enough encryption software to make his head spin.

Betty Ross @elizabetty
@drbanner He's not really a computer person to begin with.

@drbanner A friend?

Bruce Banner @drbanner
@elizabetty Yeah, I kind of got that impression.

@elizabetty Would you believe me if I said Tony Stark?

Betty Ross @elizabetty
@drbanner The one who's Iron Man???

@drbanner Is he treating you alright?

[please don't be in a cage somewhere]

Bruce Banner @drbanner
@elizabetty Yeah.

@elizabetty Did you see what happened in New York a few weeks ago?

@elizabetty He's treating me fine, Betty. Give or take some stress testing.

[he's not in a cage, but Tony still thinks it's funny to poke him with pointy things every so often. probably because he knows it won't get to him]

Betty Ross @elizabetty
@drbanner We almost had to evacuate the college campus.

@drbanner He's putting you through tests? Please be careful.

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