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999. The Wild West meme

Welcome to the wild west! No cars, no telephones, no fancy space lasers. Just horses, dust, and bullets. Does your muse have what it takes to survive in the old west?

Post a comment with your muse's name, canon, and which role they'll be playing in this western. Example: John Doe - Every Story Ever - Sheriff
Feel free to set up a little of the scene with where your muse is and what they're doing. Example: The town sheriff's sitting in front of the jail, watching the town.
Others reply to your comment with another piece of the western puzzle. Maybe it's the stagecoach driver visiting the local brothel or the wanted gunslinger challenging her rival.
Have fun!

1. SHERIFF - You're the law in this town. Do you keep the peace or take a piece for yourself? Not everyone who wears the tin star wears it for a good reason.
2. BOUNTY HUNTER - You make your money tracking down the worst of the worst. Do you bring them in still breathing, or is the 'alive' part in 'Dead or Alive' only a last resort?
3. WANTED MAN - Maybe you're a ruthless killer. Maybe you've been charged with a crime you didn't commit. Either way, there's a price on your head and people who want to collect.
4. GUNSLINGER - You've made a name for yourself with your gun. Now, people want to hire you for your skills or kill you to prove their own.
5. PROSTITUTE - Sometimes there's a brothel in town and sometimes it's just a handful of ladies (or gents) working out of the local saloon. Someone's got to entertain the stagecoach travelers and divest them of their money.
6. STAGECOACH DRIVER - Your job sucks. Hundreds of hours riding on a wooden bench behind galloping horses, getting shot at by bandits or chased by the local natives. You need a drink, a good meal, and maybe some company?
7. DOCTOR - Did you actually study this or do you just like to cut people open?
8. SALOON WORKER - You might own the place or just tend bar there. Maybe you're the poor sucker who plays the piano? Either way, you see it all.
9. NATIVE - An army scout, a stately tribal Chief, or an angry brave... there are foreign men all over your country now. Do you try for peace or take back what's yours?
10. OTHER - Got another role you'd rather play? Go for it!

Also available at memebells on InsaneJournal.

Abe Sapien | Hellboy | Carnival worker

[Step up, step up, see the amazing fishman!]

Dr. Xavier :)

It wasn't often one could go to the Carnival. Charles, being a student of human anatomy and a doctor to boot, he couldn't turn down the chance.

Though so far, he has been less than impressed, he's explaining to a young lady that the so called creature from another world in a jar they have there is nothing more than a mutated pig fetus.

Re: Dr. Xavier :)

[Abe waits in in his tank, listening to the barker's banter. He's got this down to a proper act. Even if he doesn't enjoy the freak show routine he does have his pride in a job well done. Yes, yes, missing link, found frozen in the Arctic, etc.

The curtain raises and Abe stays motionless. There's that moment as the audience tries to puzzle out what they're looking at before he twists and slams his hand against the glass, making the children shriek with gleeful fear. He shifts from side to side in the murky water, swaying like a charmed snake. Abe never wanted to be fearsome, but it seems that people enjoy him being a little scary. Humans are strange.]

And I suppose you're going to tell me that's fake as well? [The young lady whispers to Charles, staring at the tank before leaving with a shiver.

Charles on the other hand is fascinated, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. No, this person was real. He'd never seen anyone quite like Abe and, while the barker was going on about where Abe might have come from, Charles was unobtrusively reaching out with his telepathy to see if he could read the creature's mind.]

[Abe's head jerks to the right, staring at the young man at the front of the crowd. It's like a bright spotlight in the midst of a sea of dim candles. There's something different about this one. Abe presses his webbed fingers against the glass, looking deep into the young man's eyes as he ignores the rest of the gawkers. It's like a tingle in the back of his brain, different from that odd clairvoyance he's hidden from the carnival men lest they take advantage of more than his freakish form. This is something quite new.]

I...feel you, yes. What are you?

[He's never heard a mind like this before, it almost latches onto his own like a magnet. Charles is not easily amazed, his jaw about hitting the ground for a moment or two. When he's managed to recover his wits, he puts two fingers to the side of his head, stepping back behind a few people so Abe can still see him but the barker cannot.]

Incredible. Hello, you can hear me? My name's Charles Xavier.

[There's a laugh from Abe's mind, and he almost forgets to keep up the act as the barker continues to speak of the long, dangerous procedure of his capture. The fishman's mental voice is an excited rush of thoughts.]

[Yes, yes I can! My name is Abraham Sapien. Your mind is like mine, isn't it? [His fingers scrabble at the walls of the tank, desperate for companionship.] Please don't be frightened. I'm really not what he's saying.

[The front row is getting restless, one of the women pointing and saying it's trying to get out but the barker reassures them that no such thing would happen. Even if he looks a little worried because Abe is breaking the routine and ad libbing.

Charles was far from afraid. Ecstatic, curious, yes.] Yes, I'm a telepath. I can hear the thoughts of others. You're a person...they shouldn't have you in there. Not like this.

Calm yourself, you'll give yourself away. We can talk later.

[He can see the barker looking around for anything abnormal in the crowd, dog whistle or whatnot. He makes like he was just rubbing an itch on his forehead and puts his hands back in his pockets, biding his time.]

[Yes sir, extremely dangerous, but don't worry, folks. We've got him under strong lock and key. The barker's fingers tap on the back of the tank but Abe's not paying attention]

They do pay me, but not much. Every thought, were you always like this?

[The tapping gets more forceful and Abe looks up. He's almost missed his cue.]

Pardon me, I've got to jump out of the tank now.

[The lock looks secure, but it's been modified to come off under the slightest pressure. Abe braces his feet against the bottom of the tank and shoves the lid back, launching himself upward and spraying the closest gawkers with dirty water. He hiss at the shrieking crowd, reaching out for them with his long freakish fingers, and seems on the verge of climbing out entirely. Fortunately the barker is there to beat him down with his cane, stunning the monster long enough to shove him back into the tank and lock the lid firmly.

Well. Accidents happen. Abe continues to bang on the glass, ignoring the pain in his head and shoulders. The escape was false, the beating was not.]

Come by after the show closes. Please. I need to talk with you further, I've never met anyone like you.

[The crowd scream, ooh and aah at the spectacle.

Charles....Charles is appalled at it. He doesn't interfere but the disapproval is plain on his face as the barker beats Abe back into his corner. This was how mutants were treated? It was only fueling the disillusion that they were all dangerous and should be feared.]

I'll be there. I promise. [And the doctor fades back into the crowd before anyone can notice him.]

[The crowd is ferried along to the next attraction. The barker smacks the tank with his cane as he goes, a reminder for Abe to be more attentive to his role with the subsequent bunch of suckers. Once the curtain is draped back over him Abe lets himself relax into the corner of the tank. A fellow mind, an understanding glorious!]

Thank you.

[When the carnival closes for the evening the tank is opened so Abe can get a bite to eat. It's mostly bread, lettuce, and rotten eggs, the latter being not as bad as it sounds. He loves rotten eggs. Once he's left alone, Abe creeps past the wagons and out into the scraggly bushes around the camp, trying to make his thoughts a blaring beacon for the other psychic.]

I'm here, I'm over here, come and find me, I'm here! Please be here. I need you.

[Charles returns to his hotel room for the night, the one he's sharing with his sister, who's traveling with him. She's a mutant like himself, but till that moment, he hadn't met anyone else with such singular abilities.

When night comes, he takes his medical bag, along with a sandwich from supper in his pocket, and walks out towards the carnival grounds. It's quiet enough, he can move around undetected. Anyone who gets close enough to see him forgets he was ever there.

He catches the projected thoughts easily, smiling in the dark.]

I can hear you, no need to shout. [He works his way towards the right clump of bushes, stopping when he sees the fish man standing there.]

Well, hello. [Charles says with a smile, his light Oxford accent giving away his higher education.]

Hello, Charles. [Rather than the raw hiss he'd given the crowd, Abe's voice sound mild and erudite. He was obviously educated before he was reduced to a freak show display. While he's not smiling, his body language screams excitement.] How are you able to do this? I had thought my abilities were simply another aspect of my...grotesque nature.

[Abe gestures towards his body. In the tank he was...well, not wearing much of anything at all, a pair of short pants to maintain modesty. In an attempt at dignity he stole a shirt on the way out, though the sleeves don't cover his thin limbs beyond the forearm.]

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[Eggs! Abe contains his excitement and sits down on the floor, legs crossed elegantly beneath him.] More of a carnival than a full circus, a traveling exhibition. I was, um...

[His voice lowers for an awkward moment.] I was one of the exhibits. The missing evolutionary link from darkest Russia, unless it was darkest Brazil or the Antarctic. They did tend to muddle the story based on how drunk the announcer was that day.

good thinking :)

[Charles cannot refrain from rolling his eyes at that] Darkest Brazil...missing link indeed. Some people... [He should not belittle them but sometimes people were so very naive.]

[Raven pushes the sandwiches on him when she figures out he's not getting up off the floor. She had meant to give him the chair so she opts to sitting on her bed.] So are you staying with us now?

I suppose darkest New Jersey didn't sound dramatic enough. [Abe takes a delicate bite of the sandwich and chews deliberately before speaking again. He did have a few years in which to be civilized, and thank goodness he never got over it.]

It would be Charles' decision, of course, but I would like to. I have nowhere else to go.

We're going out west. Charles has a house out there. [Raven was quick to speak about their plans]

My family has a house there. It may take some time to get there, but I assure you, it's quite large. [There would be plenty of room for all of them, should Abe decide to stay on with them for a long time.]

Would there be access to running water? A river, perhaps? [He looks hopeful. He hasn't gone properly swimming in...ages, really.]

The ocean itself, if that's large enough for you. [Charles closes his notebook, giving Abe a smile.] It's very near the beach, you can walk to it easily. Or so I'm told, I haven't seen it since I was very young.

Me neither [Raven chimes in. She leans forward conspiratorially] I'm adopted.

The ocean. [It's too amazing for words.] I've never actually seen the ocean, any of them. I've only seen them in people's minds. But I've always wanted to go.

You have your chance then. [Charles puts away his notes, it's very late after all.] Raven...

Yes, I know, bedtime. [She rolls her eyes and gives Abe's arm a happy squeeze before climbing back into bed. She's so excited about someone new like herself, she's sleeping in her blue skin tonight]

I should probably show you how to work the tub, in case you need to fill it up again during the night.

[She's squeezed in one of the places where the barker hit him, but he hardly sees fit to complain. He's riding high on endorphins.] Is it just taps? I can work those.

[Abe forces himself to leave her side and go to inspect the bathroom. It's not big enough to fit his lanky form, but he can get his head underwater and let his feet dangle out the sides. That will do.]

Hmm... [Charles looked worried that it may be too small for him. And his mind was already working on the problem.] They do have those metal tubs, they're a fair bit larger. [They'd just have to find one to bring up to the room and fill it by hand...which would take awhile.]

No, please, don't put yourself out on my account. [They've done so much already.] I'll just move during the night if some part of me gets too dry.

[He debates on pushing the matter] If you're sure....?

[Next place they stop, they'll have to find some other solution for sleeping. Maybe that breathing apparatus, if Charles can find a few parts.]

In that case, I will say goodnight then. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to wake me.

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