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986. Rabbit Done Died Meme
The Rabbit Done Died

"The rabbit died" is an old saying meaning one is pregnant, coming from the now no longer practiced rabbit test.


You're pregnant. Knocked up. Eating for two. Have a bun in the oven.
Insert your own cliched phrase here. No matter how you say it, you're
downright fertilized. Even if you're not typically in possession of a
womb, somehow it happened. Are you scared? Happy? Gassy? A combination
of everything? And who's the father, anyway?

1. Post with your character with their name and series in the subject line. If
you want to avoid any of the options, this would also be a good place to
list them.
2. This is one of those RNG memes, so you'll want to go to our good friend Random Number Generator and roll 1-6 for how far along you are. Or just pick what one you'd prefer.
3. If you're replying to someone, roll 1-4 for how you factor into this madness!

So, how far along are you anyway?

1. Two months - Sooooo all this sickness is kind of annoying, isn't it? At least you can still fit in your old clothes, right?

2. Four months - Okay, so things are getting a little tight. Time to break out the flowy stuff!

3. Six months - OH MY GOD IT'S AN ALI-- oh, no. It's just the baby moving. Although it's still kind of creepy, isn't it?

4. Eight months - Please. Please let it be over. Have mercy.

5. Overdue - C'mon kid! I'll buy you a pony! NO! TWO PONIES! My baaaaaack.

6. Wildcard - Your choice!

What's your role in this whole mess, person replying?

1. YOU ARE THE FATHER - Well, now you've gone and done it. Are you going to take responsibility, or head for the hills?

2. Friend - You may not have done the deed, but you're going to be there to help your buddy. No matter HOW weird the circumstances!

3. Enemy - Do you feel a 'HAW HAW' coming on? This is just too funny.

4. Wildcard - Second verse, same as the first.

Not my meme. Shamelessly copied!

Charles Xavier | Xmen: First Class

[het only if he's the dad...unless it some random alien pregnancy where he's the mom. :3]

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1 - apparently :)

Emma was still frozen in place where she was perched on the edge of the bed. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go throw up again, or just turn herself into her diamond form and hide there for a little while. No one else's thoughts but her own.

No feeling like the world had just tipped on its axis and given her a challenge she was far from being ready to meet. The White Queen squeaked before she looked at Charles for some kind of advice. Some support. Something sane to be said in the wake of this surprising news.

<3<3 missed ya! and RNG says 1

Charles was trying to find his own center of gravity at the moment. He'd come up to check on her because he could sense she was really nauseated...and she'd said she was...

Maybe he heard wrong. "....are you sure?"

Tee hee... clearly they had ninja sex.

Emma just gave him a look that said he better keep a wide berth for now. "Of course I'm sure, darling. I'm hardly going to make something like that up."

Her jaw clenched at the insinuation. She was manipulative at the best of times but not with this sort of thing. The world was punishing her for seducing Charles Xavier.

What was one to say to that?


Words seemed to be failing him at the moment. He tries again.

"Well, I..." Charles lets out a breath through puffed cheeks. "Oh boy."

Emma clicked her tongue and crossed her legs over as she hugged her arms around her middle.

Two of the most powerful telepaths rendered speechless at the idea of a baby. It would have been laughable if she wasn't so confused.

It just wasn't a situation he ever thought himself ending up in.

He clears his throat. " it your first?" He should find out after all. They might both be equally unprepared for this.

i'm so sorry, natasha's making it hard for any of mine to talk

Emma's jaw actually dropped. She was tempted to get up and slap him but that would mean moving and she still wasn't sure if the nausea would make a reappearance.

"Yes, it's my first. Do I look like an experienced mother, darling? I'm not hiding children in my corset."

understandable :)

"Well, it's not something I..." They had never even thought to talk about this. Because it wasn't something that was going to happen.

And here they were.

Charles takes a slow breath in and out. Trying to kick start his brain again which had apparently decided today it wasn't going to work after the word baby. It's starting to become apparent that words were not helping so instead of saying anything else, he reaches to hold her hand quietly in his own.

Mostly because the fact that Charles had even given into her advances was a small miracle. Or so she thought. A baby as a result of that still felt like a punishment.

She relaxed at his touch despite herself and even moved to rest her head against his shoulder as their fingers threaded together. They'd faced worse. This wasn't actually supposed to be sad news. "We can do this..."

"Yes. Yes, we can." He felt a bit on firmer ground now. Overcoming challenges was something he did on a daily basis. This was just more on a personal level than he had ever had before.

He moves to put his free arm around her for a hug and sighs. "I feel like I should apologize..." This wasn't exactly what she signed up for when she came to live with them.

"For the wonderful sex, or the fact that you seem to care for me even as I am?" Emma kept her tone low as she gave his hand a squeeze.

"Don't apologise, I can't stand it. Perhaps this isn't a bad thing. Once we get past the shock." Her teeth caught her bottom lip and she withdrew into herself as she tried to process their predicament more calmly.

He coughs and clears his throat, hiding a slightly embarrassed smile from showing up at that. Now was not the time for smiling. Not yet, the shock needed to wear off for both of them.

He keeps holding her hand. "...I suppose I'm not used to being this shocked," Charles admits. Being a telepath and all the things he dealt with on a daily basis, one would think nothing could surprise him anymore.

Except this, apparently.

Emma laughed quietly before she lifted her head once more to look at him. She searched his face and managed to resist the urge to probe his mind. "What are we?"

"And you think I am that prepared for a shock like this? I don't even know what to do. I never even planned for this at any point in my life."

mun has crazy ideas of making this a verse...

Charles looks back at her with his unreadable blue eyes, wishing they hadn't come on that question so soon after this shocking news. While he had never once thought of them being together, they were so different from each other yet...he had slowly grown fond of having her here at the mansion. He's not sure when that happened, it snuck up on him without notice.

She was still waiting for an answer and he was trying to get his brain restarted into giving one before this pause went on for too long. "...a mother and father, so it would seem." Yes, he knows that's avoiding the question but its the sanest answer he has at the moment.

There was actually a short period where he had thought about having kids. When Moira was in his life. But that fleeting thought had left when he had sent Moira away and found himself with more kids than he thought possible to take care of.

... the most emotionally stunted parents ever.

Emma let out a sigh and dropped her head against his shoulder once more. Of course he'd give her that answer. And really, what more did she expect? He knew how she felt and he had never once admitted to feeling the same. The night they'd slept together had been...

Well, she didn't even know what to call it. It had happened and she was sure they'd both needed it and both enjoyed it.

Now there was this. "Mm." It was all she could manage for a long moment. "So it would seem."

He turns his head a bit towards her on his shoulder, concerned again and he smooths some of her hair from her face in a surprisingly affectionate gesture. "Are you feeling better? The morning sickness....I could make you some tea." Focusing on solving problems was the prime way Charles dealt with large issues like this. Start with helping her feel better and work up from there.

Emma's initial response was to pull away and put her walls back up. Put distance between them and try and deny for a little while longer that anything was even wrong. But that gesture keeps her defenses down and finally she just shook her head. "Tea would be nice. Mostly I just want to crawl into bed but that's not even something I do. I'm not like that."

"Ginger tea, that should help settle your stomach...then perhaps you'll feel well enough to get up." He's already making a mental note to cancel her classes today...and then realizing. "...we'll have to find a doctor." And she'll need blood tests and who knows what else. No way Hank would do it, that might break his poor brain having to fill in for a gynecologist...for Emma.

"I'll find one that's sympathetic to us." A mutant doctor would be optimal.

"And a woman," Emma felt the need to specify before she shrugged slightly. She swallowed and moved back to settle under the covers of her bed. "How long can you spare to... bring me tea?"

He ran a hand through his usually neat hair. "As long as it takes." At this point, he may cancel his own lectures today too. He really doesn't think he'll be able to concentrate on physics, for once. Maybe Jean can teach it instead...once he explains why.

"I'll be back, OK?"

Emma seemed to relax at that but she scratched at her forehead as she watched Charles from her new hiding place. She wasn't often one to shy away from a situation but she really did have no idea how to handle this.

And what about her diamond form? Would that kill the baby? Would it still grow inside her regardless? She was suddenly scared to even consider shifting. "Yes, fine. Thank you, Charles."

He doubted that her diamond mutation would effect the baby's development. It was only a coating, she was still herself beneath it. If anything, that would be more protection for the baby, and he tells her as much telepathically as he's going out the door, trying to allay her fears.

Soon, he's downstairs, watching the pot as he waited for it to boil. Lost in his thoughts that were trying to worry him as well.

Emma was just as restless even when she was alone, lost in her own thoughts as she stared up at the ceiling. Telling anyone else in the mansion about this just made her want to leave the country.

She had enough trouble trying to get them to trust her. Now she had managed to become mother to the child of their headmaster. The treasured Xavier they all thought she tainted just by existing.

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The loud whistling breaks his thoughts and he finishes making up the tea, carrying it upstairs in a thermos. Hopefully she was feeling less nauseous...

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