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It's that time again
AU Meme

Ever played out something and then later wondered "What if?" Ever wondered what it'd be like to play your character a different way, but didn't feel like making a full thing dedicated to it? Now's your chance to play it out!

Using RNG you'll roll 1-3 for the level of the change, and 1-6 for the change itself, or if you want, pick your own based on what you wanted to do.

1)Small Change: The flap of a butterfly's wings can cause tsunami's on the other side of the world.

-1: "A minute too late"- What if you missed something by a minute, or more? You missed the big meeting, the girl, helping that person, all because you were too late, what happens next?
-2: "The nick of time"- Just like the first, only that instead of missing something you got, that if you got something you missed because you were either too late, or just messed up? Congratulations! Let's just hope it's what you really wanted.
-3: "A little too early"- One more, what if you showed up early? It's suppose to be a good thing, is it this time?
-4: "The other choice"- You had two choices, left or right, heads or tails, Coke or Pepsi, now you get to see what would have happened with the other choice.
-5: "Oops!"- You slipped up, and made a mistake. Is it bad, or a blessing in disguise?
-6: Wild card/Pick your own- Thought of a slight change that'd make all the difference, or had one you wanted to play? Here's your chance.

2)Medium Change: Didn't really see that coming, did you?

-1: Turning point change- That one thing that would have turned things in your favor went against you, and vice versa. How will you handle this critical change?
-2: "A Razor's edge"- That one moment that could have went either way has gone the opposite way of before. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?
-3: Crossroads- You reached a point in your life where you had several choices before you, now's the time to go down another road and see where it leads.
-4: The Road less traveled- "Two roads diverged in the woods, and I took the one less traveled" Will it make all the difference?
-5: Interference- Something blocked you from getting something you were going for. What do you do once the moment is gone?
-6: Wild Card/Pick your own-Thought of a medium change that'd make all the difference, or had one you wanted to play? Here's your chance.

3)Large Change: Why do all the people here have goatee's?

-1: Good/Evil- Use to be a good guy? Welcome to the dark side, here's your cookie. Former bad guy? Hand over the cookie tray and join the side of good. How will the change of moral compass change you?
-2: A different person- You're now a completely different person, literally. Are you taller? Shorter? A robot? A pony? Powers? No powers? Your call.
-3: The other sex- Rule!63 is in effect. Now how does this effect your relationships with the other?
-4: A change in history- Something that happened in the past now has completely change or is now gone. One domino toppling the rest. Now that you've changed your past, how will it effect your future?
-5: Giving up- You walked away from something important to you? Do you regret it? Are you happy?
-6: Wild Card/Pick your own- Thought of a large change that'd make all the difference, or had one you wanted to play? Here's your chance.

Dr. John Watson || BBC's Sherlock


3-1 uh oh

Perhaps Watson should have heeded the warnings of Scotland Yard and stayed away from Sherlock.

Because while he's been solving cases...he's been causing others. Sherlock didn't count on Watson coming home early from his date because she was sick. He walks in just as Sherlock is cleaning a bloody knife in the sink.

Sherlock stops. Calmly. "You're home early."

oh no!

Like the first time when John walked in on Sherlock with something bad like this he does his best not to jump to conclusions. He stops in the doorway.

"Er...yeah. She got ill and I took her home." He eyes the knife. "What's that?"

Drat. If she hadn't been sick, Watson would have missed this entirely.

Sherlock is calm, cool, and collected, knowing full well he's got a body hidden in a closet somewhere in the flat. "You have eyes, what does it look like?" he says with a hint of annoyance. The knife is cleaned under the water and wiped dry before being put back in with the set in a wooden block.

"Uh...I mean more like what's that for." His eyes stay on the sharp object until it's slotted neatly back into it's place. "Sorry to crash your evening though..."

Sherlock smoothly moves into putting the kettle on....he never puts the kettle on for tea. "No need to apologize. An unforseen wrinkle is all." He could handle this easily.

"You didn't stop for milk, did you?"

John eyes the kettle. "Er...No. Sorry...again." Sherlock is acting very odd.

It's him being four steps ahead of everyone. Though in this case, he was working with two steps ahead thanks to that little setback, but he could manage.

"We need it, you'll only just make it if you leave now." Sherlock picks up Watson's coat, putting it back on him to help him to the door.

"Oh." John stumbles a bit but manages to get his footing and put his coat on. "-Okay..." He frowns and starts heading down the steps to leave for milk.

"2%...and biscuits," Sherlock calls after him.

He gives him a few minutes to go hail a cab and then returns to the closet to pull the body out and wrap it in a rug covered with plastic.

"Alright! Alright!" He calls out. He reaches out to hail a cab. It being so late it's easy to get to and from the market. He gets back about five minutes quicker then the normal run. "Sherlock, I've got-"

He had thought the biscuits would have bought him at least a few more minutes. At that point, he has the rolled up rug on the stairs, starting to pull it down.

Now he's only one step ahead, time to improvise. "Sorry, I thought you would be gone longer." Giving the rug another pull so it's halfway down. "I'm taking this to the trash bins outside." Because it's just a rug.

This is becoming the weirdest night John's ever had with Sherlock. That's saying something. "Er...what happened to it?"

"Wine stain, completely ruined. Here, help me." He nods at the other end. Sherlock is genuinely curious to see if he can get John to help him remove a body without his knowledge. "We will take it out the back."

John goes to grab the other end. "When did you have wine, Sherlock?" He frowns as he lifts the rug. "Sherlock, why's it so-" His eyes go wide when he sees a bit of a foot.

Sherlock gives the rug a shove from up the stairs, forcing Watson backwards with it in his hands. "Come, come, we don't have all night." Don't worry about that foot in the rug.

"No, No. Stop!" John presses his feet into the wood, making sure that he wasn't go backwards. "What the hell is going on?!"

"John..." There's a dangerous edge to his voice. "Keep. your. voice. down." Mrs. Hudson was a heavy sleeper but he couldn't take the risk.

John shakes his head. "Tell me what this is or I will call Lestrade right now."

Sherlock holds up a hand with John's cellphone in it. "No, you won't." He picked it out of his jacket pocket while he was putting it on Watson. "This is not what you think it is. Pick up your end."

"If it's not what I think then tell me what it is." Despite himself he reaches out and picks the rug and body back up.

Sherlock nods and the two of them start carrying the rug out the back. "This is no one you know." Vague explanation, but he's sticking with it. "A rather nasty client."

"Client?!" He hisses as they move back. "What the fuck, Sherlock?"

Sherlock is nonplussed, focused on the task in hand. "Don't let your end touch the ground, use your knees." They're almost to the dumpster out back.

"They had a feeble attempt to blackmail me." Idiot. They all were idiots and no one was going to miss one less idiot.

"So you killed him?" John does as told. His moral compass is spinning and it's so confusing. Loyalty to Sherlock or loyalty to his morals. "That's what Mycroft is for!"

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