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Because we haven't had one of these in a while
Originally posted by mememaker at 672. the return of the genderbent meme


By request, another genderbent meme! In this one, your character has always been the opposite gender and it's nothing unusual at all.

- Post your character's name/series/preferences in the subject line. At least include a description or a picture of what they'd look like as the opposite gender!
- Others go to RNG and roll numbers 1-4 for a scene type and then 1-10 for a prompt.
- Have fun!

1 ↳ fight. you're facing a foe or maybe you're just arguing really loud.
2 ↳ drunk. you've had a little too much fun tonight. What hijinks will come of it?
3 ↳ victory. you've just won a big battle, earned a victory in your life... how do you react?
4 ↳ hanging out. time to hang out with that friend you haven't seen in awhile!
5 ↳ party. either you went willing or you were dragged to a party.
6 ↳ cursed. you've been cursed to speak everything on your mind.
7 ↳ locked in. you're stuck in a room with someone.
8 ↳ lost. you're kind of lost, so why don't you pull over for directions?
9 ↳ future. you're suddenly stuck in your future... is it good? Is it bad?
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1 ↳ confession. you've loved this person for a long time and it's time to tell them. Maybe the entire thing was just an accident that you didn't mean to let slip.
2 ↳ make up. you've been fighting nonstop or you broke up, but now it's time to make up.
3 ↳ date. you've got the perfect night planned.
4 ↳ marriage. was it a big day for you? Or just a bad idea brought on by too much booze in Vegas? Awkward...
5 ↳ cuddling. you're in the mood to cuddle with your loved one.
6 ↳ gifts. you've found the perfect gift to give.
7 ↳ reunion. it's been a long time, but you're finally back together. Make the most of it.
8 ↳ choose you. you or your loved one is feeling insecure. It's time to reassure them that you'd always choose them.
9 ↳ babies either you've had one or you're watching one. How do you and your love handle it?
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1 ↳ possessed. you're aware, but you have no control over your body or your mouth as you focus your sights on your object of affection.
2 ↳ first time. it's your first night together with your partner.
3 ↳ accidental. you didn't intend for it to happen, but you had no choice but to share a bed or get caught in a closed space and things just... happened.
4 ↳ aphrodisiacs. you were drugged with some aphrodisiacs and the only way to work them out is to have sex before they drive you crazy. Of course you can try to wait them out if you really want...
5 ↳ whips and chains. You're in the mood for a little bit of pain with your pleasure tonight. Handcuffs and candlewax, knives, whips, spanking... whatever you can come up with.
6 ↳ dub-con. they might not have exactly said yes, but it's happening anyway.
7 ↳ experimental. toys, new places, whatever you can come up with.
8 ↳ morning after. you wake up naked and in bed with someone... time to figure out what happened!
9 ↳ rough. hatesex, angrysex, maybe you're just not feeling up to taking things slow and gentle tonight.
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1 ↳ hurt. the ones who you love are always the ones who hurt you the most. Was it a fight, a betrayal, or something else?
2 ↳ crazy. you're going insane or you already are. Hearing things, seeing things, paranoid of everything, etc.
3 ↳ depression. you're lost everything, you feel like you're finished, and you don't know how to reach out.
4 ↳ injured. you were injured badly and now someone has to help you.
5 ↳ sacrifice. you're about to sacrifice it all for those you care about.
6 ↳ break up. it's time to break it off with your partner.
7 ↳ addicted. drugs, alcohol, whatever your poison is, you can't give it up.
8 ↳ tortured. you were kidnapped, tortured mentally and physically. Thankfully someone found you.
9 ↳ amnesia. you can't remember who you are or who anyone is around you.
10 ↳ your choice. don't see something listed here you'd like to play? Want to combine something? Do it here!

Deanna Winchester | Supernatural | So Totally Open


He was wasted. Completely tanked. Tanked was the word right? He was trying to think of an appropriate word for this. Whatever it was didn't matter. He was hammered and he was actually liking it. It took an entire liquor store to do the job, but he got there.

He was wallowing. Self pity. Childish and human things. Emotions that he wasn't exactly fond of. He was a celestial being. He did not sit in a liquor store and mope over his missing father. His Father. Everyone's Father. The Almighty. He thought he could do it, but he didn't have the faith anymore. He didn't have anything except for blurry vision and a wobbly step. How sad was that? The broken angel. In the words of Dean this was a crock.

The numbers on the cellular device, Deanna had given him, were blurring together. His head was spinning and he felt like he was gonna topple over. He finally got the call to go through and waited to hear her voice. The brick wall outside the liquor store was shifting under the weight of his hand. Least it felt like it was shifting. Once he heard her voice he leaned forward hoping to be quiet. No one was really around. "Deanna, I would like you to come and retrieve me."

Stupid freaking phone playing stupid freaking CCR at stupid freaking three in the morning. Who in the hell calls while reasonable, normal people are trying to sleep. She groped around on the table, pointedly ignoring Sam's whine-y bitch moan from the bed across from her.

Snapped the phone open and barked out, "What?"

Deanna, I would like you to come and retrieve me.

She blinked, sat up in the bed, brow furrowed incredulously as she took in the voice on the other line. Cas. Well, mostly. "Cas, are you- are you plastered?"

"Plastered!" The word came out rather loudly. That was the word he was looking for. He was plastered. Smashed. He had gotten plastered. Yes. That was very appropriate. He quite enjoyed that word more than the other ones. It didn't exactly make much sense, but that was probably why he liked it now. Nothing made sense. His missing Father. The hopelessness. No sense. He didn't know what he was doing anymore. He was stuck.

"I am very much plastered." That didn't sound weird in his head. It probably sounded odd to Deanna. He pushed off the wall and toppled sideways. He caught himself before he hit the ground and pushed onward. He stumbled forward a few steps before regaining his balance once more. "You have a very deep voice--for a woman." That was probably not the best way to get her to come get him, but he was drunk. The things leaving his mouth weren't normal.

The sidewalk was a little twisty and up ahead he could see a woman in boots and a red leather mini skirt. His eyes got wide and he paused to take in the rest of the outfit. She seemed to notice the awkward man in a trenchcoat watching because she turned to him. "Hello." He nodded to her. She called him cutie and touched his chest. She told him how much to "ride" and he smiled. "Deanna, I believe I've found a ride."

She startled at the sudden word, jerked the phone back to stare at it, puzzled, then tentatively brought it back to her ear. "Cas. Cas." He wasn't even listening. Very much plastered indeed, what in the hell was he doing getting drunk? More over, how much did he have? The few times they'd tried to get him drunk, it seemed largely like a waste of alcohol.

And now that he was good and plastered, she was friggin' missing it. Are you kidding me? She shifted up, swung her feet over the bed and started tugging on her boots. After you get your ass woken up in the middle of the night to run, you start sleeping mostly dressed. Tonight was no exception, and she was already half way through lacing them up when she heard a woman's voice in the background and froze.

Did he seriously just get propositioned by a hooker? She held up a finger, like he could possibly see it.

"Cas. You listen to me- listen- don't you go with her. She's not giving you a ride, you feathery idiot, she's a hooker. Like, you know, prostitute. Whore of Babylon. Harlot? Just- where in the hell are you? I'm gonna come pick you up."

His eyes were stuck on the woman's chest. It was rather large and it seemed like it would get very uncomfortable for her over time. Were they not heavy? Did they not hurt her back? Plus that leather she was wearing did not look comfortable. It was Dean who told him that leather didn't breathe. How did she make it through an entire night wearing that thing? Perhaps it helped that it was not very big. It didn't seem to cover a lot of anything. That helped.

He scrunched up his nose and turned away from the woman. "Are you sure? She's very nice. She called me sweetheart." She can't see him, but he's smiling like an idiot. It took him a full minute to realize she had just called him a feathery idiot. "You're very rude at three in the morning." His eyes looked around for a street sign, but all he could see was the liquor store name. "I am in front of a fairly empty Big Mikes Liquor Emporium." He looked back at the woman.

Castiel side stepped, but his foot went off the curb. He slipped and stumbled into the street. No cars coming, but he had a bit of an issue getting normal once more. "My balance is impaired." He paused to try to get back up onto the sidewalk. "The harlot seems very nice, Deanna. I would also very much like to go home now."

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Sam Winchester | Supernatural | open

Dominique Cobb [Rule 63!Dominic Cobb] || Inception

(Deleted comment)

Castiel | Supernatural | ota

Choi Bounge | King of Fighters | OTA

Andrew Edison | 63!Community | OTA

Scout Summers | X-Men

Donnie Noble | 63!Doctor Who | OTA

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Luke Fabray | Rule63!Quinn Glee | OTA

Brian Perry | 63!Community

Jean Moriarty | 63!Sherlock (BBC)

Sherlock Holmes | BBC Sherlock (Helloooo!:D Want to choose a scene?)

3-1? Do you want to be the one in control?


[Sherlock smirked widely as he circled around Jean,sea-blue eyes focussed unblinkingly on her clothed form laid out upon the bed.]You are a beautiful thing, you know, if dangerous.

[His compliment is truthful, as he does find her rather pretty. He continues on with his train of thought.] You remind me of the poison arrow frog of South America. Brightly coloured,flamboyantly so. Beautiful to look at, yet dangerous to get involved directly with. But when handled accordingly,for example with latex gloves...

[He sits on the bed's edge and strokes her face with a gentle, soft hand.] Perfectly harmless. Though I must say, I prefer this method of handling to the alternative.

[Jean grimaces, her small hands tightening into fists. That's as much control as she's got over her body. She doesn't know why or what Sherlock did to her -- it's definitely not GHB or Rohypnol, she can tell that much -- but it's like what she'd imagine having motor neurone disease or being possessed would be like. Trapped in one's body, one's own mind, and having no control over their body.

She would draw back from his touch if she could move, no matter how gentle it is. She doesn't like not being in control. Looking back on it, she's never not been in control before. Even as a young girl, she had been able to exert her control over other children, even adults. That was until she heard of Sherlock Holmes. But, even then, she still had some degree of control over him; John, although an idiot, had proven to be useful after all. Now, she's got nothing. She is absolutely free of choice and control, and she's helpless. It's a strange, horrible feeling.]

You don't mind my touch, do you, Jean?[Sherlock asks, obviously teasing her, taunting her with the fact she cannot resist. He grins as she does not move or make a sound.] I take your silence as confirmation that you enjoy it.

[His hand snakes down, fingertips brushing against her neck, caressing her throat before grazing her breast, smiling softly as he does.] So very well put together...[He comments admiringly] Like a blue-blooded Arab horse. You were selectively bred, weren't you? Did your mother selectively choose your sire, because he could only add to your beauty?

Harri Potter || Harry Potter

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Castiel | Supernatural

2014!Castiel | Supernatural

1-2. Two threads? What? I couldn't resist when I saw it was 2014! Cas.

[ Oh sweet baby Jesus. His head was pounding and his ears were ringing. He wasn't entirely certain on the events of the night before, but they were probably not wholesome. His mouth felt like it was housing an army of cotton balls and his limbs were heavy. Something was digging into the back of his neck and to be honest that wasn't even the least of his worries. His pants were absent from his body and judging by his cold nipples his shirt was gone as well.

In the words of Bobby--balls.

Dean sat up slowly in a desperate attempt not to vomit into his own lap. Nothing was worse than that. He had no itch to clean himself up if that happened. He was completely and totally screwed. The pounding just got worse as he shifted. He wanted to just pass out. Judging by how things were meshing together he was probably just a tiny bit drunk still. He was hungover at the same time. How was that even humanly possible? God was real and he was fucking with Dean Winchester big time.

It took Dean all of two minutes to realize he was on the floor and this was not his room. He recognized it, but it wasn't his. This belonged to a certain angel with her wings clipped. He could make out a lump on the bed, but he didn't dare try to wake her. Mostly because he didn't want to move to do so. He swallowed and let out a groan. ]
My mouth tastes like ass.

(ooc: It's not really drunk in the present, but hungover and reliving the drunk shenanigans. Could possibly have 3-8. I just tried to make it as ridiculous as humanly possible.)

Awwwwwww yeah \m/ so down.

[That lump on the bed shifts slightly at the sound of Dean's voice; eventually an arm appears from within the cocoon of blankets, flopped gracelessly onto the mattress with a grunt, followed not long after by a mass of dark wavy hair, errant strands stuck to a face that's wearing a decidedly put-out expression. Hangovers are precisely why Cas prefers other intoxicants over alcohol... But beggars can't be choosers, and if the end of the world doesn't make beggars out of everyone, well...

Another hand snakes out from under the covers to move to push the hair away, and Cas scrubs a hand over her face, picking her head up just enough to be able to make out Dean's head poking out from the end of her bed.]

's a known side effect of drinking for hours on end.

[Her voice is rough with sleep, and her eyes seems to have missed the Time to Open memo... She feels like ass. She also feels like the rather impressive quantity of liquor they'd consumed hasn't quite run its course just yet- her head's spinning a bit and things seem blurry (though it's possible that has more to do with her half-opened eyes), but she honestly can't tell where the drunkenness ends and the hangover begins.

...That's acceptable, she supposes. Better than just being hungover, and it means she has a few hours until she has to deal with the awful throbbing headache she has no hope of escaping. ...At least not until she pops a pill or three. She peers down at Dean, taking in the state of him- and the state of his clothes, which are everywhere but on his person- and frowns slightly.]

I tried to tell you not to pass out on the floor but you weren't having any of it.

[[ooc: rofl this works for me! I'm totally down for either, or both, scenarios. I'm assuming it's 2014!Dean and not '09!Dean? :0 ]]

[ A very bright flash of them getting hammered in her room hit him like a ton of bricks. He couldn't remember much, but he knew it wasn't good. His head slowly swiveled in her direction in an attempt to see how she looked after last night. She looked wrecked. Just like him. That actually made him feel slightly better about his appearance right now.

Human or not the woman could drink like a champ. Dean thought he had the alcohol guzzling market cornered. Sam had never been a big drinker. He learned from their dad and Bobby. Apparently Cas learned from Nick Nolte and a dash from Gary Busey. She was a fucking champion with that booze. There was no doubt her liver would crap out before a monster ever got to her. He almost felt proud.

Dean practically scooted and half crawled across the floor to reach the bed. His arms flopped down on the edge of the mattress and his head rested along the side of it. It was much nicer than the floor. ]
I'm very--stubborn when I drink. [ He could be downright ridiculous when you put too much in his tank. It was probably good that he wasn't in a pissy mood. Too much booze and an attitude made for a not fun drunk Dean. Not fun at all.

Dean lifted the covers and put them over his head. Whatever light was leaking in was making this worse. This seemed like the best escape. Hazel eyes settled on a very naked female form under the covers. He pulled his head out and squinted at her. ]
You're naked. [ He glanced down at his own attire and found only boxers on himself. ] I'm gonna kill me. Crap.

(ooc: Both is gonna bring the lulz big time. I think it needs to be '09!Dean. Just the idea of him knowing 2014!Dean is gonna throttle him is too perfect.)

good god sorry for the wall o' text XD;;

[She is wrecked- her hair is sticking to her face, there's a truly ridiculous imprint of the pillow she'd been clinging to across her cheek, her eyes are red and glassy... Yeah, she's the picture of the Day After Drinking. She also doesn't care, not even a little bit. Especially since Dean looks about as bad. At least she's in good company.

Cas's alcohol tolerance, though not what it used to be for obvious reasons, is pretty impressive. She'd learned from the best, after all; you don't sit around drinking with Dean for five years and not pick up a few tricks and considerable drinking skill... Not if you want to survive those five years, anyway. She's secretly hoping it's her liver or her lungs that eventually get her-- she'd much prefer that to being ripped apart by croates. Actually, she'd prefer not to die at all, but since that doesn't look like an option, anymore...

She snorts softly as he scoots over to the bed, watches, amused, as he flops his face against the mattress. It's pitiful, but in a more relaxed way than she's used to seeing Dean- this timeline's Dean, of course- and there's a pang of loss that she shoves away, buries under the still-present haze of liquor. Reaching over to her bedside table, she grabs the bottle of water she'd had the presence of mind to leave there the night before and takes a long drink, downing half of it in one go.]

You say that like you're not a stubborn ass when you're sober.

[There's a curve to her lips as she says it. It's an affectionate sort of statement more than a biting one, and she rolls the tosses the water bottle down to Dean as a kind of peace offering.

...At least she was planning on it, until she'd noticed his head shoved under the blankets. She makes no move to cover herself up- it's nothing he (or many of the camp's other residents) haven't seen before- though she does huff out a quiet laugh at his incredulity.]

Looks like. [She rolls her eyes.] Your secret's safe with me, Dean. I promise not to tell you that I slept with... You.

[This whole situation still boggles. She does toss the bottle of water to Dean, now that he's not likely to be hit in the face with it.]

You don't have to stay down there, co-ed sleepovers aren't against camp rules.

[[ooc: works for me! Lmao Cas would be SO PISSED hahaha. I feel like 2014 Dean would be like... almost protective and she'd be all >>>>>:| ]]

I love wall of text. It's lovely.

[ This really wasn't how he saw his time going here. He thought things would have been a lot bloodier and a little less sexual. Then again he was dealing with a different Cas. She wasn't constricted by the goddamn pants suits. She was into drugs and could drink like a sailor. Not to mention she participated in orgies. End of the world apparently let her branch out a lot more. If and when he went home it would be hard to look at his Cas and not see this version.

Dean would have never guessed she learned her drinking skill from him. She was way above him. He wasn't sure if he should be proud or incredibly freaked out. He would definitely have to convince his Cas to booze it up a little more one night. He wanted to see the tolerance with a little more angel juice behind it. He had a feeling it was a lot worse than now.

Here comes the lazy smile. He was a stubborn bastard no matter if he was drunk or sober. He got that from his father and probably amplified it with Bobby's influence. The hunting life wasn't for the gentle and kind hearted individual. It was for crazy old bastards. ]
I can be agreeable--when people aren't being stupid and making crap plans. [ He was a firm believer that his way was the right way. Thanks, John. ]

I would appreciate you zipping your lips. If there's one thing I'd go ballistic over then it'd be me defiling you. [ He was not anxious to get into a fight with himself. He knew that he fought dirty sometimes. Someone would not walk away from it.

What a kind and generous soul. Dean scooped up the bottle and twisted the top off it. He smiled to himself as he tilted his head back and chugged a rather massive gulp of the water. He swallowed and screwed the top back on. He put it on the nightstand and held up a single finger to her. He lifted the covers once more to see. He nodded slowly and dropped them. ]
I had no idea that was under your multitude of layers.

[ He whistled softly and managed to pull himself up into the bed with her. He rolled onto his back and let out a sigh. ] I'm not gonna walk in anytime soon right? I'm too hungover to kick my own ass.

(ooc: Yeahhhh. He'd be like protective and territorial. Then past Dean is like constantly on edge about it all the time.)

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[Cas would be very proud indeed to have corrupted Dean's view of '09's Castiel... She'd take it as a huge compliment, though that's probably not how he'd intend it.]

You'd better stay away from... You, in that case. [She snorts.] And I think it's a little late to be worrying about the state of my virtue, for either of you.

[It might be the greatest understatement of all time- orgies, for fuck's sake. She wonders why her Dean still hasn't quite managed to reconcile that small matter. He's never participated, and Cas is almost sure that a major factor in his refusal is the desire to deny that they even take place. Not that she isn't more than happy to spend private time with him, but really.]

My lips are sealed, though. Don't worry.

[She grins over at him as he chugs that bottle of water like a champ... And her lips curl into a salacious smirk as he lifts the covers up to get another look.

She shrugs.]

Jenny was into professionalism.

[Finally, he flops down onto the bed, and when he rolls onto his back she twists to her side, propping her head up on her elbow.]

Important things to do today, really serious mission stuff. I think you're in the clear.

[She doesn't even bother trying to disguise the blatant way her eyes flicker over his mostly-bared body. She's pretty sure they're past that, and anyway, she's being much less obvious about it than he is.]

[[ooc: lol I can see that XD I can also see him being all :| if she traded in for the younger model 8'D ]]

You are definitely no blushing virgin. The things you did in this bed and with that mouth don't exactly scream virginity. I'm betting he doesn't think so either. [ It was an entirely different matter. It was there was one person that Dean Winchester thought less of then it was himself. ] He'll be pitching a friggin' fit by sundown.

[ He was curious as to why he wasn't in here more often, but he was guessing it had something to do with the orgies. He wasn't exactly a sharing is caring type of guy. In his twenties he might have been down for a threesome, but now that he was older it just seemed exhausting. He could boast until Sammy's face turned bright red, but it didn't mean he wanted it. He had grown pretty damn fond of the one on one action. Also judging by how much his Cas meant to him he had a funny feeling this Dean felt the same way. ] I was never very good at sharing.

[ Dean nodded and pursed his lips. ] It had the whole Hot For Teacher vibe at times, but it was a bit constricting. Didn't imagine your legs lookin' like that. [ He's just appreciating the goods. It's not like he can go back to his Cast and peek into her pants. She'd probably knock his ass through a wall or something. Then again she wasn't good with personal space ever. She might not even notice.

Dean shut his eyes and rested his hands on his chest. Oh yeah. He could totally feel eyes on him. ]
Try an' keep the drool to a minimum yeah? [ It's safe to say that traveling forward in time didn't ruin his self esteem any. Still a confident asshole. ] I got a pretty important question. Have your boobs always been that nice? Is this an end of the world former angel trick or those blouses just not doin' you any justice? [ It is an honest question. Sorta. ]

(ooc: Oh god. Being traded for a younger model will just be perfect. He will stomp around.)

Deanna Winchester + Supernatural

[Oh, how did I miss this? Yay for genderbend!]


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