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A change of pace from all the love.


❧ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, and any preferences you have. This meme has smut and normal options, so specify which one you want, or both.
❧ When replying, RNG for a number between 1 and 16 (if all), 1 and 10 (if only cupcakes, aka ones with colored frosting), or 11 and 17 (if only "smutcakes", aka ones with white frosting). The number corresponds to which cupcake you get. Your thread partner will also RNG for a number.
❧ Go from there! Don't be afraid to keep eating more and more cupcakes throughout the thread! The effects will compound each other.
01] red frosting  superpowers
Flight, super speed, x-ray vision, you name it! You now have a super power.

02] orange frosting → personality flip
The sweet and timid become rough and rowdy, vice-versa, and whatever else applies!

03] yellow frosting → truths
No more secrets, no more lies~ You want to be honest, no matter what.

04] green frosting → age change
Do you feel... younger? Older? It's not your imagination.

05] teal frosting → spontaneous, uncontrollable action

06] blue frosting → clothes change
... I wasn't wearing this before...

07] purple frosting → gender swap
Girls are boys and boys are girls!

08] pink frosting → lies
The opposite of the lovely yellow cupcake, now you can't tell anything but lies!

09] brown frosting → animal parts
... Is that a pair of ears/wings/a tail you got going on now?

10] rainbow frosting → wildcard
Anything that I forgot that you want? This is the option for that!

11] white frosting with red sprinkles → lust
You want this person, and you wanted them about five minutes ago.

12] white frosting with orange sprinkles → rough/hatesex
Again, you want this person, but you want them against that wall/table/surface over there and you want them.

13] white frosting with yellow sprinkles → instant dom
Whatever you say, you want them to follow and submit, no matter what it is.

14] white frosting with green sprinkles → instant bondage/toys
... Those weren't there before... but do have fun anyway, or, at least, as much fun as you can when restrained.

15] white frosting with blue sprinkles → instant sub
The opposite to the yellow sprinkles, you want to serve your partner, no matter what.

16] white frosting with purple sprinkles → romantic
The opposite to the orange sprinkles, you love them and want them to be as comfortable as possible.

17] white frosting with rainbow sprinkles → wildcard
The smutcake version of the "other" option. Do not include this if you're doing all the cupcakes!

(posted by ...somebody in this comm)

The Doctor | Doctor Who | Open | light on 12-15 if rolled.

[Will roll a new cupcake per threader. :D]

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14 - s-sob surprise!handcuffs are about as mild as RNG got :|

[Oooooooooohhhhhh! Cupcakes. She tugs the sleeve of the Doctor's coat to get his attention away from...whatever politics are going down in a language the TARDIS isn't translating (she suspects because she wouldn't understand it even if it did)] Doctor...are those cupcakes?

RNG was alllll over the board :3 We'll go with 8 today...

[At her tug, the Doctor responds, but he's distracted enough trying to translate the speech himself. Their sentence structure is tricky.] I dunno, go over and find out.

[Wait, did she say cupcakes? He is slightly hungry, he spares her a glance before going back to ...trying to decipher the political speech even more.] Bring me back one if they are?

What a flipping pain, RNG

[She squints at him a moment, and is half-tempted to tell him to get one himself...but...if it's too complicated for the TARDIS to translate for her, he probably can't divide his attention that well...and they could miss something important. If there's anything important.]

Yeah, alright. The food's all safe here, right?


[It's plenty important, it's just.... long winded. And tedious to have to listen to every single sentence for important meanings imparted fifteen paragraphs ago and three words into the next. And this was an important paragraph, Rose! So, distracted!]

It should be, yeah.

Also 13 because HOW DARE HE IGNORE HER

[Oh she knows that look. That's his 'leave me alone, thinking' face'. Obviously they must be spouting something important, because they're more...clicky than before. And there's a few trills, which she remembers him mentioning were important.

When she wanders into the room...yes! They're cupcakes! A little bit demolished by the other partiers, but still cupcakes! Hooray! She takes a few moments to study the two stands--colorful ones on the left, sprinkled white on the right. The Doctor will want a colorful one...and the brightest one she sees is pink. So hah, if he wants a manlier color he can come in and get the chocolate ones himself.

While she's tempted by the chocolate, the talk of the heavy dinner makes her shy away from it. That, and their flavors are very strong, so...something a bit more plain is good. Like the white with yellow sprinkles!

She's halfway back, nibbling on her cupcake, before she decides on an impulse to turn back and grab another. If she's got to grab it herself, she should get something extra out of it. There's no yellow ones, but this green one'll do.

Once returned, she holds the cupcake up in his line of vision to get his attention.]
Cupcakes, Doctor. This one's yours.

XD He doesn't think that's fair, HE'S LISTENING TO SOMETHING IMPORTANT!

[He actually thinks pink is a lovely color, it's just not necessarily his absolute favorite. But he'll be more than happy to try a colorful pink cupcake, for certain!

He's almost got a complete translation of the political speech when a bright pink blob appears in his peripheral vision. He does keep glancing over at it but half a minute more of trills and chirps and a marked decrease in clicking goes by before he actually turns to take the bright sugary snack from Rose.]

Speech's over, sorry about that, Rose--So they were cupcakes? [And as he truly was hungry, guess who happily scarfs a third of the thing in one bite, like one tends to do...]

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[That's because it is a nice color. He should try it some time. She bets he'd look cute in it.

She finishes off the yellow sprinkles while she waits--somewhat impatiently, and with much cupcake shaking--for him to take the cupcake.]

A whole table of them. Are they saying anything useful? [One cupcake down and delicious, she might as well attack the green-sprinkled one now. Om-nom-nommy.]


[He doubts that. He tried on pink shirts in a previous incarnation and he looked rubbish. Although, it was a hideous shade to begin with.]

Someone'll find it useful. [He didn't get the information he'd hoped for and really, he doubted anyone else could sit through more of the speeches and get as little information as he did. He bit off another third of the remaining cupcake.] Do they have any more of these? [And finally, the last third is gone. Om-nom!]


[She thinks he'd look good in it. Once they get out of here, she'll have him try one. Why else have a wardrobe if they're not going to use it?

And...he eats too quickly. She's only done half of hers so far.]
Plenty in the other room, yeah. Only a few of the pink ones left, though, so if you want another you'll have to go get it now.


[He likes it better when Rose uses the wardrobe. He loves wearing his pinstripes and trainers! And he's certain any shade of pink would look ghastly with the brown suit!

He's hungry and has a bigger mouth, what does she expect?]
Oh? Well then, let's go.

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[Well he can wear it without so many layers then! She wants to see pink on him and that's that.

She huffs, and after a moment of debate follows after him, nibbling off the last of her cupcake about the time they make it to the door of the cupcake room. Which is about how she timed it so she could grab another.

There's just one problem: her arms catch on something as soon as she tries to walk more than a step into the room.]
Wha--[Oh. Hey. Handcuffs. To the doorframe. Where did those come from.] Lemme go!


[Bwah, all right, just once, but he's not leaving the wardrobe in a pink shirt unless there's an absolute emergency. And it can't be an alien invasion.

He's halfway to the cupcake tables (If he was honest, the cupcakes with sprinkles Rose had looked delicious) and headed towards a blue-sprinkled cupcake when she calls out.

He makes an immediate about-face only to see Rose handcuffed to the room's doorframe.]
What happened? Are you all right? [He rushes to her side, pulling out his sonic in order to release her.]

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[She's a bit miffed he's quite that far ahead of her, but at least he turns around quickly enough and arrives with the Sonic. That shows obedience! Which is good in even put these things here?]

I--I don't know, I must've tripped some anti-theft thingy going through the door. Lemme go, Doctor.

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[Longer legs; they get him places much faster than shorter ones. :3

His brow furrows as he sonics open one of the handcuff's locks.]
Anti-theft thingy? That was ... [He'd been about to say 'brilliant of you' but he really doesn't need Rose any more worked up than she already seems to be. Also, it felt a bit rude.] Are you sure? Did you see anything?


[That's cheating. He should walk her pace. Maybe even behind her, she's the one exploring right?

No! But I wasn't looking until now. Where else would it be from? [Yay one hand free!] This isn't another one of those cultures you say are 'friendly' and mean 'think it's okay to have kinky orgies in public' is it? [No. No she's never ever letting him live down that one. Neeeeever.]

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Hi! I don't know you (do I? idek)! So I'm tagging! =D Also, lol I got 9.

"Mmm... Cupcakes. Look, chocolate, I'm having one of those," Rose grabbed the brown frosted cupcake from the table with the different types. She grinned and took a bite, making a face as she swallowed. "It's good, but it doesn't taste much like chocolate... wonder why we're the only ones in here?"

It was a giant room, and an awful lot of cupcakes on display. She turned to the Doctor, scratching her head- where those white bunny ears growing where she was scratching? No, it couldn't be.

"Didn't the person who let us in say there was a party goin' on?"

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Well I know you! :3 And hah, I got 3! (sorry for late reply, errands and dinner got in the way XP)

"Yeah she did; I dunno, maybe we're early?" The Doctor grabbed a yellow frosted cupcake and sniffed it, then took a bite, swallowing and hardly chewing as blokes tend to do when they're hungry. He finally looks over at Rose and... Whoa waitaminute!

"Rose, are you aware you've got bunny ears coming out of your head?"

yay! and no problem, I'm being distracted by being sick and listening to 8th doctor audios. xD

"Right, that's probably one of the worst jokes you've ever come up with. Doesn't even have a punchlin-" she was reaching to scratch her head again and dropped the rest of her cupcake on the ground.

"Oh my god... Doctor, what's going on?! I can't have bunny ears comin' out of my head!" She ran past him and looked in her reflection in a mirrored window. Blinking, she hesitantly touched them, feeling the ears twitch as she did so, disbelief on her features.

"D'you think it was those cupcakes, how come you don't have ears coming out of your head?" she turned toward him, still touching said ears through her hair.

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Aw, feel better! Hope Eight distracts you from being sick well enough!

"It's no joke, and I probably don't have bunny ears because I ate a different cupcake than you did." It made sense. Hers was brown, his was yellow. He sniffed the remainder of his cupcake again and wrinkled his nose, yeah it still smelled the same.

"Rubbish artificial lemon flavor, that's for certain. I don't know why I haven't been effected." Or had he? He put it up to his Time Lord physiology. "It's probably a good idea not to eat any more of them, Rose."

oh he is. I love Eight... so much. he's in my top 5 doctors. <3

"You think?!" She snapped, but calmed right after. "Sorry. Maybe you're immune to it? Do you think it wears off?" She spotted a chair and sat down, elbows on knees, chin in her hands, "S'ppose we could wait it out," the ears twitched of their own accord to match the position she was sitting in. Her eyes went back to her reflection in another mirrored window and she tilted her head. "They're sort of cute if they aren't permanent..."

Hahah! Almost half the Doctors are in your top 5! XDD

"I can't really hazard a guess if or when it'll wear off. I suppose we'll just have to see how things go, ay?" He sat down next to her and gave her new ears an appraising look and an amused smile, "I think it's adorable."

lol I love them all, but I have an order of favorites. <3

"Adorable?" She grinned and nudged his shoulder, resting her head there, folding the ears down so they weren't in the way. "Mum's gonna blame you for this, you know. If it stays I mean. Try tellin' her you think it's adorable." She laughed at the thought, trying to keep positive.

Haha neat! My favorite's painfully obvious! :3

"Yeah, adorable! Much cuter than nurse-cat-nuns if I may say so, Rose Tyler." He chuckled and then swiped his face at the mention of her mother. "Jackie'd blame me for every time you stubbed your toe, even if you did it when you were home!"


I really do love you, in my way. I'm just bad at showing it.


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