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Sweet dreams are made of these
D R E A M S ~ M E M E

Dreams are difficult enough to understand. They range from embarrassing, to frightening, to thought-provoking, to just plain nonsensical. You may find yourself wondering what that was all about, or trying to forget about it as quickly as you can. It may be close enough to reality to confuse you, or dream logic may prevail. Whatever the case, the world of dreams is a way to delve into your psyche and deal with what happened to you that day, your fears, and whatever's on your mind.

Except... what's that person doing there?

Potential Trigger Warning!

On IJ!

How It Works:
~ Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject.
~ Others respond to your character.
~ Roll the RNG 1-6 for your situation, from the list below. That's the type of dream your character is having. Or, just pick the one you like the best.
~ The replier has found themselves in your character's dream, able to interact freely.
~ Have fun!

1. sweet dreams
Something like this might not happen too often in your waking life, if ever. You've found the world's largest supply of grape ice cream, you've won the lottery... or, perhaps, you're just having a really good day. Will this person share in your joy or ruin it for you?

2. nightmares
Your worst fears are being visited upon you tonight. Whether it's falling, losing those closest to you, insects, or something particular to you, there's no doubt you'd wake up in a cold sweat if everything went normally. Having this person there isn't 'normal', though. Maybe they can make things better.

3. sexy dreams
Isn't it so awkward when the person you're in bed with suddenly asks why you're dreaming about them in a schoolgirl costume?

4. bizarre dreams
It's hard to categorize this, but it probably seems perfectly natural to you that you need to find the smallest grain of sand in the world to stop an alien invasion up until someone points out how weird that is. And maybe it still seems normal to you even after that. They might be the ones being silly!

5. memories
The mind often revisits important events in one's life. For good or bad, you're back in time, reliving something that stuck in your head. But... that guy wasn't here before, was he? Or maybe he was, but hasn't seen it from your point of view yet.

6. combination/other
Dreams are many and varied. Mix up the flavors, or try something completely different. Wherever your mind will take you is game.

The Doctor | Doctor Who | Open

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/sneakattack 4

[Shared dreaming: Brought to you by questionable technology certain companions probably shouldn't be playing with while thinking on the subject of Time Lord dreams.

Godzilla is...yeah, she's not sure where that one came from.]

XD Good god this could go anywhere!

[There could be no simple explanation for this. He hardly dreams. And even if he did often, it wouldn't be about Godzilla rampaging over New San Francisco. Or would it?]

Rose, I think we're going to have to discuss handling certain items on the TARDIS when I'm not around! C'mon! [Hand grabbing? Check. Running? Check. Rose following? ...]

Therein is the point!

[Well she's never dreamed about it, either. She's not even sure what San Fransisco looks like, she'd only know from movies not actually filmed there.

Of course she follows! She's always running!]
What, you've got a Godzilla whistle somewhere in there?

Oh of course!

[At least three incarnations of New San Francisco were based off of a few of those inaccurate movies due to a retro-Earth nostalgia movement in the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire, unfortunately for Rose, this wasn't one of those New San Franciscos. This was a close approximation of one of the Doctor's last trips to the San Francisco of good old, vintage Sol 3 Earth. Circa 2011.

It even had a slightly film noir-ish feel to it now that he thought about it.

There was Godzilla, roaring and rampaging behind them. And somehow the Doctor knew the great lizard was after him. Him!]

Despite what salesmen may say in Japan, trust me, Godzilla whistles don't work! [Running running running running, and a TURN to run into:

a blind alley.]
Oh lovely.

Edited at 2012-01-18 11:46 am (UTC)

Predictable is booorriiiing

[Sooo...basically all of this is his fault. Brilliant. All she's doing is lending her human ability to dream to his imagination. It's not her fault his imagination is tacky noir and old monster movies.]

Why would they sell whistles to summon him? Shouldn't it be to scare 'im off? [Well. Crap. New plan?]

6 - mixing up the numbers, let's see what happens!

[Have a nice dream!gun aimed at your face, Doctor.] There's a giant marshmallow monster in the shape of Hitler and only you and I can stop it. But first I need to sleep with you.

[Maybe there's someone behind the scenes holding a gun to her head, too, who knows? One can't really see because she's in a gaudy, fluffy wedding gown] ...My parents are traditionalists.

Oh for the love of god, this is cracking me up!

[Have a deer-in-headlights look, River. He's dressed in his Bad Luck Tux and black Chucks--Oh, and maybe even his brainy specs--but with a red bowtie? (Not that he can see it yet, but he somehow...knows it's red.) His hands are already in the appropriate surrender position.

He gives River a cursory once-over at her comment about the dress, but he's still got that deer-in-headlights boggle going. Oh dear, traditionalist parents. He wonders what kind of wedding they actually have in his future. Knowing him it's probably in the middle of some disaster.]
You look lovely.

But on to more important things--Marshmallow Hitler--What?!

[And then suddenly, a familiar theme tune and title sequence starts up. With their names in appropriate places. It's entirely bizarre, and the mun had to do it.]

omglol this is fantastic

Thank you, sweetie. Though I promise you the view underneath is even better.

[She blinks and starts looking around in confusion at the music and the names] What, what is that? [Can she shoot it? No, best not to risk it]

...Okay, now that that's done. C'mon pretty boy, let's do this up proper so we can get a little improper, yeah? ...Oh and save the universe too. That'll be a nice bonus, won't it?

XD It just ...hit me that that had to happen!

[And his hands go down after the music stops]

What if I don't want to see what's underneath? [Yup, still contrary, River. Even in dreamland. You just perplex him, woman!]

That was... [He swallows, boggly. Haaaands go in pockets.] I have no idea. Although seeing the TARDIS spin through the time vortex from the outside was nifty! [He grins briefly. Like a kid, while he pauses.

Oh right.

Saving the universe is always a bonus, River Song. Although I'm not so sure I like where this is going. [He... Marriage doesn't suit him at all, River!]

I love it! XD

Then the universe is going to die and it'll be your fault. Suck it up, soldier. [She loves perplexing him though! It's her second-favorite hobby]

Yes, actually, that was rather pretty. Even with your horrendous driving.

Why not? [She will take a moment to put her gun down, and...who knows where in her dress she places it. Maybe there's TARDIS-like pockets in it somewhere, or it just doesn't matter BECAUSE IT'S A DREAM] Have you got someone else in mind you'd rather do this with? Where is she? It IS a she, right? [Jealous, much?]

2, since the Master is probably in a lot of the Doctor's nightmares anyway

*It's the last day of the Last Great Time War, and they're standing in the chambers of the High Council.

*Or what's left of them, at least. The Master was upset and hungry, which means Rassilon and his loyal fools are little piles of gnawed bone. And bombs have ripped the roof off, letting the wind blow through.

*The Master smiles as his hair begins to smoke and holds out a hand.* Come on, Doctor. Burn with me. It won't hurt for long.

You lit this final fire, and I have to save myself from the flames yet again. The least you can do is shield your oldest friend from the heat.

*The fire leaps and roars, and the Master grabs the Doctor's hand hard.* Save me--or burn with me.

Oho boy, is he...

[The Master grabbing his hand hurts--it's not the typical physical pain from a crushing grip--it also burns with the heat of a thousand suns. The heat radiates up his arm, spreading throughout his body.

The Doctor grimaces and focuses on the Master's face, gritting his teeth, trying to hold himself together.]
I tried so hard to save you, Master. I want to, but I don't think I can.


Do you really want to? Knowing what I've done? Knowing, now, that the drums are real and I have to keep doing these things or they'll just keep getting louder?

Will you save me knowing that I will come to you bloody, with human flesh between my teeth, screaming in pain and rage and sorrow--and not just now, but every day of our lives together?

Can you accept these things, old friend? If not then your desire to help me is just a platitude. But if you can accept me as the broken thing I am, just wish us away from here. *He smiles weakly.* After all, it is your dream.


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