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587. Intimate Moments

The Intimacy Meme

Intimacy is the glue of any relationship, albeit romantic or friendship. It's getting to the root of humanity, and expanding upon ourselves and letting others in.

1. Post with your character.
2. Go to rng.
3. Post to others.
4. Profit

1. First Kiss. Maybe you've been harboring feelings or maybe this is random. But it feels good to be that close to someone.

2. Love Confession. You have been head over heels for this person and now it's time to try and get close to them.

3. Secrets. You've been hiding yourself from someone and now it's time to stop. They need to know the real you.

4. First Time. First time you have sex is always nerve racking, but it's in these moments that you show how much you truly care about someone.

5. Shower. Perhaps you've been together for awhile. Maybe you've told each other everything. Maybe you're just dirty and need to get cleaned up. But letting the water flow between two people is still pretty intimate.

6. Free verse. Did I leave something out? Want to combine? Make up your own or pick from the others.

Rose Tyler || Doctor Who || OTA, but I've been wanting some Ten2/Rose action lately!

3... or 6... or IDEK

[He opens the door to the flat, bags of take away in hand]

I brought dinner.

oh man. yes.

John! [it was rare when he actually came home early enough for her to see him, let alone bring dinner, and she promptly jumped up and hugged him, kissing him in the process]

Oh, is that Chinese?

[he catches her, grinning wildly.]

The orange chicken you always get.

You. Are. Brilliant. [forget that she was busy working on her paperwork before he walked in, he's here now and she wanted to take advantage. She helps carry the food over to the coffee table, sitting on the floor.]

So, how's the new job goin' anyway?

[he sits on the floor across from her and digs out his food]

It's good. Exhausting.

[exhausting only half covers it]

I bet. [starts to eat- mmm chinese food.]

I hardly get to see you anymore. You sleep when I'm gettin' ready for work, and I'm usually asleep when you come home. I remember having to work nights at Henricks, hated it.


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