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So, it's that time of the year, isn't it...? The mistletoe's hanging up everywhere, just waiting for a lucky couple to take a smooch underneath its leaves... but something's not quite right under this plant as you begin to suddenly lock lips with the first person your eyes meet. You feel strange... almost as if you want to do some crazy, sexy things with whoever you're with...

Whoo, talk about an early Winter present!

1 - Just Kissing: Mistletoe is the best place for sharing kisses... but there are other areas on your partner that lips can touch... and suck to their heart's content!
2 - Rough and Wild: Kissing is just... too soft for you. You want something... dominating, rough, maybe with some force? Maybe some tools and toys are nearby... like rope, paddles or other objects? Feel free to use them to your advantage!
3 - Confess My Love: Once your lips leave, you suddenly want to tell this person how you feel about them, tell them that you love them more than life itself... and maybe even show them how much they mean to you through the best gift of all - yourself?
4 - Touchin' and Teasin': Someone's definitely on the naughty list! Somehow, your hands won't leave your partner's body alone... Maybe you want to explore every inch of that hot body, just to see what places make them tick...
5 - Take Me Please: The heat from that kiss is growing... and so is the urge to want to get those clothes off and just get wild in the sack. Ho, ho, HO... indeed!
6 - Lick Me All Over: Lips are lovely, but don't forget the tongue! Time to take an adventure and just lick every part of your partner to see what they'll do...
7 - Something Fluffy: Kissing was nice, wasn't it? Maybe you want to keep the mood calm and sweet as you find a warm fire to settle beside... and just enjoy this moment together.
8 - Cuddle and Coo: A smooch is fine, but what you really want to do with your partner is... just stay close to them, hold them tight in your arms and feel all of their warmth against your own. Clothes are optional.
9 - Watch Me Play: Kissing was just the warm-up exercise, because now you want to put on a steamy little show for your partner in the most intimate matter possible - by touching yourself.
10 - Right Here, Right Now: Can't wait to get into the bedroom, can you? Even the shy ones can show their hidden bold side underneath this mistletoe, so why not just go for it where you are now?
11 - Total FAIL!: ...Wait, that kiss didn't go right, did it? So, why do you just want to go at it and do your worst in the sack? Because you two can, that's why!
12 - YOUR CHOICE: Choose any situation you'd like... or be creative and make up your own scenario! The mistletoe has many effects, even more than what's here!

- Post your character with the basics - ex. [Name | Canon | Sexual Preference] - in the subject line. Feel free to post any kinks or even a basic scenario to start things off, but they aren't necessary here.
- Repliers: Take a lucky roll of a couple of DICE! Whatever your number equals to, that determines your mistletoe's hidden
effects! Reply to anyone you wish, regardless of canon [but please follow the sexual prefs of others! Thanks!]! Remember to put what you rolled on your subject line too!
- ?????
- PROFIT! Take the results as far as you wish! Want to kiss under another sprig of mistletoe for another round of excitement? Go ahead and try it out! The possibilities are completely endless!

(idea snagged from the_juuicebox)

Helen Magnus | Sanctuary | OTA


Nikola wasn't much for Christmas. He didn't decorate anything, but he did buy presents for his friends, and those he cared about. Living at the Sanctuary provided him with plenty of things to glare at, like that ugly tree Wolfboy put up in the foyer. He had a few favorite decorations, especially the mistletoe someone placed in the doorway of Helen's office.

He wasn't quite sure how it happened but one moment they were kissing, and the next she was whispering in his ear, suggesting he put a little show on for her.

Nikola could never say no to Helen so he locked the door and stripped himself of his clothes. As he stroked his hand over his semi-erect cock, he looked at her.

"Is this what you wanted?"

:D <3

Helen wasn't exactly sure who put the mistletoe in her office doorway, though she had her suspicions, but when she found herself standing under it with Nikola, the moment took over. After they had kissed for several moments, she had found herself wanting more, so she made her suggestion, knowing that it was a bit naughty.

She wasn't sure he'd agree, so when he did, she smiled and went over to sit down as he stripped off his clothes once the door was locked. He really was so very handsome - slender and fit. She felt herself throb as she watched him, completely enthralled, especially when he took his cock in his hand.

"Yes," she said in answer to his question. There was something amazingly erotic about watching him touch himself. "Very much so."

Nikola loved the way Helen was watching him. He had always been a showman, wanting all the attention to be on him, so he had no problem with pleasing himself in front of her.

He stroked his hand up, his thumb running over the precum on the tip of his cock. Groaning, he closed his eyes and reached his other hand down to fondle his balls.

"Remember that time in London when we were hiding in your house so we could have some alone time? Mmm, remember what we did? You leaned over me, and I fucked you with my tongue as you sucked my cock," he said, his voice near a purr. "That's what I'm thinking about - your warm mouth around my cock as I lap up your juices, making you moan and want more."

Helen drew in a deep breath as Nikola ran his hand over his cock and started to fondle his own balls. Dear god, he was so very handsome, and she knew that before this was over, she was going to be so very turned on. As it was, she could already feel herself becoming slick between her legs. It made her badly want to touch herself, but for right now, she was going to watch the show.

Of course, then he hand to remind her of that day in her house when they had hid from the others and pleasured each other. "Oh god, yes," she murmured, running her hand over herself, unbuttoning a few button of her shirt as she did. "Your tongue felt so incredibly good, and I wanted so much to taste you even though it wasn't considered proper for a lady to take a man into her mouth, much less swallow his come."

She ran her hand down between her legs, rubbing over herself. "If you want me to suck your cock, I think you should come over her so I can do so."

Nikola could smell the arousal, thick in the air, as he watched Helen unbutton her shirt. His hand quickened over his shaft, and he groaned at her offer. It was tempting but he decided to stay there for a few moments.

"You're a vixen," he said before stroking himself a few more times.

He then stood and walked across the room, stopping when he was in front of her. "I believe you said something about a blow job," he said with a grin.

When Nikola called her a vixen, Helen moaned softly, continuing to rub herself between her legs. "And you wouldn't have me any other way."

She wondered if he was going to take her up on her offer or stay where he was. Perhaps she was going to have to go over to him. Finally, though, he moved to stand in front of her, and she looked up at him, returning his grin.

"I do believe I did," she said, reaching up to stroke her fingers lightly over his cock. After a few moments, she then drew her tongue until the bottom of the shaft, up to the head and around it before wrapping her lips around him and taking him into her mouth.

"Even though it's maddening at times, no, I wouldn't change you at all," Nikola said with a grin.

When her fingers brushed over his cock, he groaned and slowly rocked his hips forward. As her tongue ran over him, he reached down and slowly ran his fingers through her head.

"Fuck. You're so good at this," he said as she took him into her mouth.

"Good, because I wouldn't want to change you either," Helen told him.

Reaching up to rest one hand on Nikola's hip, Helen continued to take him into her mouth as deeply as she could. A shudder ran down her spine when his fingers caressed through her hair, and she breathed out a soft hum of pleasure around him at his compliment. She really did enjoy his reactions when she did this to him.

Once she had gone as far as she could, she slowly started to bob her head back and forth, using her tongue to tease him. Her other hand came up between his legs, her fingers running over his balls.

The more Helen used her mouth, the closer he got to falling apart. While he could hold on for as long as he wanted, he found that he didn't want to. He didn't get to spend a lot of time with Helen, so he wanted to make the most of it.

Reaching down, he ran his fingers through her hair as his body started to shudder. "Going to come soon, Helen," he warned her.

Helen could feel Nikola's cock starting to twitch a bit from what she was doing, so she started to move her mouth faster over him, wanting him to come apart. Tasting him was something she could never get enough from. Before the first time she had orally pleasured him, she had heard stories that it was sickening to do so, but she had found she enjoyed it very much.

So when he told her that he was close, she caressed him a bit more firmly and sucked on him a bit harder to encourage him to come.

Nikola groaned, feeling his balls starting to tighten and rise. Even though his hips wanted to snap forward, he controlled himself since he didn't want to hurt her. Instead, he gently tangled fingers in her hair and closed his eyes.

A moment later, his orgasm hit and he softly cried out as he twitched hard in her mouth.

When Nikola's long fingers caressed against her scalp, Helen felt herself throb as she hummed around his cock again. He was close, so she continued what she was doing, teasing with her lips and tongue until finally, he came.

Groaning, she swallowed his release, the sensation and taste sending other shudder through her, straight to her core. Once she had, she then slowly licked the rest of his come from him before looking up, smiling at the expression on his face.

"Enjoyed that, my love?" she asked him, knowing that of course he had.


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