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Deliver de letter de sooner de better


1. Comment with your character's name, canon, and preferences in the title.
2. Comment to other people, using the RNG and the prompts below.
3. Start up a correspondence, or respond to the letter in person!

1. Love Confession. You want that person to know how you feel...but you can't say it in person. Or maybe you think it's more romantic this way.

2. Passing Notes. You're in class or somewhere public, and you're just passing little notes to each other.

3. Out of Town. One of you is out of town, be it for school, business, or something else. What better way to keep connected with your loved one?

4. War. One of you is off fighting in a war. These are the times in which we must especially keep our loved ones close. Just don't brag about the letters or show them off -- that's a surefire way to get yourself killed.

5. Reconnecting. You haven't seen each other for a very long time, but you still carry a torch. Why not reach out to them?

6. Wild Card. Roll again, pick one of the above, or make up a scenario!

Rose Tyler | Doctor Who


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