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the zombie apocalypse meme
1. Comment with your character.
2. Find a character you want to reply to!
3. Go here and roll.
4. Comment away and have fun!

Warning for possible triggers and death.

  • 1. YOU ARE INFECTED. It could be days, hours, or even minutes before you turn. Do you keep it to yourself and pray for a cure? Or do you hand your weapon over and trust your friend to put you down before you can hurt anyone else.
  • 2. YOU KNOW. At least, you're pretty sure. They've been getting thinner, weaker, and the temperature that they're running can't be good. How do you proceed?
  • 3. THEY'RE STILL HUMAN. These zombies are still people, you're the only one that sees it. You just can't take the killing anymore. Or maybe you just want to KILL THEM ALL. You're sick of these things. They're already dead, there's nothing human left in those eyes - you're a zombie killing machine.
  • 4. IT'S YOU OR ME. There's no way the two of you can get out of here alive. Are you a good enough friend to let them go, or are you the sort to ensure that you only have to outrun them.
  • 5. ABOMINATION. You've handled everything you've come across so far, but this is just wrong. Be it a baby, an animal, or a horrific mutation that grants it special powers - this one is throwing you for a loop.
  • 6. NOT YOU. You recognize that one. Maybe it's a family member, a close friend, a lover, or a co-worker - you know who they are. Do you have the strength to do what needs to be done?

  • 1. NOTHING LEFT. You're running out of almost everything. You've only got enough to feed one person now. Do you give it up, or are you ready to kill so that you may survive?
  • 2. FOOD RUN. You and your buddy are all that stands between your group and cannibalism. Better hop to it.
  • 3. ROTTEN. It's sat out too long and now everything is bad. You might have eaten it before you realized how rotten it was and now you're paying the price.
  • 4. STOCKED. You found the ideal hideout and you want for nothing.

  • . YOU'VE GOT A PLAN. You can protect your team, but it might cost you your life.
  • 2. IMPROVISED WEAPONRY. They're closing in and you've got to think fast.
  • 3. MUTINY. You're tired of their authority. You can do a better job.
  • 4. ESCAPE. That city was getting too full, you've hotwired and tricked out a vehicle and now you're getting the hell out of dodge. Any zombie causalities are completely intentional.
  • 5. SURROUNDED. Your safe space isn't so safe. They're on all sides of you and you're starting to run out of ammo.
  • 6. NEVER ENDING ROAD TRIP. You've been in this car for ages, everyone is getting tired, and you're not sure where a safe rest stop is.
  • 7. YOU WERE IN ON IT. You're safe in the head office of EVIL INC. and nothing can go wrong. Unless that clumsy scientist knocks that vial over, or unless one of your co-workers goes mad with the guilt. Or maybe you didn't know what you were getting into, maybe you've switched sides and you two aim to fix this mess.
  • 8. ONLY ONES LEFT. Everyone else is dead. You're all that's left in the world. Where do you go from here?

Create your own scenario, pick one from above or mix and match!

Rose Tyler | Doctor Who | Open

Aw, yes. I love zombies.

iii - 8

[The Doctor wasn't there anymore. The Master should have rid himself of this stupid ape that followed him about, and found a way to get off this infected rock. Only he didn't.]

[They didn't exactly get on well, but they made due. Perhaps it was because of the proximity each once held in regards to the now--very dead--Time Lord. At any rate, they were the only ones the other knew of, even if it was a vague knowledge, and the Master had begun to suspect he would go mad were he left to his own devices for much longer.]

Re: iii - 8

[He wasn't the only one having serious issues with this arrangement. She didn't even like him. She should've left. Gone to what was more or less 'home', found a way to barricade herself in and just... left him, the heartless nutter.

Except she couldn't. Because he had two hearts. Because he knew. He just... he knew, he really understood. Even if there were people left, they wouldn't be as important, because none of them really got it except him.

It didn't really matter. There weren't any people left. Just those... hideous things, and nothing else.

For the moment, though, she ignored him, mostly because she could. Because she was tired, and cross. She liked having the privilege of giving the silent treatment, and, being the only other sentient person on the planet, it really was silent. The only problem with that, though? Nobody else to talk to in his stead. Giving herself the silent treatment was eating away at her. Doesn't matter. Don't care. Bugger off.]

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[The silent treatment was something he could endure. He'd endured it for a year from the Doctor, hadn't he? It hadn't eaten away at him when the Doctor wouldn't even bring himself to cast a glance onto the world he'd rebuilt to suit his own purpose. It had been good, hadn't it?

It would have been better than all of this. The Doctor would still be alive.

He shifted, rummaging through some file folders he found after the rioting and looting had stopped. They had tracked down the corporation responsible for this, the Doctor, with his idiotic grin, went on about how he would stop it. Naturally, the Master had remained less than impressed. He wasn't a starstruck companion by any stretch of the imagination.

A small part of him remembered what it was like to have that awe of him. It lodged itself painfully in his hearts for a moment, and then he pushed it into a dark corner of his mind.

He stood suddenly.]

I'm going out.

[Those stupid folders. He kept going over them, packing them everywhere they went. She picked at the peeling paint on the kitchen table. What was the point? There was nothing left. No humanity to evolve, progress down the timeline and catch a lift on the earliest manifestation of a working ship, be it space ship, time machine, or otherwise. No where to go. No one to visit. Just... vast, overwhelming nothing.

Humanity was dead. She was the last one.

Oh, the irony.

Her eyes snapped up to him, and she had to physically restrain herself from pushing the chair back. She fought down the panic.]

Out? Out where? There is no out.

[So much for the silent treatment. And having a sudden fear of abandonment was a really bad prospect, considering there was only one person left to abandon her, and he'd probably do it for the fun of it.]

[Oh, right. He forgot that these apes got rather clingy and attached, even if the only person around was someone they didn't precisely like.

It was frustrating.]

There is an out. It is right outside those steel doors just there. [He pointed in their direction for added emphasis.]

I need information I don't have, or do you think I tote these around with me because they make smashing fashion accessories? [He knocked over a pile of folders, and resisted the urge to sigh. Or pick them up.]

You might be resigned to wasting away on this forsaken rock, but I am not. If I'm going to be stuck here, especially if I'm stuck with you, Ms. Tyler, then I'm going to find something to do. Yes, I know, there are undead hordes that want to dismember us and eat our flesh, but they came from somewhere. I intend to find out what created them.

[She'd resent that, if she knew the train of thought. It wasn't that she was attached to his particularly shining personality, it was that she was attached to the last person alive. And his connection with the Doctor, those last few minutes, the three of them working and struggling to fix everything, and watching... watching him die like that. There was nothing left. He saw it. He knew.

Did she mention she didn't want to be alone? Because there's that, as well. Frankly, he's just lucky she doesn't like him, or she'd probably sob in front of him. As it stood, she had too much spite to really do that.

She eyed the steel doors. Doors closed meant safety. Doors open meant the possibility of getting eaten alive. Then again...]

What good is it going to do? We could run around like Scooby Doo and solve the mystery, but it wouldn't change them back. Half of 'em haven't even got limbs anymore. Turn them back, and they'll just drop dead on the street.

[Possibly untrue. Some of them were perfectly preserved, absolutely fine. Maybe there was a chance...

She shoved back, away from the table, pushed herself to her feet.]

It's Rose. And where're we going?

This might be a hard concept for you, so I'll speak slowly, and be sure to enunciate carefully. The planet, your Earth, is under a quarantine. Depending on the dire state of things, they can last anywhere from a few decades to a few centuries. I can survive a very long while. You? Not so much.

There isn't anything that can be done for these flesh-eating idiots, but I don't plan on sticking around the next few centuries and hoping a passing ship gets curious.

Are you following? Good. Now back to our engaging talk about life expectancy! How do you think a few centuries will treat you, Ms. Tyler? You think you'll still have those girlish looks once you hit 150?

[His tirade, it was a good tirade, was cut off by her standing up and asking where he was headed.]

No, see, I'm not being clear. You aren't going anywhere. You are going to seal these doors behind me after I leave, and you're going to wait for me to get back.

[That look of resentment on her face was only half-fueled. Maybe she was long past taking his words to heart, or maybe she was just... too tired to really work up the strength to hate him properly.

She was working on a really witty reply, too. Something involving the words 'your mum', but the line of thought was unsatisfying and abruptly derailed by his last little tidbit.]

You're joking. There's no way I'm letting you go out there on your own, you'll get eaten alive. I'm not gonna let that happen, I'm coming with you.

[It wasn't phrased as a question. Could that possibly be concern for his well-being? Maybe. Or maybe she was selfish and didn't want to be alone. Whatever the case, she seemed vehemently determined.]

Yes, it's a joke. Now go laugh over there somewhere far away from me.

[He grabs his empty duffle bag and slings it over his shoulder, then he moves to grab the gun he carries with him, one of many, while out looking for supplies.]

You are not coming with me. All you will do is slow me down, and with legions of zombies just waiting to amble after me, I can't afford that. You're staying, and that's the end of it.

[She didn't look particularly amused, though she did move to throw her jacket over her shoulders. Sensible and arm-covering. Most bite attempts occurred near the arm.]

Yeah, it's a right laugh. And what happens if you get stuck? Trapped? Run out of bullets? I'm not sitting here being useless while you're out there, and I'm not staring at the doors until you get back.

[Or staring at them until she realized he wasn't coming back.]

And spare me the crazy. It's not gonna work this time. I'm not having it.

You're being quite useful here by keeping out of my way.

[He moved to pull her jacket off of her shoulders. She wasn't coming.]

I don't think you understand. If you fall behind, I will leave you out there. Consider this a brief turn on a new leaf, I'm trying to save you from a rather messy end.

[He rolled his eyes, an action directed at himself. The Doctor and his stupid, stunted little apes were going to be the death of him, just as they had been for the other Time Lord. He should have killed Rose Tyler immediately. He should have got her out of his way.

But she was the only human left. She was the only source of DNA that wasn't corrupted.

And she was the last of the Doctor's favorite species. He couldn't--Why did it have to be her left to be the last one?]

You're staying.

[She jerked away, not so much shoving his hands off as tugging herself away from them with a glare.

Why did it have to be him? Of the two of them, it had to be him. He shouldn't be the last one alive. It shouldn't be him. The Doctor was ripped apart, and there he stood, with the audacity to smile, to not care. To leave her behind. He didn't have the right.

He just... didn't get it. She couldn't be alone. She didn't do alone.

And she could yell at him all she liked. It wasn't going to work. He didn't respond to it. She tried a new tactic, flicking her eyes away, smoothing down her jacket, calming herself down.]


[His eyes narrowed as she jerked away, but he took a step back, giving her space.

In some small part of his mind, he did care in his own way. A universe without the Doctor was wrong. And this pink and yellow girl that had traveled with the Doctor was the closest he could come to what had once been. It wasn't enough, not nearly enough.

Then came the softness. The subtle shift, and he knew it was to try and change his mind. Lucy used to appeal to him that way when she wanted something and knew he wouldn't be forthcoming.]

If you fall behind, I won't even waste the bullet on you in order to make it quick. Do you understand that?

[In that moment, he hated her, completely and utterly.]

[That was a yes. A miracle. He was usually bloody impossible. She flicked her eyes back up to him, lips twitched into something that might have been a smile. Not something smarmy or triumphant, just... appreciative. Genuinely. She wasn't really the vicious type. She angled her head in a tiny, almost imperceptible nod.

She thought, for a second, about hugging him. It was a strong and sudden impulse, which she stamped down on mid-shift, moving, instead, to pick up one of the spare guns they'd been stockpiling. Not the Doctor. Not even a little.

And anyway, dying out there was better than waiting in here. Waiting in here meant giving up. He'd be so disappointed in her. So unbearably disappointed.

Never mind that. Focus on doing what she did best. She turned back, grinning something that wasn't really all that sincere.]

Right, then. Let's go and meet the neighbors.

[The Master grabbed as many extra clips of ammo that he could carry, and filled both his pockets and his bag.

He ignored her, for the most part, as he did this; making sure he had everything that he needed.]

Should we bring a casserole, do you think?

[Banter was always the easiest, and it was better than silence. He pressed himself to the steel door, ears straining for any rustle or shift that would indicate the creatures' presence outside.]

Are you ready for this?

We are the casserole.

[She shoved a clip into one of the guns, slid a it into the back waistband on her jeans, and tugged her jacket down over it. Threw a rifle over her shoulder by the strap. Laced up her boots.

No more stalling. She moved to stand beside the doors, and hesitated. They might, quite possibly, die. She should probably say something reassuring and compassionate.]

If you die, I'll kill you.

[Good enough.]

Ooh, now we've moved up to the sexy talk. Ms. Tyler, you're going to make me blush.

[He bared his teeth at her in something of a smile, a manic gleam in his eyes.

Then, certain there were not any of the creatures near, he opened the doors with his left hand, gun out and sweeping the area with his right. He nodded once it was clear.]

We're going up to the roof. I want to get a look at things before we head out. [He had climbing equipment rigged up there already from their last trip out. They'd been too careless and going the same way twice had let them on to their scent. It had taken several weeks for them to wander away, seeming to find something else to eat or, and this was the scary bit, being called away by something else.

Once she was clear, he let himself step out, lowered the steel door, and secured it. He didn't pull out a flashlight, he didn't honestly need it yet, senses being far more acute than a human's.]

Come along.

[The look she shot him was one of disgusted exasperation, but the smile that twitched at her lips showed she was otherwise amused. Banter. She could live with banter. Even if it was of... questionable taste.]

Really ought to figure out an alternative means of escape. Just in case. Considering... last time. A plan B. [Those were very hungry weeks. It simply wasn't safe enough to go for supplies, and while they usually stayed well stocked, weeks were a long time, especially with no prospect of relief. Then again, making the place too homey meant resigning themselves to staying there permanently. That might be alright with him, but the only way she could deal with it was by thinking it was on a short-term basis.

She followed him in the darkness, close enough to feel him through it so she could keep up in the overwhelming blackness that her eyes refused to adjust to. Light attracted them. It was habit, by now, to use it as little as possible, not while he had the ability to see for the pair of them.

Which didn't particularly mean she liked it.]

We should consider hiring a re-decorator, dear.

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I've been working on that already. [He didn't need as much sleep as she did, and so it left him with hours on his own while she rested.]

Well, I wasn't the one that picked out that last shade for the curtains, sweetums.

[The Master kept his steps slower than his usual, being sure not to outdistance her while they moved through the area. The once living humans were not the worst thing they could run into. There were wild dogs, some feral and starved, but others were infected. They were damned difficult to kill.

He stopped at the door to the stairs, listening again to be sure they weren't going to get any nasty surprises. They had barricades all along the stairwell, not easily navigable, but they usually only used these for emergencies.]

Brilliant. [She'd ask about the ideas, but she probably wouldn't understand half of them. She was more focused on the darkness, keeping up without bumping into him.

The stairwell door seemed quiet at first, and she nearly nodded him on. A soft sound stopped her, and reflexively, a hand shot out to wrap around his wrist in the dark. The sound of aluminum, a can bouncing gently down a flight of stairs, echoed by the acoustics of the stairwell. Well. that certainly wasn't good.

It was always advisable to use means alternative to shooting, the sound attracted more of them, and that would be a bad idea, so close to home. If it was a walker, they could figure out something else. A dog, though... especially a dog carrying infection, it would have to be shot.]

What d'you think?

Naturally. [Because humility, what's that? The only problem with the plans he did have, is that they required them moving elsewhere, somewhere with access to the dwindling power grid, and the sewers under the city. Sewers were a very bad idea. There didn't seem to be many of them down there, but close quarters was not a place to be with the creatures.

He didn't tense or pull away at the contact, much like he would have a few weeks ago. He'd more or less become used to her small habits of that sort. He did carefully extricate his wrist from her grip so he could find a pipe which he'd kept near the door, but stopped... He thought he heard the scuffing of claws against the floor.]

Damn. [It seemed to have heard them, and there was a sudden crash of a body against the door. No barking, but the typical sounds of a creature infected with the virus. He discarded the pipe, and produced a flashlight for Rose, offering it to her.}

Take this and watch the area behind us. I'll take care of our four-legged friend here. It's only one. [He hesitated, hand on the doorknob, and looked back to her. He wasn't doing this because he cared. He was doing this because she was the only source of pure human DNA left. He was doing it because he could use her to...]</small>

You don't open this door until I knock again, do you understand?

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[She heartily protested another trip to the sewers. At the time, it had seemed like a good idea- who on Earth was going to be in the sewers?- but it hadn't been fun. Miles and miles of darkness and narrow corridors, twists and turns and alcoves, the sound of water and rats muffling the scuffling off feet and things reaching out of the murky sewer water. And the smell.

She didn't hear the claws, hearing far less acute than his. The crash and snapping jaws, however, were all but audible. Dogs. Faster, more agile, with stronger mouths. She shifted, taking the flashlight, flicking it on with no small amount of relief. No point in trying to stay subtle, not with the racket that thing was putting out.

For once, miraculously, she didn't fight him. Just gave him a tiny nod.]

Be careful.

[Sincerity. That one probably was because she cared. Gross. Of all of the sentimental humans to get stuck with, he got Rose, the clingy teddy-bear wrapped in a fix-it complex.]

After this one, we're switching to cats, I don't care what the children think. [She mumbled under her breath, turning to face down the darkness behind them, hands twitching toward the rifle already, just in case.]

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[Smell and all the things lurking about underneath the murky water aside, it was safer than wandering about topside in broad daylight. He didn't much care for getting run into an alley and barely escaping with their lives again.]

You'll make me think you care about my well being at this rate, Ms. Tyler. [He waiting until it seemed to back up off the door in order to attack again, and when he heard it lunge, he pushed open the door with all of his weight (and strength) behind it. There was the sound of the impact, followed by its body hitting the floor. He stepped in, gun out, and quickly shut the door behind him. His steps could be heard, dodging the snapping jaws of the dog, and then a gunshot followed quickly by silence.]

[Call her crazy for choosing the option in which she could see. It was all well and good following him around, but that required a certain level of trust that she sometimes felt like an idiot for placing in him. Not that he's steered her wrong so far, what with the whole 'still being alive' thing, but still, it was a bit harder to completely and totally pin the Doctor's death on him when she almost liked him. Which she didn't.]

Don't get a big head.

[She glanced over her shoulder at him as he stepped in, and turned quickly away again and down the hall as the door shut. Tried forcefully not to let herself turn and watch the door. She couldn't see through it, and it would only distract her if one of the walkers managed to wander through thanks to a bisecting tunnel or spillway.

Typically, they kept the area pretty clean. It was a more frequent route, and picking off stragglers thinned them out, which didn't mean they didn't keep coming.

Gunshot. Silence. A second ticked by and he didn't emerge. Then another. Then another. Was that a footstep? Shuffling? A groan? Paranoid, Rose. Not used to being alone for any semblance of time. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Another second. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Stupid to have abandonment issues at a time like this. Maybe because of a time like this.]

Oi, hurry up in there, this isn't Sunday lunch! [She smacked her hand against the door.]

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