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51. Dreams Meme

D R E A M S ~ M E M E

Dreams are difficult enough to understand. They range from embarrassing, to frightening, to thought-provoking, to just plain nonsensical. You may find yourself wondering what that was all about, or trying to forget about it as quickly as you can. It may be close enough to reality to confuse you, or dream logic may prevail. Whatever the case, the world of dreams is a way to delve into your psyche and deal with what happened to you that day, your fears, and whatever's on your mind.

Except... what's that person doing their? This isn't their dream.

How It Works:
~ Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject.
~ Others respond to your character.
~ Roll the RNG 1-6 for your situation, from the list below. That's the type of dream your character is having. Or, just pick the one you like the best.
~ The replier has found themselves in your character's dream, able to interact freely.
~ Have fun!

1. sweet dreams
Something like this might not happen too often in your waking life, if ever. You've found the world's largest supply of grape ice cream, you've won the lottery... or, perhaps, you're just having a really good day. Will this person share in your joy or ruin it for you?

2. nightmares
Your worst fears are being visited upon you tonight. Whether it's falling, losing those closest to you, insects, or something particular to you, there's no doubt you'd wake up in a cold sweat if everything went normally. Having this person there isn't 'normal', though. Maybe they can make things better.

3. sexy dreams
Isn't it so awkward when the person you're in bed with suddenly asks why you're dreaming about them in a schoolgirl costume?

4. bizarre dreams
It's hard to categorize this, but it probably seems perfectly natural to you that you need to find the smallest grain of sand in the world to stop an alien invasion up until someone points out how weird that is. And maybe it still seems normal to you even after that. They might be the ones being silly!

5. memories
The mind often revisits important events in one's life. For good or bad, you're back in time, reliving something that stuck in your head. But... that guy wasn't here before, was he? Or maybe he was, but hasn't seen it from your point of view yet.

6. combination/other
Dreams are many and varied. Mix up the flavors, or try something completely different. Wherever your mind will take you is game.

Ben Lockwood | Werewolf OC | 'verse if we got it, or not

Re: Ben Lockwood | Werewolf OC | 'verse if we got it, or not

[ooc: because we haven't seen enough of Raph lately? :D]

YAY RAPH. I got a 6, believe it or not, so Imma combine 2 and 4 because this is Ben, after all

[It's the gate, of course. It's always the fucking gate anymore. This time, however, there's a llama standing in front of it with a distinctly evil cast to his eye. And really, who can blame him?]

Well. That's awesome.


[Raphael rarely meddles with human dreaming. He leaves that to the Messenger and others whose gifts extend to passing the Father's word to humankind.

Things like this right here? Are why.]

[The red-shot green fog on the other side of the gate seems angrier than usual, the roaring louder.] Someone back there sounds unhappy, Raph. [The llama stomps his foot and takes a step toward them. Ben takes several rapid steps back.] Did you bring that? Because he's new.

I can assure you that I did not. This is all your subconscious's doing, I'm afraid. [Which doesn't mean Raphael won't be backing up, himself.]

I hate my subconscious. Haaaaaaaaaaate it. Demons and bleeding gates aren't bad enough, now I have an angry llama. [Which proceeds to hork out a glob of fire, which Ben barely dodges.] Awesome.

[Raphael just . . . stares for a moment, before deciding that now is as good a time as any to arm himself with his short sword and the net of flaming cords he carries in his other hand.] When my brother asked me to look in on you, I admit this was not what I had expected to find.

[Right on cue, the grating moan sounds from behind the gates. Then another and another, building until they shriek. The llama decides that the gate is a bigger threat than the people in front of it, and it turns around and spits another flame in that general direction.] Well, the dream is usually the same. But you and the llama aren't usually here.

I don't know if that comforts me or not. [Raphael spreads his wings as the shrieking rises to a fever pitch.] Do I want to know what comes out of there?

Hell, Raph, I don't know what comes out of there. Usually I wake up before it does. Unless-- [Right on cue, there's the gate-shaking gout of blood.

And Guriel's right behind it. Ben leaps forward.] NO!

[This is Ben's dream, and that limits what Raphael can do here -- but that doesn't stop him from lunging forward, raising his weapons, because Ben's distress is living in the air around them . . .]

Raph, we gotta-- [He reaches for Guri's flailing hand, misses...

And that's when the llama blunders into him, gronking in fear and spewing slobbery fireballs indiscriminately at all and sundry.] Guri, get out--!

[But Raphael is slowed, as if the very air around him doesn't want him moving forward, and he makes it barely a few steps before claws scissor through the air and pierce the dream version of his brother, who makes a heartbroken sound before his very being begins to melt away.

Ben . . . Raph, hel--

And he's gone.]

[A scream shreds Ben's throat, even as his claws tear through the llama's neck and the headless corpse staggers around spraying blood from the stump. Ben throws himself at the gate and rips it off its hinges, tossing it away as if it weighs nothing.

Roaring, he leaps into the fog.]

Ben! [Raphael bolts after him, striking out at the tendrils of dark fog that snake out and try to grab his ankles and slow his passing.] Ben, wait, don't . . .

[Ben is heedless and insane with grief. His sword cane is suddenly in his hand, from where, he doesn't know, but there it is, and he's slicing and dicing demons left and right, indiscriminately.

The llama sprouts a pair of heads and runs by Raphael, spitting wet balls of fire and gronking.]

[And Raphael is momentarily baffled by that, but only for a moment; then he raises his left hand, wheeling the net in a blazing arc above his head before he flings it at the llama.

Eventually, when Ben wakes up, he is going to reflect on how ridiculous that action is. But for now, he's merely trying to run damage control long enough to calm Ben down, maybe redirect this dream . . .]

[Ben's sword has become a sickle for reaping, and he's bringing in a vast harvest of dead demons right now. He's black with blood, but they have to pay and pay and pay and pay--

Horrible, screeching laughter sounds all around him. He's gotten turned around in the fog, and suddenly Raph is right there in front of him. He stops the swing of his arm barely in time, and the blade halts, vibrating, an inch from the Archangel's neck.

Ben yanks his arm back and falls to his knees, panting.] Raph...

Easy, Benjamin. Easy, son of God. [Raphael goes to his knees as well, banishing his sword so he can take Ben's shoulders in his hands.]

This is a dream, son of God. Only a dream, a shadow of a shadow. Be at peace, Benjamin. Be at peace.

There's no peace. They killed... [Ben rests his head on Raphael's shoulder and stares down at his hands in horror.]

I killed--

A dream only, Benjamin. A shadow of what Wrath might make of you. A warning, nothing more. [Raphael wraps one arm around Ben's shoulders, resting his other hand on Ben's hair.] You know I cannot lie.

[Ben makes a noise down in his throat and closes his eyes. His heart kicks against his ribs like a wild horse, and he can't catch his breath.] Feels so real.

... Guriel?

Alive and well. [Raphael makes a calming noise.] This place exists, Ben. But not yet. Not yet.

Here, now, it is merely in your mind. You have the power to shape it, to change it if you wish. It is only a dream. No more.

[Something headbutts him violently in the back, sending him sprawling into Raph's arms. Oh, look, it's a two-headed fire-breathing llama.] Even my dreams aren't usually this freaky. Which might explain why it feels so terribly real.

Guri's not gonna die over this thing, is he, Raph?

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