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ring, ring, ring, the telephone meme

How it works:

  • Post with your character. Include name, fandom, and any prefs (i.e., no sex!) in the subject line.

  • If you want, include a scenario of what your character's doing just as they're getting the phone call. Be creative!

  • Others respond to your character.

  • When responding, roll the RNG (1-5) TWICE, for your situation from the list below. That's the type of call your character is making. Or just pick whichever one you want. Or make up your own scenario.

  • Have fun!


1 – Confession: You've finally managed to summon the courage to say what you've been meaning to say after all this time. You blurt it out right away! There, doesn't that feel better? It should. Except, you've dialed the wrong number. Oops.

2 – LTNS!: Seems the person you originally wanted to talk to has changed their number. So who the hell're you talking to now?

3 – Phone Sex: You wanted to reach out and touch someone (if you know what I mean). Your finger slipped, you picked the wrong number from the address book, or the number you had was wrong all along. Well, whatever happened, in your zeal to get some phone sex, you dialed the wrong number. What do?

4 – Voice Mail!: You've left a voice mail message on the wrong number. Probably left some very embarrassing or personal details, too. Or maybe you gave an address and arranged to meet somewhere.

5 – How you doin'?: You wanna talk! Doesn't matter if you have no idea who this complete stranger on the other line is. They'll suffice!


1 – Confession: Alcohol is often called liquid courage for a reason. And for this confession, you needed it…and you drank too much of it, so your confession's going to have a bit of a spin to it. At least you won't remember it in the morning?

2 – Phone Sex: You're uninhibited, you're horny, and you've got a phone. Let's do this…?

3  – Voice Mail: Pat O'Brien's got nothing on this. You've left someone a drunken voice mail message. Who knows what you said. Hope you're ready for the call back!

4 – Bored: A bored drunk seems like an oxymoron, but it's possible!

5 – Text Message: Nope, no conversation here. Just some good ol' text messages. Have fun deciphering the code. Maybe AutoCorrect'll help?


1 – Confession: You're in the middle of something (life or death, en route to getting on a plane, whatever), or maybe you feel like this is your last chance to ever tell this person anything! So get to it!

2 – LTNS!:Something has happened and you suddenly need to get back in touch with this person from your past right away!

3 – Phone Sex: You. Sex. Now.

4 – Voice Mail: Oh my--! Please call me back!

5 – Jail: Um. Well. You got busted and you're using your only phone call. Do you ask for bail? Get a lecture? Get a lawyer? Plan an escape?


1 – Confession: No drugs or alcohol, no extenuating circumstances, nothing. You are going to tell this person how you feel. No matter what.

2 – LTNS!: This person's someone you admired for a long time. Or maybe an old flame or someone you've only known through the internet. Any way you dice it, it's been a while. So let's catch up, mm?

3 – Phone Sex: No pretenses here. You both know what this is about. So! What are you wearing?

4 – Voice Mail: A darling and sweet voice mail is left for your love. Hopefully, they'll call back!

5 – Bored: I just wanna hear your voice.  ♥


1 – Confession: A fake confessional. How cruel can you get?

2 – LTNS...?:  Someone from your past is going to get a prank call. Hopefully, they won't recognize your voice!

3 – Phone Sex: A slumber party prank taken to the next level? A cruel, sick joke? Or are you just over-exaggerating everything to amuse yourself?

4 – Voice Mail: Be creative enough, and they just might call you back!

5 – Random: You randomly called this person. Why? Whatever reason is up to you!

misdial ;)

{sound of a deep breath on the other line}

Okay. So how do you get a guy interested in you? You know, if I hadanyoneIwantedtobeinterested.


[ Who the heck just called her? Oh well, she wasn't doing anything important anyway ]

Whatcha gotta do is put yourself out there grab his attention. Big and flashy!

it will be beautiful and terrible and possibly emotionally scaring - for the guy

{wait a minute - this didn't sound like -

big and flashy...? huh.} what?

Best advice ever right here

Blow up a bank! Show some skin! yah kno, flashy!

Tifa will treasure these words all her life

Well, I already show -

a bank?

{... they had kind of blown up reactors - but they were supposed to have moved beyond that kind of thing now.}

I - ah... don't think blowing up a bank would get his attention the right way.

Re: Tifa will treasure these words all her life

Hey, you asked for my advice didntcha ? If ya don't like it don't ask.

can't... resist... the... crack!

{Tifa's not quite sure why she's even still on the phone but there's something in her that can't help keep going. Like that little voice inside your head that always makes you want to jump off the moving ship and go for a swim even though you're miles from shore and that would be dangerous}

No! I'm sorry. I just - we've blown up things before and it doesn't seem to do anything to bring us closer together. Except when he's having hallucinations but - does it really count if he's unconscious?


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