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what is happening to me
b o d y h o r r o r m e m e

Something's gone wrong. Maybe it was a little parasite, wiggling under your skin. Maybe something bit you that one night in the woods. Maybe someone decided they didn't like you and placed a curse on you, or maybe the local psychotic AI decided she liked you and filled you full of nanites. In any case, you're changing, body and soul. There's no way to stop it. No way to reverse it. And above all, it's the most painful thing you've ever experienced...

- Tag the meme, leaving your character name, fandom, and any preferences in the subject line
- Other character tags you
- You tag back, and use the random number generator to select from the following options. Or don't, and do whatever strikes your fancy. If you roll something your character already is, either roll again, go for human, or pick something that otherwise suits your fancy.
- Other character reacts, or is free to also roll on the table
- Play out the results.
- Have fun, but respect the preferences of others.

1. Water-dwelling. You're growing gills, or your skin is turning translucent, or you're sprouting fins, or maybe you're outright turning into some form of sea life. It doesn't matter what you're turning into – what does matter is that you're slowly losing the ability to breathe air, and there's no water in sight...

2. Animal. Something bit you, and you're turning into an animal. Your bones lengthen or perhaps shrink, break, twist, and reform, your teeth lengthen or shorten, and above all, you feel your instincts being overridden. Your senses sharpen; you notice smells you never did before, your vision becomes more sensitive to movement. If you're a predator? Man, these people look mighty tasty. Prey? OHGOD, EVERYTHING IS TERRIFYING. Lizard? Enjoy your new inability to regulate body temperature. Bird? Have fun with the whole beak and hollowing bones. And don't even get us started on insects and arachnids...

3. Parasitic Something's inside you, and it's changing you from within, chewing up your insides and altering your thoughts. You're not sure how much longer you're going to be you, and when the parasite's going to take over completely...

4. Demonic. You've been meddling with dark powers beyond the ken of mortal man, and it seems you've accidentally sold your soul. Will you be the traditional kind of demon, horns and hooves, or something far more terrifying and ineffable?

5. Undead. No doubt about it, you're dying, but as you are, something's been altered in you. Maybe you're becoming a vampire – and not the fun kind, either, we're talking ugly, ravenous, and mad. Maybe you're a zombie, or a ghoul, and human flesh looks mighty tasty. Or maybe you're just turning into a ghost bent on vengeance. In any case, death is never fun.

6. Cybernetic. Get captured by the Borg? Strapped to an operating table? Injected with nanites? Whatever happened to you, you're slowly turning into something half man, half machine, your squishy bits being replaced by mechanical components.

7. Lovecraftian. You've heard their song, the terrors from beyond the stars, and even now they sing in your blood as your flesh transmutes into something ineffable and unknowable. You revel in the pain you feel even as you seek to spread it, to herald the end of all things... or maybe worse, you're aware of the transition as your mind becomes not your own.

8. Fusion/Hivemind. You begin to fuse with the first person who tagged you – physically, mentally, or both. Soon, you can't tell who is who, which one of you is the real you, as your thoughts become one. Join in the fleshsong, mortal...

9. Inanimate. Your body slowly petrifies and hardens, turning to stone, wood, glass, or something stranger still; or perhaps you liquefy, turning to some kind of liquid, or maybe you dissolve into the air itself.

10. Wildcard / pick your own. Pick whatever you like, combine a few options, or make up your own.

Meme originally posted by teal_deer.

The Master | Doctor Who

[You tag, I roll. ;)]

The Valeyard | OUR SEXY SEXY AU.

You mean our CREEPY CREEPY AU. ohgod 3

[The Master, despite the warning from the Valeyard that curiosity served them better when they were much younger, is still spending a great deal of his time in the labs. It isn't merely trying to find a way to undermine the Valeyard, it is spent trying to save himself without asking the thing which was once the Doctor for help.]

[After making certain that he wasn't to be interrupted, and being sure that there were no cameras to pry on him where he was, he loosens his tie and unbuttons his dress shirt to look down where he'd been shot weeks-months?-earlier. There was a faint mark from where the bullet had gone through, and the "care" he received after, but otherwise it seemed completely healthy.]

[Which was a lie. As he watched, the skin seemed to shift under his gaze and fingertips, morphing the skin where the wound was grotesquely. And if that were not enough to prove how bad a state he was in, he could feel whatever it was in his mind. It had started as a mere whisper that only grew as time progressed.]

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[this is his ship, he just wanders in, taking on his communicator the way an irritated businessman might talk on a mobile]

Right, fine. All right, just blow the whole ship up. Yes, I don't care how many people are on it. It's in the way. Did I stutter? Take care of it.

[to the Master]

What are you doing here?

[The Master is vaguely aware that the Valeyard has said something, and at the very same time, he isn't. He has enough of his wits about him that he is able to button up his shirt, and straighten his tie before he turns to face him. He isn't certain whether it is his own pride that demands he keep his peace, or some self preservation instinct of the creature that is taking hold inside of him.]

Cabin fever. An attempt to escape and a field trip and you think I'd be laying around like a feline in the sun waiting for the next trip out? Hardly.

[The lie is an easy one. He's been spending an inordinate amount of time in the labs, it shouldn't surprise the Valeyard that he is in one now.]

[the Valeyard is hardly interested. He turns back to his communicator]

Yes. No. No, I want them destroyed. Just blow them up. Clear the path now, or else I'll come down there myself.

[he snaps the communicator shut]

And what are you working on?

[He doesn't expect him to be. As he turns back to his communicator, something different comes over his entire demeanor for a split second while he watches him, only to disappear as the Valeyard looks back.]

I was just going, actually.

[He can feel the skin shifting under his clothing, writhing almost, and the presence in his mind is less an annoyance; more an angry buzz. The Master is losing ground.]

[He moves for the door.]

Shouldn't you put your equipment away first? Or your experiment?


You're absolutely right. Not that it would keep you from nosing about, but I suppose it makes you feel better when you get to rifle through my things.

[He returns to the table where a small vial is laying. It doesn't know what is in the vial because the Master has tried to keep its existence hidden from the growing threat inside of him. It has an idea of this body it inhabits, though, and knows he-the Master-will not go quietly. It moves like it might dispose of it, but with what control he still possesses, the Master manages to return it to the drawer it belongs in.]

There. Now I'll go and pretend I don't know what you're doing after I leave.

[prompting] And what you were working on.

It wasn't anything important. One of your little guards can clean it up if you like.

[And it is not going to fight the Master for control in front of the Valeyard. It knows better than that.]

I've got better things to do with my time than pretend to have a lovely little chat with you.

Oh, that's all right, I can clean it up for you.

[he takes a step towards the Master and holds out a hand]

Show me.

Show you what?

[Where the Master would have stood his ground, the parasite, in control for a moment, takes a step back.]

[ah, confirmation]

[and the slow, pitying smile on the Valeyard's face is

You didn't leave anything out because you weren't working on anything in my lab. Natural reflexes, the Master is trying to break through. That's very him.

Do you know what I do to things that try to take my toys away from me?

[Somewhere in the back of their partially shared mind, it has sense enough to be afraid, not because the Master would be scared, but because he knows the things the Valeyard would do.]

I can't imagine it will be anything pleasant for me, but we're connected. You can't just rip me out, not without hurting him.

[It looks around, but is certain, for the moment, to keep the workstation in between them. It needs an escape.]

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