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411. oh, those two? they've been together forever.
the shameless dating meme
Now with 40% LESS SHAME!

1) Post with your characters (one per comment)
2) Respond to other people
3) Those two have been dating for fuck knows how long
4) Random massive shipping ensues
5) ???
6) Sex optional
7) Lots of shipping profit

[stolen from loltimcampy]

Sweden | Axis Powers Hetalia | OTA

[You lucky bastard.]

[Is he? Sometimes he wonders about that sentiment]

[Denmark is the best boyfriend ever, at least he claims to be, He kindly wakes Berwald up at 6am on the dot, he eats his food for him and keeps him company by staying at his house all the time.]

[What a nuisance. Doesn't he know about personal time and space? Oh wait. Yes. This is Denmark]

[Yes, this is Denmark. On your couch. Staring at you]

[Stares back]


[He smiles.]

I love ya, Sverige.


[Why do you do this to him?]

S'that so?

['cause I'm Denmaaaaaaaaaaaaaark]

Ja! [He nods his head sharply] D'ya love me too?



[Shuffles. Manfully]

[bounces up and down eagerly]

C'mon! Do ya? Do ya Do ya Do ya?
Do yaDo yaDo yaDo yaDo yaDo yaDo yaDo yaDo yaDo yaDo ya!? [he begins to become white noise]


[Clears his throat]


Izzat a yes?

[It's too early in this relationship for him to admit something like that so openly]

G' home, Danmark.

[Before you embarrass him even more]

[Forever is too early for Berwald]

Home? Nej! I wanna stay here with ya. [He smiles up at him from the couch, reaching a hand out for him]

Ya've been 'ere fer three days.

[But he eventually comes closer, still red in the face]

[He reaches out for the other's arm, grabbing it and pulling him down onto the couch too]

An' I think I might stay.

[Makes a soft disapproving huff after sitting down beside Denmark]


[He sits up and slinks closer to Berwald, resting his head on his shoulder]

It's worth it to spend time with ya.

[Lets him do that. Doesn't really lean in or move away. For now]

No, 's not.

[He raises an eyebrow up at the other man and reaches up to peck him on the cheek]

It is t'me.

[Just stares at him for a long time at that]

...Y'd still do bett'r wi' bein' m're resp'nsible.

[He shrugs a little]

Maybe y'd do better if y'goofed off a little, Sverige.

Oh gosh, I have forgotten all about this! I am so sorry! I hope you don't mind a super late back tag

Y' goof off 'nough fer both o' us.

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