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394. They see me trolling
The Anonymous Harassing Questions Meme!

1. Post with your character.
2. Muns, go anon.
3. Start asking characters the most awkward, embarrassing, or annoying questions. Do this oocly, meaning as yourself, not as an anonymous character. Questions can be totally random or very specific, asking about relationships with other characters or just their favorite ice cream. Canon, musebox/dr/game-related, meta... go crazy.
4. Characters then get to have conversations with anonymous muns!
5. Profit!

oh god I am sorry I could not resist, ignore me if you want

Yeah, God forbid animals be tortured for no reason.

She can't ignore Guri; he's already so pissed off at her!

[Elle glares at him.] Do you think I torture anybody, Guriel?


You won't eat a hamburger but you'll let two of my brothers be forced to cut each other up over and over and over again so rich people can sate their bloodlust for an evening. I think that makes you a fucking hypocrite.


The angels heal, dumbass. At least I stopped the other partners from having death matches. No thanks to you.


[Guriel bristles and draws himself up.] Don't. Don't you even fucking dare talk to me about what "the angels" in a Pit go through. You don't know. You have no fucking idea. Those people hurt you for a few hours and you were crying like a little kid, don't you fucking talk to someone who spent centuries in the Pits about healing.


STOP LUMPING ME IN WITH THEM! Goddamn you! You're so fucking high and mighty you can't see what's happening on fucking planet Earth, you dickweed!


You want me to think you're different? Fucking prove it. Because from where I'm standing all I see is one more rich bitch who doesn't see me or my brother Zepar or any of the rest of us as people enough to deserve our own freedom.


... People. Angels as people. [Obviously, Guriel can't hear how very ridiculous he sounds.]

I know it blows your tiny fucking mind right out of the water. The very notion that we could hurt or be scared or love like you do.

But oh, you're so much better than every other human who thinks that. You're so different. Because why, you won't use the sigil on my brother? Until maybe he does something you really don't like. Until you figure it's just the once and then he'll behave.

And then it's just one more time. And one more time. And one more fucking time. He's not a person, is he, so it's not the same if he hurts. It's okay because his feelings don't really matter. Not to you. Because only a person has feelings.

But you aren't people. You're angels.

How come you can't be as good as people but still be angels? It's like you think human is the best way to go.

Honestly, Guriel. You're such a racist.

. . . [Guriel makes a choking noise. It's hard to tell if he's more confused or furious.] You. I don't.

What the fuck. Do you actually listen to the bullshit you say? Or do you just throw words out until people think you're too stupid to bother with?

What? You keep going on about how awful ALL humans are. I guess Ben doesn't count anymore. And you won't be happy until you can justify hating all humans forever. You want to lump me in with a bunch of people you don't like because that'll make it easier for you. You want to think I'll be like all the other people you've dealt with.

And I think you're afraid that Ben might like me and what that might mean for you.

But you're hiding behind bigotry. You're as dumb as most of the people I know. Most of the humans. Zepar's always been better than them. You're a disappointment, in angel terms.

[Guriel just stares at her for a moment, gaping. Because she has a point what is this, he doesn't even.

And the question of the pits (that's what he was angry about, right, that's why he's supposed to hate her, and not . . . any of those other things she said?) is too complicated and has too many angles that make her kind of look like the good guy. So that's not what he goes to for the ammunition to spit back.]

I lump you in with them because you're keeping my brother a slave. And you won't even entertain the thought that maybe you should set him free, because you think if you do he's going to leave you. Because your feelings matter more to you than his fucking liberty.

You can say all you want about how you want him to be happy and think he's better than them but at the end of the day? You don't care about him. He's a glorified purse dog to you, one who'll do all your work and make all your meals and never ever leave you and your boatload of fucking daddy issues. And if he wants something besides that? Well. Apparently he's better than everyone else you know. But not good enough to have the basic fucking dignity of living his own life.

[Elle's mostly just proud of herself for using bigotry in a sentence well enough that she hasn't been called out on it.]

[And then he has to go and have a point with Zepar.]

I've entertained the idea!

And then I've thought about how much it would piss you off, and decided against giving Zepar his ring. Because fuck you!

No, fuck you, you spoiled, hypocritical bitch. You've entertained the idea and then decided against it because you're no fucking better than the rest of them.

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