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382. Hey Boss, if you hear rumors about your car...
Call me old fashioned but what about a ....

Voice Message Meme

How it works:

1. Leave a comment. Identifying your character in the subject would be great. The comment itself can be blank, or you can have your own pre-recorded message. ("Leave a message at the tone" is the tried and true.)

2. Others comment. If you hear sirens in the background, well... probably nothing you should worry about.

3. When you get the message, you can call back, delete it, or even answer your phone if you're fast enough to catch them before they hang up.

Do enjoy yourselves. The recording capacity of the voice mailboxes are unlimited.

Rose Tyler | Doctor Who

This is Rose! If you're from work, call the work number, otherwise, leave a message!

Unless this is mum.

Stop leaving me messages, mum.

Hello, Rose!


Blimey what---

Hello! Yes, all right, I've got it! This is your message machine! Right! Okay! Yes!

Hello? Right, sorry for the first two messages, this was the Doctor, by the way.

Wait, no, I did actually have a reason to call you!

I've---I've forgotten what it was.

Oh, that last message was the Doctor, too!

Wait! No! I remember! Vinegar!

Sorry, got a bit excited, accidentally hung up the phone. Vinegar! I need you to remember vinegar when you make it back to the TARDIS!

Sorry, that was the Doctor too, by the way.

Since these are all me, you're not actually avoiding me, are you? I mean, the TARDIS calling must come up on the phone.

Vinegar's a bit important, Rose. What're you doing that's so important?

You really should pick up!

Rose! Honestly, what could you possibly be doing? It's been, what? Ten minutes, now?

Oh, those last few messages were the Doctor, by the way.

Rose! Really, now! Pick up!

You're not with Mickey are you?

Not that I have an issue with Mickey, mind. Good bloke, I mean---sort of. Mickey the Idiot, I like to call him. Did I ever tell you where that came from? Him and I were actually talking around Christmas when---

That's odd, the message cut off. Does it start cutting off when your inbox fills up?

I think that's just a sign you should call me back.

Or, you know, pick up. You should pick up, Rose!

Oh, these last few messages were the Doctor, by the way.

[The phone picks up. There's a second's delay.

Then, screeching.]

Would you knock it off, you idiot? She's in the bloody shower, isn't she? You're driving me up a bleeding wall!


Sorry, wrong number.

Wrong number my arse, I'll have you know there are people in this house trying to sleep. Not all of us can run around like a madman all hours of the night, sleeping in pods and-

["Who're you talking to, mum?"]

Nobody, sweetheart, I was just-



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