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376. this night is sparkling, don't you let it go
♥The Blind Date Meme;

No matter how awkward and unexpected blind dates might be, there is always something exciting about them. Who is your company for the evening going to be? Will it be a person of your innermost dreams or someone you absolutely can't stand? And most importantly...

How are you going to handle it?

1. Post with your character! They're now in the middle of a blind date.
2. Comment to each other! When you do that...
3. Go to Random.org and roll a single die!
First date
-- You've never been out on a date before, so someone's decided to give you a helping hand.
On the rebound
-- You're recovering from a painful breakup, but your friends/family think they found a great person for you anyway.
Not strangers at all
-- Someone thought you didn't know your date. Turns out you know them from somewhere.
Hideously awkward
-- Hey wait, that's your ex/boss/doctor/distant family member! Or, even worse, it's that person you absolutely despise. This will go well!
Existing partner
-- You two are just acting like strangers to spice up your love life.
Future spouse
-- Unfortunately, you have to have an arranged marriage. Fortunately, you get to meet that special someone for a date beforehand. How will the night go?
7. ...or, instead of rolling, come up with your own scenario!
4. Play out the date. This meme can be completely fluffy, smutty, or hilarious. If you don't want smut, you can put that in your subject. It doesn't even have to be romantic.

[Piggybacked off of a previous meme.]


[Hulk was standing with his arms crossed, looking like he was waiting for something. Wasp hadn't told him WHY he was supposed to stand here but when she called him chicken for not doing it, he was going to show her Hulk wasn't scared of nuthin'.

But if something didn't happen soon, he was gonna walk away from this. It was boring standing here.]

HAHAHA! Craaaaaaaack

[She'd been told ahead of time who she was meeting and had almost decided against it, thinking it was some 'ha ha' effort on behalf of those who thought they had a sense of humor to pair two 'greenies' together. But then, curiosity got the better of her and she agreed. So, with that in mind, she strolled up to the large giant of a man, smiling up at him as he looked immensely bored]

At least you're on time. That's always a plus.

couldn't resist - green people date :D

[Hulk looked down at the....well, a green lady. Interesting, but that didn't answer the question of why he was here.]

[He narrows a look at her] Why we here?

The power of green compels you..

Consider this your introduction into the world of dating, Big Guy. Now, you wouldn't want to let a girl down, would you? Because I've been looking forward to this all day..

Re: The power of green compels you..

...WHAT? [Yeah, Hulk had absolutely no volume control]

[growl] Hulk does not date.

[She gives him a little pout] Not even one, itty bitty date?

[Hulk is also immune to pouting] Hulk doesn't need anyone.

[although...it did beg the question] ...why you want to date me? [his face getting close to hers with a scowl] Hulk is a monster...or did no one tell you?

Monster is as monster does, dear. I've been called the same on a few occasions myself. I'm hardly one to judge a book by its cover.


[He still didn't like this idea but it beat sitting at home on the couch and Wasp annoying him] Fine. But if I don't like it, I leave. [what kind of date are they even going on??]

Duly noted. And I was thinking about a stroll in the park, for starters. You can tell me a little about yourself and we could grab something to eat while we're there, if you're hungry. [Entertaining him might prove more daunting than she'd first expected, and she did not want to resort to dosing him with pheromones]

[He grunts and starts walking in the direction of the park, assuming she'll follow] Hulk always hungry.

[She does, but she reaches over and touches his leg] You know, if this is going to be a date-date, you might want to wait up for me, Big Guy. It's nice to not leave your lady friend a block or so behind you.

[He nearly makes some sort of retort but...Banner cuts into his thoughts and gives him a talking to. He begrudgingly slows his huge steps....nah, this was too slow, he bends down and picks her up to put her on his shoulder so he can keep his own pace]

[Oookay, that was a bit of a surprise, but she supposed it could be considered 'gallant' in some section of the universe] Thank you.

[Hopefully she can hang on as he plods toward the park...everyone giving them scared looks before they dart indoors]

[Hulk turns his head with a suspicious look...before asking] You got a name? [He just realized he has no idea who she is]

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